Council Actions

  Presented Proclamations designating April 4, 2014 as Arbor Day in Gladstone, Missouri; recognizing April 13-19 as Gladstone Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week.

  Presented a Proclamation recognizing Cathy Swenson, retiring City Clerk, for her many years of devoted service to the city of Gladstone.

  Approved Resolution R-14-18. Appointing Ruth E. Bocchino to the position of City Clerk for the city of Gladstone, Missouri, effective April 2, 2014.

  Approved Resolution R-14-19, authorizing execution of a contract with Executive Marketing Promotions to supply custom athletic and staff uniforms and other promotional items for the 12 month period of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

  Adopted Bill No. 14-10 as ordinance 4.263, authorizing the city manager to execute Permanent Easements to Kansas City, Missouri for wastewater improvements and appurtenances within Hobby Hill and Happy Rock Parks.

City Manager Kirk Davis

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to serve as the chief administrative officer of the City. The Manager coordinates and manages the affairs of the city government to assure the achievement of adopted goals and objectives. The City Manager appoints all department heads and assistants. The Manager also makes recommendations to the Council on budget, capital improvements, legislative policy and service programs. For more information or to contact the City Manager's Office, please call (816) 436-2200.


Boards & Commissions

Planning Commission
Capital Improvements Program Committee
Code Board of Appeals
Industrial Development Authority
Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
Environmental Management Advisory Committee
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Commission
Board of Zoning Adjustment
Arts Commission
Neighborhood Commission
Building Commission



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Leadership Team

Assistant City Manager - Scott Wingerson
City Attorney - Randall Thompson
Public Information Coordinator - Richard King
City Clerk - Cathy Swenson
Director of Finance - Debra Daily
Director of Human Resources - Charlene Leslie
Director of Parks & Recreation - Sheila Lillis
Director of Public Safety - Mike Hasty
Director of Public Works - Tim Nebergall
Executive Assistant - Pam Smitka


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