5:00 PM, Board & Commission Interviews in City Manager’s Office





Closed Executive Session will immediately follow adjournment of the Regular Meeting pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act Exemptions 610.021(1) for Privileged Communications & Litigation, and 610.021(3) for Personnel Discussion





1.            Meeting Called to Order.

2.         Roll Call.

3.            Pledge of Allegiance. 


4.            Approval of Regular August 13,   2001 City Council Meeting Minutes.


5.            CONSENT AGENDA


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-61,  authorizing acceptance of the proposal of Foster Coach Sales, Inc. for the purchase of (1) 2002 model Med-Tec Ambulance on an International Truck Frame in the amount of $98,142.00 from the General Fund.  (Includes $27,500. trade-in allowance on 1995 Ford Med-Tec.)


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-62,  authorizing execution of a contract with Camp, Dresser & McKee, Inc. for the design of the 59th Terrace Drainage Improvement Project for an amount not to exceed $56,600.00 from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund. 


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-63, authorizing the City Manager to accept a Bill of Sale from A.L. Huber Construction, Inc. and Rainbow Construction Underground Utilities conveying water line built to serve Commerce Bank, 6334 NE Antioch Road to the City for maintenance.     


APPROVAL OF FINANCIAL REPORTS  for the month of July, 2001.




6.            Communications from the Audience.

7.            Communications from the City Council.

8.            Communications from the City Manager.


9.            APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for 13,172 sq. ft. tenant finish for Disabled American Veterans Thrift  Store, 6314 N Oak Trafficway. Applicant:  Allied Retail Concepts, LLC.  Owner:  Botwin Family Partners.  (BP#01-0586)


10.            APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for a 1,581 sq. ft.  tenant finish for Stewart Title Company  at 2601 Kendallwood Parkway.  Applicant/owner:  C.F. Curry Real Estate.             (BP#01-0615)


11.            CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING:  on a request for a Special Use Permit on property at 5800 N Oak.    Applicant/owner: Auto Trend, Inc.  File #1158) (Continued from 8/13/01 City Council Meeting.) 


11a.    FIRST READING BILL 01-31,  approving a Special Use Permit on property at 5800 N Oak for operation of Auto Trend, Inc., subject to certain conditions.  Applicant/owner:  Auto Trend, Inc. (File #1158)


12.            PUBLIC HEARING:  on a request to rezone property at 6902 N Oak from CP-O and CP-2, to CP-3.   Applicant/Owner: Dominic Cuccia  (File #1160) 


12a.    FIRST READING BILL 01-33,    rezoning property at   6902 N Oak from CP-O, Non-retail District-Planned and CP-2, General Business District-Planned, to CP-3, Commercial District-Planned.   Applicant/Owner:  Dominic Cuccia  (File #1160)


12b.    FIRST READING BILL 01-34,  approving a Site Plan in conjunction with a rezoning of property at 6902 N Oak Trafficway.      Applicant/Owner:  Dominic Cuccia  (File #1160)


13.            PUBLIC HEARING:  on setting the annual rate of levy for the 2001 Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes within the corporate limits of the city of Gladstone, Missouri at $.57/$100 valuation.


13a.    FIRST READING BILL 01-35,  setting the annual rate of levy for the 2001 Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes within the corporate limits of the city of Gladstone, Missouri at $.57/$100 valuation. 


14.       FIRST READING BILL 01-36,  approving the Final Plat of “Northaven Village Condominium Fourth Plat”,  generally located at 6806-6836 N. Olive, and directing the appropriate officials to affix their signatures  to the plat for recording. 

Applicant/Owner:  Northaven Village Condominiums, L.L.C.   (File #1163)


15.       FIRST READING BILL 01-37,    an ordinance establishing  the position of City Financial Advisor for the City of Gladstone, Missouri.  


16.       Other Business.

17.            Questions from the News Media.

18.            Adjournment.