MONDAY, December 10,   2001 






Closed Executive Session will immediately follow adjournment of the Regular Meeting pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act Exemption 610.021(1) for  Litigation  Discussion, and 610.021(3) for Personnel Discussion. 





1.            Meeting Called to Order.

2.         Roll Call.

3.            Pledge of Allegiance.


4.            Approval of Regular November 26, 2001 City Council Meeting Minutes.


4a.            PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATES of completion  to the twenty graduates of the second  Gladstone Public Safety Citizens Academy.  


4b.            PROCLAMATION:  designating the month of December as “National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month” and supporting the designation of December 21, 2001 as “Missouri Lights on for Life Day”.

Sponsor:  Missouri Division of Highway Safety


4c.            PROCLAMATION:  designating Wednesday, December 19, 2001 as “Beverly Biegel Day” in Gladstone, Missouri in tribute to retiring Municipal Court Administrator Beverly Biegel following twenty-five years of service to the City. 


5.            CONSENT AGENDA


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-77,  acceptance of work under contract with William White & Sons Construction, Co. Inc. for the 2001 Curb & Sidewalk Program and authorizing final payment in the amount of $10,940.64 from the Transportation Sales Tax Fund. 


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-78,  authorizing the City Manager to execute a Tow Service Agreement with Glad Rents, Inc.  for vehicle towing and storage services for the City of Gladstone for the two year period, January 1, 2002 through December 31, 2003.


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-79,  authorizing the City Manager to execute a contract with Black & Veatch, LLP  for design  of the Old Maids Creek, Cave Creek  and East Creek Sanitary Sewer Improvements in the amount of $69,945.00 from the 2000 Combined Water and Sanitary Sewer Revenue Bond Fund.  


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-80,  accepting  Permanent and Temporary Easements from the North Kansas City School District required in conjunction with the 2001 Arterial Sidewalk Program.


RESOLUTION NO. R-01-81,  authorizing execution of a contract with Wornall Secure Business Solutions for the Water Treatment Plant Video Security System in the amount of $34,829.56 from the Combined Water and Sanitary Sewer Fund.


APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for 18 unit Northaven Village Condominium complex at 68th & N Olive.   Applicant/Owner:  Wesco Investments (BP #01-0818)    


APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for 151,698 sq. ft. Gladstone Senior Apartments at 5700 N Main.  Applicant:  Nolte & Associates.  Owner:  Herman Scharhag.   (BP#01-0466)  


APPROVAL OF FINANCIAL REPORTS for month of  November, 2001.




6.            Communications from the Audience.

7.            Communications from the City Council.

8.            Communications from the City Manager.


9.            PUBLIC HEARING:   on a request for a Site Plan Revision on property at 200 NW Englewood Road.  Applicant:   Weiskirch & Parks Engineers.  Owner:  Labosu, L.L.C.  (File #1168)


9a.       FIRST READING BILL 01-49,  approving a Site Plan Revision in a CP-O Zone for property at 200 NW Englewood Road subject to certain terms and conditions.   Applicant:  Weiskirch & Parks Engineers Owner:  Labosu, L.L.C.  (File #1168)  


10.       FIRST READING BILL 01-50,   enacting a new Building and Construction Ordinance (BACO 2000) relating to the construction and maintenance of structures and property within the City of Gladstone, Missouri to be codified as Chapter 34 of the Gladstone Municipal Code.  


11.       Other Business.

12.            Questions from the News Media.

13.            Adjournment.