Closed Executive Session will immediately follow adjournment of the

Regular Meeting pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act Exemption

 610.021(1) for Litigation and Privileged Communications 




1.                  Meeting Called to Order.

2.                  Roll Call.

3.                  Pledge of Allegiance.


4.                  Approval of Regular January 28, 2002 and Special January 31, 2002 City Council Meeting Minutes.


4a.       Presentation of 2001 Mayor’s Community Christmas Tree Lighting Fund Drive checks to Gladstone Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Mr. Art Hammen, Executive Director; Northland Christmas Store, Marshall Miller, Treasurer. 

             Presenters:    Mayor Anita Newsom and Bill Turnage representing the Gladstone Rotary Club, co-sponsors of the annual 5-K run. 


4b.       PROCLAMATION  of appreciation to Pastor Bob Baier and the entire congregation of Antioch Bible Baptist Church for their generosity in providing food and shelter to area residents  during the  recent ice storm power outage . 


4c.       PROCLAMATION designating Tuesday, February 12, 2002 as “Mary Walden Recognition Day” in Gladstone, Missouri in tribute to retiring Administrative Assistant/Planning Commission Secretary Mary Walden following twenty years of City service.  




RESOLUTION NO. R-02-11,  authorizing the purchase of  four  (4) 2002 model  Chevrolet Impala Patrol Vehicles from Robert’s Auto Plaza for a total purchase amount of $68,840 from the General Fund.


            RESOLUTION NO. R-02-12,  authorizing the purchase of one 2002 Chevrolet ¾ Ton Cargo Van from Robert’s Auto Plaza for Gladstone Animal Control in the total purchase amount of $15,699 from the General Fund.  


RESOLUTION NO. R-02-13,  authorizing acceptance of the proposal of Mavron, Inc. in the amount of $10,912.00 from the General Fund for equipment modifications to the 2002 Chevrolet ¾  Ton Animal Control Cargo Van. 


            RESOLUTION NO. R-02-14,  accepting work under contract with Leavenworth Excavating & Equipment, Co. Inc. for the 70th Street Reconstruction Project and authorizing final payment in the amount of  $33,254.75 from the Transportation Sales Tax Fund. 


Next Ordinance #3.823


RESOLUTION NO. R-02-15, accepting work under contract with American Marking & Paving Co., Inc. for Public Works Facility Parking Lot Improvements and authorizing final payment in the amount of $931.36 from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund.


RESOLUTION NO. 02-16, adopting the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Policy as the City’s policy for projects funded by Federal or State Funds.  


RESOLUTION NO. 02-17, authorizing execution of a contract with Signature Architect Signage, Inc.  for the Signage Master Plan Project in the amount of $105,558.00 from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund.    (Project # 0110/0210) 


            RESOLUTION  NO. 02-18,    authorizing the City Manager to accept  Heatherton Court cul de sac in Heatherton Place Subdivision, 62nd  & N Main for City maintenance.


RESOLUTION  NO. 02-19,  authorizing execution of a contract with Pyramid Excavation & Construction in the amount of $741,499.00 for the Mill Creek Watershed Drainage Improvement Project.  (Project #0119)   




6.         Communications from the Audience.

7.         Communications from the City Council.

8.         Communications from the City Manager.


9.         RESOLUTION NO. R-02-20, amending the 2002 Annual General Fund Budget, Combined Water And Sewerage System Fund Budget, and Municipal Pool Fund Budget for the City of Gladstone, Missouri, and authorizing expenditure of funds.   Revised General Fund Budget (Revenue $12,359,779; Expenditures $12,358,437); Revised CWSS Fund Budget (Revenue $6,064,394; Expenses $6,064,057); Revised Municipal Pool Fund Budget (Revenue $161,527; Expenses $161,527).


10.       FIRST READING BILL 02-5, providing for the assessment of an additional Court Cost of $25.00 by the Gladstone Municipal Court for intoxication-related convictions to be remitted to the Spinal Cord Injury Fund pursuant to Section 304.027 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.   


11.       FIRST READING BILL 02-6, declaring the results of the Tuesday, February 5, 2002 Gladstone Primary Election, and that the names of Carol Rudi, Wayne E. Beer, Ken Winkler, Lori LeMunyon   shall appear on the Tuesday, April 2, 2002 General Election Ballot as candidates for (2)  three-year positions on the Gladstone City Council.   Certified Results: Carol Rudi, 680; Wayne E. Beer, 640; Peter (Pietro) Corte, 181; Lori LeMunyon, 259; Brad Robertson, 86; Ken Winkler, 309).    


12.       Other Business   

13.       Questions from the News Media. 

14.       Adjournment.