Closed Executive Session will immediately follow adjournment

of the Regular Meeting pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act

 Exemption 610.021(1)  for Litigation and  Privileged Communications Discussion,

610.021(2)  for Real Estate Acquisition Discussion, and 610.021(3) for Personnel Discussion.




1.                  Meeting Called to Order.

2.                  Roll Call.

3.                  Pledge of Allegiance:   Boy Scout Troop #247 sponsored by Gashland Presbyterian Church.


4.                  Approval of Regular November 25, 2002 City Council Meeting Minutes.


 4a.         PROCLAMATION:  designating the month of December as “National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month” and supporting  December 20, 2002 as “Missouri Lights on for Life Day”.  Sponsor:  Missouri Division of Highway Safety




RESOLUTION R-02-88,  declaring certain City-owned Fire/EMS Bureau equipment as surplus City property and authorizing  its disposal under the provisions of the City of Gladstone Purchasing Policy. 


RESOLUTION R-02-89, authorizing execution of a contract with Wilson Plumbing Company  in the amount of $211,653.00 from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund for the 67th & Garfield Drainage Improvement Project.  (Project #0124) 


RESOLUTION R-02-90, authorizing acceptance of work under contract with GC Construction for the 72nd Street Reconstruction Project (N Bellefontaine to Old Antioch Road) and authorizing final payment in the amount of $30,000 from the Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund.  (Project #9417)


            RESOLUTION R-02-91, adopting a Mission Statement and Goals for the City of Gladstone, Missouri  for 2002-2003.




            RESOLUTION R-02-92, adopting various values, policies and procedures relative to the enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code. 


RESOLUTION R-02-93,  appointing Cathy L. Swenson to the position of City Clerk for the City of Gladstone, Missouri effective January 13, 2003.


APPROVAL OF FINANCIAL REPORTS for the month  of November 2002.




6.         Communications from the Audience.

7.         Communications from the City Council.

8.         Communications from the City Manager.


9.         PUBLIC HEARING on a request to rezone property at 5800 N Oak Trafficway from C-2 (General Business District)  to CP-3 (Planned Commercial District) for proposed Burnett’s Lighthouse Frozen Custard. Applicant: Roger J. Burnett. Owner:  Auto Trend, Inc.  (File #1186) 


9a.       FIRST READING BILL 02-32, amending Ordinance No. 2.292 being the Gladstone Zoning Ordinance,  to rezone property at 5800 N Oak Trafficway from C-2 (General Business District)  to CP-3 (Planned Commercial District).  Applicant: Roger J. Burnett. Owner:  Auto Trend, Inc.  (File #1186) 


9b.       FIRST READING BILL 02-33,  approving a Site Plan in conjunction with the rezoning of property at 5800 North Oak Trafficway.   Applicant: Roger J. Burnett. Owner:  Auto Trend, Inc.  (File #1186) 


9c.     APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for 1,360 sq. ft. new construction and remodeling of property at 5800 N Oak Trafficway for Burnett’s Lighthouse Frozen Custard.  (BP 02-0819)


10.       FIRST READING BILL 02-34,   enacting a revised “Schedule of Fees and Charge” for services and activities provided by the City of Gladstone, Missouri. 


11.       FIRST READING BILL 02-35,  an ordinance establishing a Community Forestry Plan to provide oversight of the City’s planting, maintenance, and removal of trees, shrubs and other plants located within city rights-of-way, parks and other public lands; and 4authorizing the Gladstone Park Board to administer the Community Forestry Plan. 


12.       FIRST READING BILL 02-36,  amending Ordinance No. 3.818, being the Gladstone Building and Construction Ordinance (BACO 2000) to add new Section to prohibit the establishment or enforcement of restrictive covenants that require the exclusive use of wood shingles or other wood product roof covering materials, either in initial construction or replacement of existing materials, of residential structures within the city.


13.       Other Business.    

14.       Questions from the News Media. 

15.       Adjournment.