MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2003      






The City Council will hold a Closed Session pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act Exemption 610.021 (1) for Litigation and Confidential or Privileged Communications with Legal Counsel, and 610.021 (2) for Real Estate Acquisition Discussion.





1.                  Meeting Called to Order.


2.                  Roll Call.


3.                  Pledge of Allegiance.


4.                  Approval of Regular April 14, 2003 City Council Meeting Minutes.


4a.                PROCLAMATION:  designating Sunday, May 4, 2003 as “World Laughter Day” in

            Gladstone, Missouri.  Sponsored by Reverend Paul Stephen Smith, Chaplain, Liberty Hospital.


4b.            SPECIAL PRESENTATION to Charles Carmack recognizing his service on Gladstone

            Special Road District #3.


4c.   Presentation of TREE CITY, USA awards by Helene Miller, Department of Conservation Urban Forester.




RESOLUTION NO. R-03-31, authorizing the City Manager to purchase forty two (42) 800

MHZ Portable Radios, Six (6) Mobile Radios and related equipment from Custom Radio Communications, Kansas City, Missouri, for a total purchase amount of $37,562.00.


RESOLUTION NO. R-03-32, declaring certain city property as surplus and authorizing the sale of such property together with certain abandoned and unclaimed property held by the City to the highest bidder at auction or by sealed bid.




6.   Communications from the Audience.


7.   Communications from the City Council.




7a.       Special Presentation by Councilman Wayne Beer on behalf of Gladstone’s Bennet and Dennis Herrick Memorial American Legion Post 626 to Public Safety Officer Kelly Kirk and his family in recognition of Officer Kirk’s service to his country as an Active Drilling Reservist Petty Officer.


7b.   Appointment of Public Works Director Andy Noll as Gladstone’s 2003-2004 Management Council Representative to the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) Solid Waste Management District.


8.   Communications from the City Manager.


9.   PUBLIC HEARING on a request for a Special Use Permit to operate a bingo game two nights a week at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at 1500 NE Englewood Road. 

Applicant:  Fr. Hager Council #7064.  Owners: Fr. Hager Council #7064.   (File #1187)


9a.       FIRST READING BILL 03-7, granting a Special Use Permit to subject to certain conditions to the Knights of Columbus Fr. Hager Council #7064 for purposes of operating a Bingo game two nights a week in a R-1 Zone at 1500 NE Englewood Road.


10.   PUBLIC HEARING  on a request for a Special Use Permit for operation of a Child Care Center at 5940 North Flora.  Applicant:  Tina Dillon, Creative Kids Learning Center.  Owners:  Russell and Ellen Tucker.  (File #1189).


10a.      FIRST READING BILL 03-8, granting a Special Use Permit subject to certain conditions to

            Tina Dillon, Creative Kids Learning Center, for operation of a Child Care Center on property at

 5940 North Flora.


11.         FIRST READING BILL 03-9, repealing Ordinance No. 3.800 and enacting a new  ordinance levying Sewer Billing and Commodity Charges for the City of Gladstone, Missouri.  


12.       FIRST READING BILL 03-10, adoption of the 2000 International Property Code, with certain amendments, additions, and deletions, as the Property Maintenance Code for the City.


13.       Other Business.

14.   Questions from the News Media. 

15.   Adjournment.