MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2008

The City Council will meet in Closed Executive Session on Monday, March 24, 2008, starting at 6:15 PM in the City Manager’s office, Gladstone City Hall, 7010 North Holmes.

The Executive Session is closed pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act Exemption 610.021 (1) for Litigation and Confidential or Privileged Communications with Legal Counsel, and 610.021 (2) for Real Estate Acquisition Discussion, and 610.21(3) for Personnel Discussion.

City Council may reconvene the Closed Executive Session immediately following the Regular meeting.




1. Meeting Called to Order.

  1. Roll Call.

3. Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Approval of Regular February 25, 2008, City Council Meeting Minutes.

5. PROCLAMATION: recognizing EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA INTERNATIONAL, INCORPORATED (ESA), a leadership and service organization that brings volunteers together to pursue programs and projects that make a positive difference locally, nationally and internationally.

6. PROCLAMATION: designating May 2008, as “MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS MONTH” in Gladstone, Missouri, and supporting the “Motorcycle Awareness and You” campaign, which encourages motor vehicle operators to be cautious of motorcyclists on the streets and highways.

7. PROCLAMATION: designating April 7-13, 2008, as “PUBLIC HEALTH WEEK” in Gladstone, Missouri, and commending the Health Department’s service to our community.

8. PROCLAMATION: designating April 4, 2008, as “ARBOR DAY” in Gladstone, Missouri, and urging residents to support efforts that focus on environmental betterment and the planting of trees.


RESOLUTION R-08-15, authorizing execution of a contract with Shawn’s Lawn and Landscape, Inc. for the Contractual Mowing of certain City of Gladstone parks, facilities, and drainage areas for the 2008 mowing season.

RESOLUTION R-08-16, authorizing execution of a contract with Brandy Electric, Incorporated, in the total amount not to exceed $48,200.00 for the 72nd Street Tennis Court Lights; Project CP0860.

RESOLUTION R-08-17, authorizing execution of a contract with Calverts Paving, Incorporated, in the total amount not to exceed $106,687.00 for the Oak Grove Park Trail Reconstruction; Project CP0660.

RESOLUTION R-08-18, authorizing the City Manager to execute an amendment to the Antenna Site Lease with Verizon Wireless for the Linden Water Tower site.

RESOLUTION R-08-19, authorizing execution of a Water Tower Antenna Site Lease with T-Mobile Central LLC, a Delaware Limited Liability Company, for the Flora Park Tower location.

BUILDING PERMIT: for construction of a new building and tenant finish for property located at 1900 NE 72nd Street. Applicant: Rockford Construction. Owner: Family Video Movie Club.

BUILDING PERMIT: for a kitchen remodel and walk-in freezer addition to Oakwood Manor Elementary School, located at 5900 North Flora Avenue. Applicant: Kevin Cowan Architects. Owner: North Kansas City School District.

APPROVAL OF A CHANGE IN LIQUOR LICENSE from a Seven Day Package Liquor and Wine Tasting License to a Seven Day Liquor by the Drink License, for Hy-Vee, Incorporated, dba Hy-Vee Food & Drugstore, 7117 North Prospect; Mark T. Dahms, Managing Officer.

APPROVAL OF A NEW SIX DAY LIQUOR BY THE DRINK LICENSE for Millennium 2, Incorporated, dba The End Zone, 7632 North Oak Trafficway; Richard W. Steckelberg, Managing Officer.



10. Communications from the Audience.

11. Communications from the City Council.

12. Communications from the City Manager.

13. FIRST READING BILL 08-09, repealing ordinance no. 3.748, and enacting in lieu thereof two new sections relating to the mandatory use of seat belts and child passenger restraint systems, to be designated as sections 307.178 and 307.179, of the code of ordinances for the city of gladstone, missouri.

14. FIRST READING BILL 08-10, amending Schedule VIII of the Model Traffic Code (Gladstone Municipal Code Section 4.100.020) to establish “Stop” Sign locations at the NE 69th Street and N. Holmes Street entrances to the City of Gladstone Community Center.

15. Other Business.

16. Questions from the News Media.

17. Adjournment.