Closed Executive Session. Following the 6:30 p.m. Open Study Session Meeting, Councilman Roger Norris moved to adjourn to the City Manager's Office for Closed Executive Session as previously posted for Litigation Discussion pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act Exemption 610.021(1); Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Councilman Bishop, Councilman Norris, Councilman Newsom, Mayor Hammen. (4-0)

Mayor Art Hammen called the Regular February 14, 2000 City Council Meeting to order in the City Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m.

Mayor Art Hammen
Mayor Pro Tem Anita Newsom
Councilman Roger Norris
Councilman Dan Bishop

City Manager Kirk Davis
Assistant City Manager Laura Gay
City Counselor Nancy Thompson
City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld

Councilman George Nodler

Item 3. on the Agenda. Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Art Hammen led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in which all joined.

Item 4. on the Agenda. Approval of Minutes.

Mayor Pro Tem Anita Newsom moved to approve the Regular Monday, January 24, 2000 City Council Meeting Minutes as submitted. Councilman Roger Norris seconded. The vote: "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)


Mayor Art Hammen presented recognition plaques to outgoing Board and Commission Members and expressed the City Council's appreciation to these individuals for their outstanding service to our city. Recipients were: Jeff Mendon, Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (January 1997 - October 1999); Kathy Smith, Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (May 1999 - January 2000); Charles Byrd, Capital Improvements Committee (April 1988 - January 2000); Norman Gould, Recycling & Solid Waste Committee (January 1993 - January 2000).

Item 5. on the Agenda. CONSENT AGENDA

Following the Clerk's reading of the Consent Agenda, Councilman Bishop asked that Resolution R-00-9 be removed for discussion under the Regular Agenda; and Mayor Hammen requested that Resolution 00-13 be placed on the Regular Agenda. The resolutions were designated as Agenda Items 5(a. and 5(b.

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom moved to approve the Consent Agenda as modified; Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)


Mayor Pro Tem Newsom moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-10, accepting a Deed of Dedication and Waterline Easement from AutoZone, Inc., in conjunction with development at 6906 N Oak Trafficway; Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-11, accepting temporary and permanent easements from property owners in conjunction with the 55th Terrace & Old Pike Road Street Improvements. (Project #9719); Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-12, accepting work under contract with Smi-Co Construction for the 2706 NE 57th Terrace Storm Drainage Improvements and authorizing final payment from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund. Total Contract: $86,434.75; Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-14, accepting a Bill of Sale from Bradley Real Estate and Lexington Plumbing and Heating conveying to the City a water line and fire hydrant serving Prospect Plaza Shopping Center; Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom, moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-15, accepting a proposal from Molle Chevrolet Truck Center, for the purchase of One (1) 2000 Commercial Cutaway Van for a net purchase amount of $20,905.00 from the General Fund. (Includes 1992 Ford Pick-up Trade-in.) Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-16, accepting a proposal of Metro Ford for the purchase of Four (4) 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Patrol Vehicles at a unit price of $19,843.70, for a total purchase amount of $79,374.80 from the General Fund. Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom moved for approval of CHANGE IN OWNERSHIP LIQUOR LICENSE for Gater, Inc. dba Tailgaters, 316 NE 72nd Street, Class A, Six Day Week License. Managing Officer: Scott A. Merrifield. Councilman Norris seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)


Item 5a. on the Agenda. RESOLUTION NO. R-00-9, amending the 1999/2000 Annual Budgets for the General Fund, Combined Water and Sewerage System Fund, and Municipal Pool Fund; and authorizing expenditures of funds. Revised General Fund Budget (Revenue $11,752,055; Expenditures $11,750,850); Revised CWSS Fund Budget (Revenue $5,387,335; Expenses $5,328,010); Municipal Pool Fund Budget (Revenue $154,985; Expenses $150,150).

Councilman Norris moved to adopt Resolution R-00-9; Councilman Bishop seconded.


Councilman Bishop explained that he requested that this resolution amending the budget be taken off of the regular agenda so that he could make some comments pertaining to the mid year budget. He said last year he asked for and received consensus from the Council that we address an issue that was brought to the City's attention in the form of a citizen petition. Specifically, homeowners of Claymont Pointe Town Homes asked that the City remove a billboard located on City-owned property along 169 Highway. He said the Council agreed that since the removal of this billboard would entail the loss of revenue we should address the request at mid-year budget review. In the meantime, we have approved a $.25 cent water rate increase and asked the voters to approve a $4 million dollar bond issue in the April election in order to address sanitary sewer and water quality issues. He feels it is prudent at this time to focus our attention on passage of the bond issue and therefore would suggest postponing the billboard issues until discussion on the 2001 budget. He would then hope that with Council direction the City Manager would find a way to remove the billboard without a further rate increase. He still feels it is the correct policy decision to remove the billboard but would ask for Council consensus to postpone discussion of this issue until the 2001 budget discussions. Assuming consensus of the other Councilmembers, he would then support approval of the mid-year budget as presented by the City Manager.

Councilman Norris said he does think the suggestion is good because there is a lease contract and it would be prudent to review this at the end of a fiscal year when we are looking at budgeted revenues He has no problem deferring the discussion of the billboard lease at the water plant until next year's budget.

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom said she concurs that the best time for discussion of this matter would be at budget planning for the 2001 budget.

The vote on adoption of Resolution R-00-09: All "aye" Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Item 5b. on the Agenda. RESOLUTION NO. R-00-13, accepting N. Norton Street and NE 71st Court in Stonebrooke Estates Subdivision for City maintenance.

Councilman Norris moved to adopt Resolution R-00-13; Councilman Newsom seconded.


Mayor Hammen said the reason he asked that this item be removed from the Consent Agenda for placement on the Regular Agenda is because his building company owns a lot in this subdivision, therefore he will be abstaining from the vote.

The vote: "Aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom. Mayor Hammen abstained. (3-0-1)

Item 6. On the Agenda. Communications from the Audience.

Dr. Bernard Mullins, 3802 NE 72nd Terrace, told the City Council his three previous water/sewer bills were in the $36.00 - $41.00 range and his last bill was $85.15. When he inquired why it was so high, it was suggested he might have a leak. Dr. Mullins said he has no evidence of a leak around the house and wonders if this is a generalized problem. What makes him wonder is because a former patient had a $257.00 bill for the same period, and their neighbor also had a bill that was substantially higher than the previous one.

Dr. Mullins said they have no leak in their house, don't have much grass and have not been watering it. So he has no explanation for the increase.

Councilman Norris suggested the City may want to re-read the meter but also noted there is a possibility that a leak is between the meter and the house, and Dr. Mullins does not see it.

Mayor Hammen suggested that Dr. Mullins contact Finance Director Cash Sweiven who will look into the matter, and City Manager Kirk Davis suggested that he have his neighbors contact Director Sweiven also.

Helene Hancock, 6013 N Michigan Drive, said her bill was $257.32 and the previous bill was $56.00 She said she spoke with Mr. Sweiven today and was happy with the conversation. She gave Mr. Sweiven a jar of melted ice cubes from her residence with sediment at the bottom, and displayed a sweater that she said was discolored by the water She said the City gave her a solution to use but it will not work on her garment.

She said she and her husband have only one kidney and need to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day and they have had to go out and buy water. She does not want to drink our water with the sediment in it, but she said Mr. Sweiven did have crews clear it up today.

Mayor Hammen asked Mrs. Hancock if she was satisfied with the response she received today. Mrs. Hancock said she is today, but it took her a whole month to get it straightened out. She was asked to bring her bill from the plumber but she said the plumber found no leaks and told her there was no way she could have used that amount of water. She was pleased with Mr. Sweiven's handling of her problem today.

Rob Harris, 2501 NE 78th Street, said he is President of the Maple Woods Homes Association which is primarily in Kansas City and there is an adjoining Maple Park Place Subdivision with residents in both Kansas City and Gladstone. They have been following Mr. Ed Barth's proposal for the Renaissance North development closely and have raised a number of concerns. Up to this point there has been no traffic study done by the City of Kansas City up to 76th Street, This development includes over 500 apartments, approximately 50 or less homes, office buildings, dental buildings and retail. The only west access right now is 76th Street. They are petitioning the City of Kansas City to extend Maple Park Parkway all the way back to Highway 152, but so far it has not occurred. They want to make sure that the City of Gladstone is aware, because the subdivision has residents in both cities. His own property sits in both cities.

Residents have concerns about traffic on 76th Street and 78th Street. At this time, 76th Street is not a good road at the point it would connect, so they want to make sure the City is aware because he is not certain the developer has a great interest in meeting with Gladstone. He questions why the developer has had a plan for 2 years and is not yet talking to Gladstone.

Councilman Bishop said Mr. Harris called him two weekends ago and they talked about these issues. He told Mr. Harris that Gladstone does need to be cognizant of any development in that location because it obviously is going to have some impact on traffic and he wants to know how storm water runoff will affect the Storm Water Master Plan we had done. Mr. Bishop said after their discussion he contacted City Manager Davis and learned that it is something we have been watching and Community Development Director Scott Wingerson has been following this project closely and making Gladstone's interests and concerns known to the developer and Kansas City representatives along the way. Mr. Bishop said he has concerns and City Manager Davis and Director Wingerson know that. He told Mr. Harris that he appreciated his bringing this matter to his attention and said Mr. Wingerson will continue to monitor this development.

Mr. Harris said this week there is a Kansas City Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting and they will make their major concerns of traffic and flood control known and ask that the ordinances be changed to accommodate their needs.

Mayor Hammen said the developer has made no formal application to Gladstone yet but asked Director Wingerson if he had any light to shed on this issue.

Director Scott Wingerson advised that an application has not been filed, however there have been several informal discussions with the developer. He said both the developer and Kansas City Missouri staff are well aware of our concerns relating specifically to traffic impacts and those issues are, as Councilman Bishop put it, on the radar screens of Gladstone staff and he is sure of the City Council. So we are watching it very closely and when it comes forward it will certainly be presented to the Planning Commission and the City Council for discussion. As Mr. Harris said, the project is complex and as it impacts Gladstone currently there are approximately 18 units within the city of Gladstone. The majority of those are in single family homes and the rest are in triplex condominiums. The project is very big and Gladstone has a very small part, but we are certainly making everyone aware of our position at the staff level.

Councilman Newsom said when she first heard of the project a little over a year ago, they were talking about tax increment financing for the developer and asked how that has progressed. Mr. Wingerson said that is currently being considered by the Kansas City City Council and it has been approved by the TIF Commission. Ms. Newsom asked if they have requested a TIF from Gladstone. Mr. Wingerson said they have not.

Councilman Norris stated his biggest concern was that Mr. Barth was quoted in the paper as indicating that this project could generate some 20,000 car trips a day. That is an incredible amount of traffic, and 76th Street is certainly not going to handle that. This is a new town center environment concept and he is saddened that they are even thinking of using TIF dollars because that is not what he thinks TIF was designed for, especially in a nice suburban north area where there is far from a shortage of houses.

Councilman Bishop said it is a comfort to know that Director Scott Wingerson has been aware of this project and monitoring it for about two years but he would state that 76th Street from N Oak to N Euclid is not a point of pride for Gladstone right now. The street is not in good shape and although it is in the five year plan, he would state on the record that he would have concerns that whatever traffic increase there is as a result of the development, that the planned improvements could handle that capacity.

City Manager Davis said one of our questions for Mr. Barth will be his overall time frames for construction of various public improvements. He is pretty comfortable with the schedules he has heard thus far, but again we do not have an application from Mr. Barth yet.

Mayor Hammen asked if 76th Street is in the 5th year of the five-year plan which is this coming year. Mr. Davis said the design work for the reconstruction of 76th Street from Oak to Euclid is done, but he believes construction is not planned until 2003.

Item 7. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Council.

Councilman Dan Bishop thanked the outgoing board and commission members for their dedicated service to the City. He became acquainted with them during the past year and enjoyed that. He does have some special words about Charlie Byrd with whom he served on the Capital Improvements Committee. Charlie served tirelessly on the CIP Committee for 12 years and came on the Committee at its inception along with Chairman Pete Hall. Mr. Byrd brought a straight forward and common sense approach to each capital budget and each citizen request that came before the Committee. When he was appointed to the Committee in 1997, Charlie took the time to share with him some history of the Committee and some valuable knowledge he had gained while serving over the years. While serving with him they became friends and he appreciates his friendship. He is sorry to see him leaving the Committee but grateful for his dedicated years of public service.

Mr. Bishop said he appreciates the dedicated service of members who serve on boards and commission even more when considering the apathy that is too prevalent in our society. That apathy led to an embarrassing low voter turn out last week in our City Council Primary Election when just over 5% of the 17,241 registered voters chose to exercise their privilege to vote. He encourages all citizens of Gladstone to vote in the April General Election where there will be an opportunity to approve the issuance of $4 million dollars in bonds for sanitary sewer and water quality, and also to select two new members of the city Council.

Councilman Roger Norris said he would certainly echo the kind comments about Charlie Byrd and regrets that Kathy Smith is moving from our city. He commented that Mr. Byrd always tells it like it is, and we like that. Our volunteers go to the effort and initiative of putting their interest in serving in writing and participate in an interview process, so our volunteers want to be here, and he thinks that makes the difference.

Councilman Norris also complimented the noticeable difference in the snow removal services when he left Kansas City and got to Gladstone last Friday evening. The department did an outstanding job and this is one of those services that makes Gladstone a better, safer, place to live and that is how we need to keep it here.

Mayor Pro Tem Anita Newsom said she knows that the M-1 and N Indiana intersection is not within our corporate city limits but asks if we could not encourage the City of Kansas City and the developer's to look at resignaling that intersection. She uses this intersection frequently and it has become a terrible hazard and unsafe since the removal of the signals. She reminded of the tragic crash recently. The opening of Highway #152 has been a great boon to the northland but she would encourage the State's review of the safety of that intersection. City Manager Davis said he will contact the State on this issue and believes from an article in the paper that it is under review at this time.

Ms. Newsom also complimented the 1999 Gladstone Report of Services included in Council's packet which she finds is an outstanding tool to enlighten students and citizens as well of the services our municipality provides. She said she has received inquiries on when the Spring Parks and Recreation Program brochure will be published. Director Steve Buschor said it will be published by the end of the month.

Ms. Newsom also reminded that the Cripple Creek Special Use Permit will be coming forward to the March 13, 2000 City Council Agenda and she has not seen additional efforts to comply with the terms of the Special Use Permit, such as the log cabin construction. Director Wingerson said he has asked Mr. Bledsoe to report in writing on the status of the log cabin construction, and he will encourage him to have it constructed by that time. Ms. Newsom said the promises have gotten old and Councilman Norris agreed.

Councilman Newsom told Charlie Byrd that he will be sorely missed on the Capital Improvements Committee but reminded that just because he is off of the Committee does not mean he is off the hook for some help and advice, because we will be calling him.

Mayor Art Hammen said he does not know that he can add to the compliments given to our outgoing Board and Commission members including Mr. Byrd, but he would recognize Mrs. Betty Byrd for her contributions via her husband. Mrs. Byrd has given up a lot of her time with her husband to enable him to give of his time for the citizens of Gladstone.

Mayor Hammen also wished all a Happy Valentine's Day.

Item 8. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Manager.

City Manager Kirk Davis reminded that City Hall offices will be closed next Monday, February 22nd for Presidents Day.

Item 9. on the Agenda. APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for interior tenant finish of 2,070 sq. ft. building space at 6417 N Prospect in Prospect Plaza Shopping Center for Starbucks Coffee. Owner: Bradley Real Estate (BP# 00-0033)

Councilman Roger Norris moved to approve the Building Permit for 6417 N Prospect; Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0) Councilman Norris said he is looking forward to this nationwide company's location in Gladstone.

Item 10. on the Agenda. FIRST READING BILL 2000-04, declaring the results of the Tuesday, February 8, 2000 Gladstone Primary City Council Election and designating the order of the Ballot for the General Election on Tuesday, April 4, 2000. Councilman Norris moved to place Bill 00-04 on First Reading; Councilman Bishop seconded.


Councilman Norris congratulated the winners of the Primary commenting that two candidates will take his and Mayor Hammen's Council seats and he wishes them luck.

Councilman Bishop said it is no small thing to commit to run for the City Council and he commends everyone who throws their hat in the ring. He congratulates those individuals who will be on the April General Election Ballot.

Councilman Newsom stressed that every vote counts and noted that just a very few votes made a difference. She encourages people to become informed and to vote. Mayor Hammen concurred that every vote counts and said 11 votes made the difference in being on ballot for the General Election, that's just how close it was.

The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0) The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Norris moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 00-04, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading; Councilman Bishop seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0)

Councilman Norris moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 00-04 and enact the Bill as Ordinance No. 3.742; Councilman Bishop seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (4-0).

* * *

There being no further business to come before the February 14, 2000 Gladstone City Council Meeting, Mayor Art Hammen adjourned the Regular Meeting.

Respectfully submitted:


Marilyn F. Ahnefeld, City Clerk