MONDAY, JULY 10, 2000

Mayor Dan Bishop called the Regular July 10, 2000 City Council Meeting to order in the City Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m.

Mayor Dan Bishop
Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross
Councilman Anita Newsom
Councilman George Nodler

City Manager Kirk Davis
Assistant City Manager Laura Gay
City Counselor Nancy Thompson
City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld

Councilman Shirley Smith

Item 3. on the Agenda. Pledge of Allegiance.

Chris Lavenburg from Troop 214 sponsored by the Knights of Columbus led the color guard and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in which all joined.

Item 4. on the Agenda. Approval of Minutes.

Councilman Anita Newsom moved to approve the Regular Monday, June 26, 2000 City Council Meeting Minutes as submitted. Councilman George Nodler seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)

Item 4a. on the Agenda. PROCLAMATION: Designating the month of July, 2000 as National Parks & Recreation Month in Gladstone, Missouri. Director of Parks and Recreation Steve Buschor accepted the proclamation from Mayor Bishop.

Item 5. on the Agenda. CONSENT AGENDA

Following the Clerk's reading, Councilman George Nodler moved to approve the Consent Agenda as listed. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)


Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-57, authorizing the City Manager to execute a Membership Agreement on behalf of the City of Gladstone, Missouri with Mid-America Regional Council Insurance Trust (MARCIT) to provide certain insurance services. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-58, authorizing the purchase of Public Safety Department radio system components from Commenco, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $30,136.81 from the Fund Balance in the General Fund. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved for APPROVAL OF ANNUAL LIQUOR LICENSE RENEWALS: Tortilla Flats, 5716 N Antioch Road; Golden Eagle Restaurant, 6502 N Oak; Dominic's Restaurant, 6300 N Oak; The End Zone, 7630-32 N Oak. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)

Item 6. on the Agenda. Communications from the Audience.

Bill Burford, 3510 NE Shady Lane Drive stated that he is here to speak on behalf of the silent majority, some of those that voted some Council members in. He mentioned that the City was looking at a sales tax increase for funds and projects that he and his group would like to support it, but there is some concern about responsibility.

The responsibility came up first when they read in the paper a quote from the Mayor regarding some equipment that was bought that would track speed and the quote stated it was "only" $11,000. His concern was about the "only" $11,000. Then there is the revenue that was lost from the billboard that they feel is a political move, then to the possibility of televising Council meetings at a cost he has seen from $10,000 - $30,000. That is the concern about responsibility and they felt someone should state how they feel.

Mr. Burford said if you were to address your City employees, and ask what they would like to spend the $11,000 on, and it was "only" $11,000, they might like a raise. Perhaps when Councilman Cross was at the swimming pool he could have used the money for the pool. Perhaps we could use it in the community center.

Mr. Burford stated that is their concern, and they want to make sure they keep the Council responsible and keep them on alert. They are out there watching now. There seems to be some press going on now and if we need TV coverage, for whatever reason, we know how to do that. We did it several years ago with signs out front. It was not the kind we want to have, but we did. So we want to keep you responsible.

Mayor Bishop thanked Mr. Burford, noting that he had spoken on the phone with Mr. Burford and it was nice to put a face with a voice.

Mr. Burford commented that they want to support the sales tax, but want Council to give thought as to how they spend "only" $11,000. of the citizen's money.

The Mayor mentioned that in the budget just passed, they did save $35,000 of taxpayer dollars that had been presented as a recommendation for an outside consultant on a citizen-based strategic plan. It was removed from the budget, saving $35,000 which for this fiscal year did amount to a net savings in the budget and they are proud of that.

Item 7. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Council.

Councilman Nodler had no communications at this time.

Councilman Newsom stated that it was great to do a proclamation for Parks and Recreation as it is a great month for Parks and Recreation. The Fourth of July celebration was wonderful and at work the next day she heard compliments one on top of the other about how nice it was. People could hear the band with the new sound system and folks were thrilled with that. Last night she went to the Theatre in the Park performance, and again it was outstanding and one of the most colorful they have put on in years. She is very proud that Gladstone has a part in that.

Councilman Newsom asked about the curb replacement projects in our neighborhoods and if there is a provision in the contract for clean-up and restoration of sites to bring them back to standard. Does it also include clean-up of the gravel out in the roadway. In her neighborhood, there is gravel in the roadway and rolling downhill to the stop sign, it is difficult to stop. Maybe this needs to be monitored on a daily basis, not just at completion of the project.

Ms. Newsom commented that regarding codes enforcement, it is political sign season again, and there are signs stuck in right-of-ways. The ordinance has been revised so there are definite measurements and should not be a problem with people understanding where they can place those signs.

Ms. Newsom stated that she has noticed recently some businesses that have almost covered the entire front windows of their business with big signs. Public Safety would not even be able to tell if they were being robbed in broad daylight. She believes this is in direct conflict with our sign code.

Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson stated that typically they have not regulated store signs on windows inside businesses. He said it certainly can be looked at.

Ms. Newsom recalled that they had talked about this before when McDonald's was painting their inside windows and Public Safety could not see inside. It would seem to be a safety issue for employees.

Mr. Wingerson stated that they would look into it and report back at the next Council meeting or the FYIN Newsletter to the Council.

Councilman Cross mentioned also that the Fourth of July event was a success and the ice cream was great that Councilman Newsom made along with Steve Buschor and Freddie Nichols. The crowd was large and the fireworks lasted another 10-15 minutes longer than usual. He talked with the band director today and she stated that we wore her out with the longer fireworks. It was extremely good.

The play last evening was fantastic. The crowds were high, an estimated 9,000 people for the weekend. He thanked Steve Buschor and the many people who worked on these efforts.

Mayor Bishop stated that at the last Council meeting in June, he was proud to present a proclamation to retiring Sergeant Jim Beatty from Public Safety after 32 years of employment with the City of Gladstone. He was able to come to the reception on June 27 in the Council Chambers. It was an experience that he will not forget. The Council Chambers was packed with people who hold Sergeant Beatty in the highest of esteem, those who have known him for many years. It was pretty special when he received the bloodhound puppy. He will miss seeing him each week when he delivered the Council packet.

Mayor Bishop mentioned that Synergy Services, who has done so much good in the northland, has opened a thrift store in the Gladstone Plaza Shopping Center. They not only do a great deal of good, they do good well. Everything tends to be done with a little extra flair, a little spark that makes them stand out. He was proud to attend the ribbon-cutting for the new store on the 28th of June. It is an asset to the Gladstone Plaza Shopping area and he is glad they have chosen to locate in our fine City.

Mr. Bishop commented that he, too, enjoyed the fireworks in Gladstone and the fact that we maintain the small-town feeling even though we are surrounded by a big city. The display was great and did go on for a long time. He enjoyed the ice cream as the other Council members did.

The Mayor mentioned the occurrence from Sunday morning that was in the paper wherein several Kansas City firefighters responding to a fire call within Gladstone were injured and received medical attention. He expresses his sympathy to the Kansas City firefighters who were injured in the line of duty. Fortunately, the injuries were not of a severe nature.

Mayor Bishop noted that at the June 26th Council meeting, Helen Midkiff received a City Proclamation for her contributions to the beautification of Gladstone through the planting of roses at her home on 72nd Street. She appreciated that proclamation. On Thursday of that week her husband, Don Midkiff passed away and he expresses his sympathy to the Midkiff family.

Item 8. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Manager.

City Manager Kirk Davis stated that it is nice to hear those kudos for Parks and Recreation. Both events were well-attended and well-planned. Steve and his department deserve a lot of credit.

Mr. Davis commented that in regards to Councilman Newsom mentioning the curb replacement, Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson has done an excellent job. In the Meadowbrook area and north of 72nd Street you can see a lot of curb work being done. It is good to see the money being used for the benefit of the citizens. We will be following up in most of those areas with the overlay program. This is the final year of the overlay in the five-year overlay program that began in 1996. It has been on schedule, under budget and those promises are going to be kept with a couple of exceptions which the Council is aware which make good business sense. He give special kudos to the staff and Scott Wingerson for this program.

The City Manager reminded Council of the July 17th Joint Study Session with the CIP Committee, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Planning Commission, and Special Road District #3. This meeting will be a discussion relative to the application for federal funding of major capital projects planned in the coming years as well as the Public Safety Study. The meeting will be at City Hall beginning at 6:00 pm. before the Planning Commission meeting at 7:30 pm.

Item 9. on the Agenda PUBLIC HEARING: on a request to rezone from C-1 to CP-3, property at 6722 N Oak. Applicant/owner: K.L. LeFever. (File #1128)

Mayor Bishop opened the Public hearing and continued the Hearing to the July 24, 2000 City Council Meeting at the Applicant's request.

Item 10. on the Agenda. PUBLIC HEARING: on a request for a Special Use Permit for property west of 5870 N Oak. Applicant: Selective Site Consultant. Owner: Eugene Steffen. (File #1129)

Mayor Bishop opened the Public Hearing and continued to the July 24, 2000 City Council Meeting.

Item 11. on the Agenda. APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for construction of 288 sq. ft. ATM and Canopy for Commerce Bank, 6334 N Antioch Road. Applicant: Gould Evans Goodman Associates, LC. (BP #00-0505)

Councilman Nodler moved to approve the Building Permit for 6334 N. Antioch Road. Councilman Newsom seconded.


Councilman Newsom asked if the elevation is set the same as at the Public Hearing. Assistant City Manager Scott Wingerson acknowledged that it is the same.

Mayor Bishop commented that he is pleased to see activity and starting the building process.

The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)

Item 12. on the Agenda RESOLUTION NO. R-00-59, authorizing the offering for sale of an issue of approximately $4,000,000 of Combined Waterworks and Sewerage System Revenue Bonds.

Councilman Newsom moved to adopt Resolution 00-59; Councilman Nodler seconded.


Mayor Bishop commented that he is extremely glad to be moving forward with the issuance of these bonds which brings us a step closer to starting the improvements that we promised to the citizens of our City when they voted for this bond issue.

Councilman Nodler acknowledged that Mr. Greg Bricker, from George K. Baum and Associates, is present tonight and asked if he might want to say a few words.

Mr. Bricker stated that he had spoken with City Manager Kirk Davis earlier tonight in that the timing is very good on this issuance and the issue in late March and early April of $8,000,000 of COP's of which $6,000,000 will be used to fund the first portion of the Stormwater Master Plan. Those certificates were issued and when interest rates were starting to go up to slow down the economy, he thought it could catch us on the water bonds on the back draft of the rate hikes, but fortunately the effects of the rate increases had the prescribed effect and now interest rates are coming back down just in time for the sale of the water bonds. We have delicately dodged the spike in interest rates. Subject to the resolution being adopted tonight, we will proceed with the marketing of the bonds and will be present at the July 24th Council meeting with the adoption of the final rates with a closing on the 10th of August when the funds will be in the hands of the City.

The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)

Item 13. on the Agenda. FIRST READING BILL 00-32, establishing application fees for cable, telecommunication, and other related service providers who request permission to use the right of way or other public property to provide services to the public.

Councilman Cross moved to place Bill 00-32 on First Reading; Councilman Newsom seconded.


Councilman Newsom commented that this was a good thing.

Mayor Bishop mentioned that we heard about this bill at our last Council meeting Study Session from City Counselor Nancy Thompson. Apparently we have heard from a number of service providers who want to use the City's right of way. It has become prudent to establish a fee structure so we know what to charge these companies. Gladstone has joined a consortium of municipalities through MARC who have this same concern. We are adopting the rates set forth by the consortium tonight. It seems a prudent thing to do.

The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0) The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Cross moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 00-32, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading; Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0) The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Cross moved to accept the Second and Final reading of Bill 00-32 and enact the Bill as Ordinance 3.764; Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (4-0)

Item 14. on the Agenda. Other Business

Councilman Newsom asked about the camera in the Council Chambers.

City Manager Davis stated it is part of the new interior security system at City Hall.

Mayor Bishop stated that he had an issue he wanted to open up for discussion. In The Kansas City Star, Metropolitan Section today is an article about seven metropolitan governments who have joined the federal Communities for Safer Guns Coalition which was set up to help save lives and make communities safer by keeping guns out of the hands of children and criminals. It is administered by HUD and has 515 members from state and local governments. Officials sign a pledge saying they support local law enforcement buying from gun manufacturers that have adopted a new set of gun safety and dealer responsibility standards. Local governments who have joined the coalition are Kansas City, MO., Jackson County, Independence, Grandview, Belton, Leawood, and Kansas City, KS.

The Mayor stated that he checked his accumulated incoming information and found a letter from Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguez who is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Relations regarding Communities for Safer Guns Coalition. This letter asks Gladstone to become a member of the coalition and includes a draft of the pledge.

He asked if there was any desire in pursuing this issue. Perhaps a study session to hear how Public Safety feels about it. It sounds like there is some metro-wide interest in this initiative and he is interested in learning more about it.

Councilman Newsom stated she has not seem anything about it and would like to do more reading about it before putting the City's name on it.

Mayor Bishop agreed, stating that his question is do you want to learn more about it. Council members agreed they would like to learn more.

City Manager Davis stated that he would get the information from Mayor Bishop and make calls to get more information. Hopefully, they could get this information for Thursday's packet. A resolution could then be put on the agenda for the next Council meeting or take appropriate direction if needed on a future agenda.

Councilman Newsom and Mayor Bishop stated they need more information and staff's recommendation concerning this issue.

There were no communications from the News Media or further business to come before the July 10, 2000 Gladstone City Council Meeting, and Mayor Dan Bishop adjourned the Regular Meeting.

Respectfully submitted:


Marilyn F. Ahnefeld, City Clerk