MONDAY, October 9, 2000

Mayor Dan Bishop called the Regular October 9, 2000 City Council Meeting to order in the City Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m.

Mayor Dan Bishop
Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross
Councilman Anita Newsom
Councilman George Nodler
Councilman Shirley Smith

City Manager Kirk Davis
Assistant City Manager Laura Gay
City Counselor Nancy Thompson
City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld

Item 3. on the Agenda. Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Bishop led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in which all joined.

Item 4. on the Agenda. Approval of Minutes.

Councilman Anita Newsom moved to approve the Regular Monday, September 25, 2000 City Council Meeting Minutes as submitted. Councilman Cross seconded. The vote: all “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (5-0)

Item 5. on the Agenda. CONSENT AGENDA

Following the Clerk’s reading, Councilman Newsom moved to accept the Consent Agenda as read. Councilman Bill Cross seconded. The vote: All “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop.


Councilman Anita Newsom moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-00-86, authorizing acceptance of work under contract with Musselman & Hall Contractors, LLC for the City Parking Lot Seal Coat Project and authorizing final payment in the amount of $5,666.72 from the Capital Improvement Sales Tax Fund. Councilman Bill Cross seconded. The vote: All “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (5-0)

Councilman Anita Newsom moved for APPROVAL OF TEMPORARY/LIMITED ONE-DAY BEER and WINE LICENSE for St. Charles Borromeo Parish for Saturday, November 4, 2000. 6:00 PM - Midnight. Managing Officer: Paul G. Danaher. Councilman Bill Cross seconded. The vote: All “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (5-0)


Item 6. on the Agenda. Communications from the Audience.

Cindy Hadley, President of the Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce, said she would be brief but wanted to thank the City of Gladstone and City employees for their help with one of the most successful GladFest events ever. We had more people, more sales, fewer complaints, and everything went well. She extended a special thanks to Scott Wingerson for his help as the official City advisor this year and said he did an outstanding job. She presented the Mayor and members of the City Council, City Manager Kirk Davis, and Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson with a decorative tile commemorating the 21st annual GladFest celebration.

Item 7. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Council.

Councilman Shirley Smith said she was privileged to attend the 66th Annual Missouri Municipal League Conference in Springfield October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. She found the conference both informative and enjoyable. There were topics in the sessions that were pertinent to things we are working on in Gladstone and she appreciated the opportunity to attend.

Councilman George Nodler commended the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce on the success of GladFest this year and all the volunteers who help to make it successful including volunteers from the City.

Councilman Anita Newsom also agreed that GladFest was great and one of first times in a long time where we had three days of very good weather. It was great to see everyone in the community out together and working together.

Ms. Newsom commented about the background music on our City cable channel. She noted that normally station KUDL which has been used is pretty innocuous, but during this season of political campaigns, there were some strong political ads on the station and other ads for businesses as well. It is nice to have the sound on when scrolling through the listings but perhaps we could look into a taped music to play with the cable news instead of relying on the radio stations with ads.

City Manager Kirk Davis agreed to look into it and asked if the preference was something like Muzak or just another radio station.

Councilman Newsom said we need something that does not look like we are making endorsements on our cable broadcast. Maybe something without a lot of ads would be in our best interest and put us in a more neutral position.

Councilman Bill Cross said he regretted missing GladFest, but he had a commitment at Westminster College. He thanked Cindy Hadley and everyone for the tremendous amount of work that was done.

Councilman Cross mentioned that he too attended the MML Conference in Springfield and thought it was very worthwhile and felt he learned so much from the sessions about city and state government.

Mayor Dan Bishop said last week, three Council members attended the Clay County Investigative Squad Annual Dinner at Finnegan’s Hall. The Investigative Squad is celebrating their thirtieth year, and Councilman Smith mentioned that this was worthy of a Proclamation. He said staff efficiently drew up a proclamation and Sheriff Bob Boydston was invited to tonight’s meeting to accept it

Mayor Bishop read and presented the Proclamation recognizing the Clay County Investigative Squad to Sheriff Bob Boydston.

Sheriff Boydston who serves as President of the Clay County Investigative Squad, thanked the City Council for their continued support of the organization. He also thanked Gladstone Public Safety Director Bill Adamo, former President of the organization for his support as well as the great support from Department of Public Safety.

Mayor Bishop also commented on how much he enjoyed GladFest with the good weather, big crowds and a good event all the way around and said he appreciated everyone’s hard work on that festival.

Item 8. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Manager.

City Manager Kirk Davis added his congratulations to the Chamber and staff and complimented how well they worked together for a successful GladFest.

Mr. Davis also mentioned that we are gearing up for the upcoming Fall Brush Disposal Event scheduled for the first weekend in November.

Item 9. on the Agenda. PUBLIC HEARING on a request for a Special Use Permit to continue operation of a hair care business at 2223 NE 73rd Street. Applicant: Grace Bale. Owner: Grace and Robert Bale (File #1136).

Mayor Bishop opened the Public Hearing and explained the hearing process.

Applicant, Grace Bale, 2223 NE 73rd Street, stated that she has operated her beauty shop at that location for three years under a special use permit and is asking for an extension for three more years.

Assistant City Manager for Development, Scott Wingerson stated that this is a renewal of a special use permit granted in 1997. The only change from then till now is the hours of operation on Friday to 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM (currently 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM). Ms. Bale has a total of 15 customers, and the Planning Commission unanimously recommend approval for three more years.

Councilman Nodler asked if there had been any complaints on this operation. Mr. Wingerson said no.

There were no others desiring to speak for or against this application and Mayor Bishop closed the Public Hearing.

Item 9a. on the Agenda. FIRST READING BILL 00-41, granting a Three Year Special Use Permit subject to certain conditions to Grace Bale for operation of a Hair Salon on residential property at 2223 NE 73rd Street. (File #1136)

Councilman Newsom moved to place Bill 00-41 on First Reading; Councilman Cross seconded.


Councilman Newsom said as we heard in the public hearing, there have been no complaints about this operation so it is apparent that Ms. Bale has been a good neighbor. Mayor Bishop agreed and said he will support renewal of this special use permit.

The vote: All “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (5-0) The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Newsom moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 00-41, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading; Councilman Cross seconded. The vote: All “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (5-0) The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Newsom moved to accept the Second Reading of Bill 00-41 and enact the Bill as Ordinance 3.772; Mr. Cross seconded. The vote: All “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (5-0)

* * *

There were no communications from the News Media or further business to come before the October 9, 2000 Gladstone City Council Meeting, and Mayor Dan Bishop adjourned the Regular Meeting.

Motion to Adjourn to Closed Executive Session. Following the Regular Meeting, Councilman Cross moved to adjourn to Closed Executive Session pursuant to Missouri Open Meeting Act Exemption 610.021(3) for Personnel Discussion, 610.021(1) for Privileged Communications, and 610.021 (2) for Real Estate Discussion. Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: All “aye” - Smith, Nodler, Newsom, Cross, Bishop. (5-0)

Respectfully submitted:

Marilyn F. Ahnefeld, City Clerk