MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2000


Mayor Art Hammen called the Regular March 27, 2000 City Council Meeting to order in the City Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m.

Mayor Art Hammen
Mayor Pro Tem Newsom
Councilman Roger Norris
Councilman George Nodler
Councilman Dan Bishop

City Manager Kirk Davis
Assistant City Manager Laura Gay
City Counselor Nancy Thompson
City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld

Item 3. on the Agenda. Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Art Hammen led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in which all joined.

Item 4. on the Agenda. Approval of Minutes.

Councilman Norris moved to approve the Regular Monday, March 13, 2000 City Council Meeting Minutes as submitted. Councilman Nodler seconded. The vote: "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Hammen. Councilman Newsom "abstained" having been absent from the March 13, 2000 meeting. (4-0-1)

Item 4a. on the Agenda. PROCLAMATION designating April 2nd-8th, 2000 as International Building Safety Week in the City of Gladstone, Missouri was read by Mayor Art Hammen and accepted by Codes Supervisor Alan Napoli.

Item 4b. on the Agenda. Mayor Hammen also read a PROCLAMATION: designating April 3rd-9th, 2000 as Public Health Week in the City of Gladstone as sponsored by Clay County Health Center. Health Board representative, Freddie Nichols accepted the proclamation from Mayor Hammen.

Item 4c. on the Agenda. Mayor Art Hammen read a PROCLAMATION designating March 22nd, 2000 as Jeannie Carlile Recognition Day in the City of Gladstone in tribute to her twenty-six year association with Oakhill Day School. Ms. Carlisle was met with great applause as she accepted the proclamation from Mayor Hammen.

Item 4d. on the Agenda. Mayor Hammen read a PROCLAMATION designating the month of April, 2000 as "Child Abuse Prevention Month" in the City of Gladstone. Gladstone's proclamation will be presented with those of other municipalities in the northland at a ceremony on Friday, March 30th.

Item 5. on the Agenda. CONSENT AGENDA.

Following the Clerk's reading, Councilman George Nodler moved to approve the Consent Agenda as listed. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)


Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt RESOLUTION R-00-21, authorizing the City Manager to accept a Bill of Sale from Auto Zone, Inc. and Fleshman Excavating, Inc., conveying to the City a water line and hydrant built in conjunction with construction of Auto Zone at 6906 N. Oak. All improvements have been constructed at the developer's expense. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt RESOLUTION R-00-22, authorizing the City Manager to accept temporary and permanent easements from property owners in conjunction with the 58th and Broadway Drainage Improvements, Project #9809. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt RESOLUTION R-00-23, accepting a temporary construction easement from a property owner in conjunction with the 2000 Street Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program, Projects 0101, 0003, 0007, 0011. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt RESOLUTION R-00-24, authorizing acceptance of work under contract with the Larkin Group for the Water Plant/Water Quality Issues Study and authorizing final payment for Project 9913. Total contract amount: $40,500.00. Final Payment due from the Combined Water and Sanitary Sewer Fund: $4,050.00. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt RESOLUTION R-00-25, authorizing the execution of an easement dedication in conjunction with underground electrical service for the Belleview Office Building located at 4770 N. Belleview. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved to adopt APPROVAL OF CLASS "A" & "B" LIQUOR BY THE DRINK LICENSE for The Restaurant Company, d/b/a Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, 6292 N. Oak for the sale of beer and wine. Managing Officer: Chris Bosch. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Councilman George Nodler moved for APPROVAL OF FINANCIAL REPORTS for the month of FEBRUARY, 2000. Councilman Anita Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)


Item 6. on the Agenda. Communications from the Audience.

Jim Haug, said he represents the developers of Stonebrooke and Stonebrooke Estates. Although they have asked for a continuance on the Bill approving their Special Use Permit for a swimming pool, there are a number of residents from both of those subdivisions present. They have taken the time to come to this meeting because they have heard there is a possibility they may not be able to get their pool because of the traffic problems created by 72nd Street. He would like to give them an opportunity to comment about their ability to supervise their children in crossing the street. He said according to Director Scott Wingerson, the traffic study will evidence that they cannot put a cross walk there. Mr. Haug said he did want residents to have the opportunity to express their views and explore the possibility of moving the cross walk to a different area possibly at Antioch & 72nd Street where there is a STOP sign, so that this pool could be allowed to proceed.

Dolores Limpic, 6500 Wabash, said she came here today to thank Director of Community Development Scott Wingerson for his fairness in giving them the opportunity to obtain information concerning the Green Lantern development with special thanks to Mary Walden. She thanks the City on behalf of the Northhaven and Meadowbrook Estates subdivisions. She said she has never worked with the City before in this context and was a little apprehensive, but her experience has strengthened her faith in Gladstone local government. They were able to obtain the information they desired and keep current and were met with smiles. She again thanks Scott and Mary.

Ms. Limpic said over the years in Gladstone city government we see City Manager's and other top Department Directors come and go, but it is nice to see a constant, like employees Mary Walden and Marilyn Ahnefeld who help to keep our City government running efficiently. Ms. Limpic said she again thanks the City and compliments our City Staff. She told the residents present for the swimming pool application that if it is any encouragement, the people in our government are fair.

John Hoke, 7241 N Norton, said he voices his opinion that he is in favor of a swimming pool for his area and does not see a problem with the crosswalk. He sees 72nd & Antioch as the logical location because it would not be that far out of the way.

Dorinda Hoke, 7241 N Norton, Stonebrooke, said she also reiterates that they do not see a crosswalk as a problem for the children going to the pool. More than likely, any time a child is going to the pool they will be accompanied by an adult unless they are over 16 years of age, and at that age they are responsible enough to watch for traffic in crossing the street. The pool will be a nice addition to their subdivision, and allow them to get to know their neighbors and become a stronger community.

Vito Enna, 7225 N Myrtle, Stonebrooke, said he is in favor of a swimming pool. He has a one-year-old daughter and plans to have another and likes living in the Gladstone community. He is not too bothered by the crosswalk because he thinks the kids will be governed by their parents to get them back and forth, and once the work is completed, 72nd & Antioch Road will be a safe place to cross.

Jack Marcum, President of Northland National Bank, 99 NE 72nd Street, reminded everyone that we will have a bond issue to be voted on Tuesday, April 4th and as a banker he wants the opportunity to buy some of those bonds. He said the City Manager may be dealing with a bond underwriting agency, and what seems to happen is that all of the bonds are bought up before any individual citizen or business has a right to buy them. He would request the opportunity to support the City of Gladstone with that bond issue.

Mr. Marcum also commented on the GEBC presentation and that there were certain requirements of economic development that were transferred from the City to GEBC. As a former President of the Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce, his concern is that the City may exert too great an influence on the Chamber of Commerce. We need to maintain two separate and strong organizations, and sometimes there may be disagreements; but he would like to preserve that ability to disagree if it becomes necessary. From that standpoint, he would like to encourage the continuation of the contract as is, and have GEBC contract with the City, but not have the City exert direct control or influence over any officer of the Chamber.

Dan Haug, 7301 N Myrtle, Stonebrooke, said maintenance of the pool was a matter of discussion at the prior Council Meeting. He would point out that the majority of the homes going in are upper scale homes particularly on the Estates side, and he does not think that the limited amount of revenue needed to keep the pool up and running would be a problem for homeowners in that type of a neighborhood.

Barry Sunshine, 7250 N Mersington, said he grew up in a neighborhood with a swimming pool and found it to be a great asset to the residents growing up and believes their children should also have that privilege. He believes that a crosswalk is not a good enough reason not to have a pool in a neighborhood and he hopes the City Council will agree with him.

Greg Dyer, 7240 N Norton, Stonebrooke, said he and his wife used to live in Brooktree and 300-400 homes use that big pool and they never had an accident while he lived there for ten years. They have crosswalks going across Brooktree Lane and there is signage, and everyone knows where the pool is and motorists slow down. His twin sons are almost three years of age, and they love to swim, and he is in favor of this swimming pool.

Eric Havens, said he currently has a home under construction at 7300 N Myrtle and now lives in the Kansas City, Missouri city limits. He is very excited about the prospect of starting his life here in Gladstone and is being married in June. He is here to show his support for the pool and feels it will be an asset to the community. The prospect of a pool was one of the primary motivations for him in living in Stonebrooke. He asks the Mayor and Council's support for this approval and reiterates the support of the residents here tonight.

Paul Anderson, said he is in the process of building a new home in Stonebrooke Estates. He and his wife are planning to begin a family and one of the considerations in choosing a community was that it had trees and a community pool. They ask the Council to meet their needs as far as the pool. They believe it is important for children to mingle with other children, and asks for passage of the special use permit for the pool.

Jesse Valenciano, 6305 N Olive, addressed the City Council and asked that close attention be given to the GEBC Survey when voting on future developments, because he did not recall reading anything that indicated that people wanted a gas station at 64th & Prospect. There are a lot of good people moving into the community, and we need to continue to listen to them. We need some upscale shops and restaurants, and he hopes the City keeps that in mind.

John J. Guier, 7101 N Brooklyn, said he would also thank Mr. Scott Wingerson and Mrs. Mary Walden in the Community Development Department for providing them requested public information relating to the 64th & N Prospect Green Lantern which they felt gave them a level playing field. He said it was a lot different than ten years ago when they were charged for each copy. He feels things in Gladstone have greatly improved since then.

Mr. Guier also noted that Section 32-57 of the Zoning Ordinance copy he has references parking of trucks, and prohibits parking of trucks larger than ton on any premises zoned R-1 to C-O. He said he believes that has now been amended to 1-ton, and staff concurred. Mr. Guier said he resides in the Meadowlane Townhomes at 71st & N Brooklyn and observes a large yellow truck parked in the lot of the Gladstone Meadows Apartments near 2251 NE 71st Street, and understands it is a former Ryder Rental truck. He said in 1998, Code Enforcement Officer David Reyburn checked the vehicle, and there was indication on the door that it had a capacity of 1-ton; but Mr. Reyburn felt the vehicle was capable of carrying a much heavier load.

Mr. Guier said he sees this as a situation where there is a violation of the intent of the Code, and indicates a need for a Code revision to correct a loophole. In addition to the capacity of the truck, he suggests the need for a limitation on the dimensions such as length, width, and height of the bed or freight compartment. He believes the vehicle is operated by a young man who is in the pick up and delivery business and while he admires his entrepreneurship, he believes there is a loophole that needs to be closed. This is something that should be looked at. He is not targeting this young man and is even suggesting that if something is done about the regulation that the young man's truck is "grand fathered" .

Item 7. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Council.

Councilman Dan Bishop referred to a letter from Betty Knight, Chairman of the Mid America Regional Council Board of Directors asking municipalities to take steps to urge residents to support and respond to the 2000 Census. Suggestions include proclamations, public statements, press releases, information on web sites, and contacts with major employers encouraging them to ask their employees to fill out and return the census. Her letter explains the great financial impact for those census forms that have to be completed by an on-site visit, when citizens do not mail their census form back. Councilman Bishop encourages City Staff to take these steps and passes this letter on.

Councilman Bishop said as was previously mentioned, Tuesday, April 4, 2000 is an election day in Gladstone and a very important bond issue is on the ballot which this Council supports. He urges everyone to support this bond issue because it is important to move ahead, and do these sewer and water repairs instead of waiting when it costs more some time down the road . It is important that we get out and exercise our right to vote Tuesday.

Councilman Roger Norris advised that he would like to make his comments under Other Business later on the Agenda.

Councilman George Nodler also encourages all residents to go to the polls and vote Yes on this important bond issue. He noted that he has completed and returned his Census.

Councilman Anita Newsom noted she too has returned her Census. She also encourages voters to vote Yes on the Water Bond issue at the Tuesday, April 4th Election and pointed out that you can't beat the cost as far as the taxpayers pockets.

Councilman Newsom also commented on the need to provide the technical equipment for the professional companies that come here to make presentations at meetings. We need to provide power point hook-ups with the proper screens so that Council members, Board members, and the audience can all see and hear the presentations. We are doing a disservice to our citizens if we do not provide this for them. In addition, it would greatly increase the understanding and perception of what we are doing here, and that it is an open form of government and not a closed government.

There are a number of us who ten years ago carried around recall petitions because we did not like the way government was going, and hopefully we have made it a positive change. We really need to deal with today's technology. We have a lot of it in-house, but need to set up our Council Chambers to better address this for people to come to the meetings. For her, it is a real bone of contention; if we've got it, let's use it.

Ms. Newsom's final comment was that driving around town this weekend she observed how beautiful the Bradford pear trees were. It makes you feel good about springtime in Gladstone.

Mayor Art Hammen stated that the Census in his home had been filled out and sent in by his wife.

The Mayor also noted the importance of the bond issue. There are many, many community leaders behind it including former Councilman Mike Reinsch who is vice-chair of the Committee. If you are willing to display a sign in your yard in favor of the bond issue, please see Mike this evening and he will see to it that it is put up and promptly taken down after the election.

The Mayor said his final comment is that it is wonderful to hear folks come to the podium and praise City staff. Those of us on the City Council know what a great staff we have, a terrific management team, down to the guy that cuts the grass in the parks and shovels the snow in the wintertime. Certainly the names mentioned tonight are chief among them, but it is great to hear that our citizens appreciate what a great staff the City has.

Item 8. on the Agenda. Communications from the City Manager.

City Manager Kirk Davis had no communications at this time.

Item 9. on the Agenda. RESOLUTION R-00-26, adopting a revised "Sick Leave Policy" and amending Section 1200.2 of the "City of Gladstone Personnel Manual" to incorporate such policy.

Councilman Norris moved to adopt Resolution R-00-26; Mayor Pro Tem Newsom seconded.


Councilman Norris noted this was a study session discussion item at the last meeting and it will basically bring into alignment the sick leave policy for firefighters who are on 24-48 hr. shifts and it has mechanisms built in to address situations when employees revert back to an 8 hr. shift. He thinks this is a fair, and equitable policy.

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom said she agrees with Councilman Norris' comments.

Councilman Bishop said he too agrees. This has been a top priority issue for our local IAFF in Gladstone. The policy came out of the meet and confer process and he believes there is satisfaction with it on both sides. He thinks it is the right thing to do, and he supports it.

The vote: All "aye"- Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Item 10. on the Agenda. RESOLUTION R-00-27, authorizing the offering for sale of an issue of approximately $8,000,000.00 Certificates of Participation, Series 2000, payments to be made by the City of Gladstone, Missouri, pursuant to an annually renewable lease purchase agreement.

Councilman Norris moved to approve Resolution R-00-27; Councilman Bishop seconded.


Councilman Norris said this is something that has been talked about by every community leader in Gladstone for some time. This is a very important issue for the City of Gladstone and is a very important next step in the maintenance of our water facilities. He told Jack Marcum, Northland Bank, who addressed the City Council earlier that Mr. Greg Bricker, who is present tonight, will be happy to speak with him about the bonds.

Mr. Norris said he encourages the City Council to adopt this resolution tonight and also encourages all citizens to vote YES on Tuesday, April 4, 2000.

The vote: All "aye" - Councilman Bishop, Councilman Nodler, Councilman Norris, Mayor Pro Tem Newsom, Mayor Hammen. (5-0)

Item 11. on the Agenda. SECOND READING: BILL 99-11, revoking a Special Use Permit issued to Robert Bledsoe and Dennis Foutch for operation of Cripple Creek Rock Co., Inc. on property located at 5616-18 N Antioch Road. (File #1082) Tabled from 3/13/00 City Council Meeting.

Councilman Norris moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 99-11 and place the bill on Second and Final Reading; Mayor Pro Tem Newsom seconded the motion.


Councilman Norris noted that Council received communication from Community Development Director Scott Wingerson dated March 22, 2000 which indicates that Mr. Bledsoe has filed an application for amendment to the Special Use Permit and recommends that the existing Special Use Permit not be revoked.

Mr. Norris said we have dealt with Mr. Bledsoe now for about two years on this issue and he does believe that Mr. Bledsoe understands the views and role of the City Council and he also understands his role as a businessman in the City. Mr. Norris said he believes Mr. Bledsoe and Director Wingerson have come to a consensus and he would encourage his fellow Council to keep this special use permit in tact.

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom said she believes Mr. Bledsoe has become acutely aware of the high standard to which we like to hold people who wish to bring a business to Gladstone and maintain a business in Gladstone. The lack of compliance with the special use permit has been an ongoing headache for all of us and she is sure it has been for Mr. Bledsoe. She believes leaving this special use permit in tact until another site plan is approved is a prudent thing to do. Mr. Bledsoe has put a lot of time and effort into his business but she wants to see the new site plan come forward and complied with. She told Mr. Bledsoe she will be sitting here another two years and she does not want to see him here every Monday night.

Councilman Bishop said he is glad that it looks like this item will leave the agenda tonight. It has been before us numerous times since he came on the City Council and he was listening to it before he came on the City Council. We have made some progress through communications and insisting on accountability, and making sure that the special use permit is complied with.

Mr. Bishop said he wishes that we could show the same dedication and accountability in making sure that the GEBC contract is complied with, but he will support this item and happily so.

Councilman Norris clarified with City Counselor Nancy Thompson that a "no" vote will keep this special use permit in tact.

Mayor Hammen said it is important to note that because of the application for an amendment to the special use permit, there will be a new public hearing process which Mr. Bledsoe will follow.

Mr. Robert Bledsoe, Cripple Creek Rock Company, 5616-18 N Antioch Road thanked the City Council and told them he was ready to finish this project and said he was glad to be a part of improvements to that whole corridor on Antioch Road from Andrew Concepts just short of the Antioch Travel sign.

The vote: All "nay" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (0-5) The Mayor clarified that this Special Use Permit will not be revoked, based on the unanimous vote.

Item 12. on the Agenda. SECOND READING BILL 00-06, granting a Special Use Permit subject to certain conditions to Stonebrook, L.L.C. to operate a Subdivision Swimming Pool at 4109 NE 72nd Street. Applicant/owner: Stonebrook LLC. (File #1110)

Mayor Art Hammen announced that the applicant has requested a continuance to the April 24, 2000 City Council Meeting.

Councilman Norris moved to continue the Second Reading of Bill 00-06 to the April 24, 2000 City council Meeting. . Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: All "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0)

Item 13. on the Agenda. PUBLIC HEARING: on a request for a Site Plan Revision for property located at 7107 N. Oak. Applicant/owner: Commercial Net Lease Realty for Eckerd Drug. (#1113)

Mayor Hammen explained the hearing and invited the applicant and those in favor of the application to speak followed by those opposed and comments from City Staff.

Applicant representative Alan Michaels, LHE, Lenexa, Kansas, explained that the site layout is essentially the same, however, they are wanting to use the bypass lane as a third drive-thru and allow bypass traffic to exit onto North Locust. The other addition is adding another dumpster to prevent trash overflow and any unsightliness that would accompany that. He invited questions.

There were no others to speak in favor or opposition to this request.

Director of Community Development Scott Wingerson advised that the Planning Commission voted 10-1-1 in favor of this rezoning request and also invited any questions Council may have.

Councilman Norris asked about the one "no" vote on the Planning Commission, Mr. Wingerson advised that the Commissioner desired to maintain the bypass lane as an emergency escape because if someone was in line to have a prescription filled there would be no way to leave in an emergency. The applicant responded that there are two driveways on Locust that would serve that purpose although there is the possibility of one or two vehicles being in- between other vehicles and needing to leave.

There were no further comments and Mayor Hammen closed the Public Hearing.

Item 13a. on the Agenda. FIRST READING BILL 00-07, granting a Site Plan Revision subject to certain conditions to property located at 7107 N. Oak. Applicant/owner: Commercial Net Lease Realty for Eckerd Drug. (#1113)

Councilman Norris moved to place Bill 00-07 on First Reading; Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom. Mayor Hammen "abstained". (4-0-1). The Clerk read the Bill..

Councilman Norris moved to accept the First Reading, Waive the Rule, and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading; Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom, Hammen. (5-0) The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Norris moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 00-07 and enact the Bill as Ordinance No. 3.744; Councilman Newsom seconded. The vote: "aye" - Bishop, Nodler, Norris, Newsom. Mayor Hammen "abstained". (4-0-1).

Item 14. on the Agenda. PUBLIC HEARING: on a request for a Site Plan Revision for property located at 4949 Old Pike Road. Applicant: The Home Depot. Owner: Credit Suisse Leasing. (#1114)

Mayor Art Hammen opened the public hearing and advised that the hearing is continued to the April 24, 2000 City Council Meeting at the applicant's request.

Item 15. on the Agenda. PUBLIC HEARING: on a request for a Special Use Permit, Site Plan Revision, and Rezoning for property located at the NW corner of NE 64th Street and N. Prospect. (#1112)

Mayor Art Hammen announced that the applicant has withdrawn this request therefore no public hearing will be held and related Agenda items 15a, 15b, and 15c. will not be introduced.

Item 16. on the Agenda. Other Business.

Councilman Roger Norris said he would like to step down from the Council table and make a few comments from the audience microphone.

He introduced himself and said he is Councilman Norris and has twice been Mayor of this city, and the reason he stepped down from the Council table to make his remarks from the audience is because ten years ago he started from here; and he wanted to look at Councilman Anita Newsom when he made some comments. He does not want anyone to think this is a grandstand or anything else. This is just a guy who came here ten years ago, who finds it harder to speak down here in the well than up there. So he felt down here is where he needed to be because up there he lectures folks, and he did not want to do that.

Councilman Norris said he was digging through some papers a month ago or so and he found some old papers and lists and remembered some old stories about the good ole days when Gladstone was literally killing each other. The Council hated the Chamber and the Chamber hated the Council and everybody was factionalized. He said he is here to report that after ten years, the factions in this town are dead. They are dead, and should continue to be dead. He found the first public speech he made and he can still see Kirk Davis sitting in front of him. It was down at the Oak Hill Day School Auditorium and he sat on the front row and he was terrified. Les Smith was the President of the Chamber of Commerce at that time and introduced him as his friend, which was the first time he ever heard Mr. Smith call him, friend. So he remembers that day vividly in his mind.

Mr. Norris read his speech from that day and said it is interesting how it ended up ten years later:

"Mr. President, members. Thank you for the opportunity of speaking here today. I am not here to prove I'm a politician, I'm a salesman. Gladstone needs many things: sewer systems, water systems, street repairs, and these things all cost money -- a lot of money; and I think we were shown February 6th that the citizens here are not likely to vote for a tax increase of any kind right now. So we must begin to move forward marketing ourselves to the metropolitan area in a more positive direction than we have in the recent past. I hope to work closely with the new Economic Development Director and members of the Chamber of Commerce to develop marketing strategies designed to improve our business image, and strengthen our commercial base.

You know, perception is the key. People don't perceive Gladstone in a very positive light right now, and their perceptions are not likely to change until we tell them it has changed, and show them that it has changed, and those changes are in the works. One major step I believe we must take is to formally adopt by ordinance a Comprehensive Master Plan. The Council could then set policy that falls within this guideline of such a plan. City staff, homeowners, and would be developers all would know what is acceptable and what is not. This would eliminate many of the controversial zoning problems that have been so destructive to our community and to our image, and have added fuel to the fire of hatred and mistrust that we will have to overcome. In a city of only 9 square miles, we are all neighbors and should have one common goal, to make this the safest and best city in the northland".

Councilman Norris said that speech was given to the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce. A year later, he and Mike Reinsch went on to talk about Code Enforcement Officers, which is its own department now; street repaving that needed to go down from a 35 year cycle, and we now have gotten it down to a 14 year cycle. A business image that is totally different than the destructive one he found when he went to Jefferson City as that Newly Elected City Councilman and a guy came up to him and said you're from Gladstone, I heard that was like little Chicago, tell me what it's like. It was bad in those days. 200 people would come to City Hall because of a rezoning because they didn't trust the people who were sitting up there. He hopes and prays that when he leaves he will trust the Council as much as we have heard from folks tonight.

Councilman Norris said there are a few people he needs to thank for the ten years he has spent here. His best friend, George Nodler, who taught him how to be human in a world that he just did not understand. His running mate the first time around, Mike Reinsch. Without Mike he would not have been a Councilman because he is the hardest working, most organized person he has ever know in his entire life, with the biggest stubborn streak you can imagine. But the man believes one thing and that is that Gladstone is the place to live, and he would not do anything to disturb that.

He thanks Carol Rudi and her mother, Bonnie Belknap who came up to him at a special Planning Commission Meeting held at Antioch School dealing with the 68th Street rezoning and told him they wanted him to be a City Councilman. Until you run, you won't know how that feels. After winning, it has been all up hill. He can report to the Council and this staff that every promise he made as a Councilman in any of the three elections he went through, have a date behind them as "completed"

Art Hammen has been his running mate the last two terms and he has been an outstanding Councilman, outstanding Mayor, and his friend; and he thanks him very much. He told Councilman Anita Newsom that she is a Princess and he will be there for anything she ever needs in her future, and that goes double for her mom.

Councilman Norris told Councilman Bishop that they had not agreed on much the first six months, but he has found it pleasing that the last couple of months they have agreed on most things. He thinks that came not only from the realization that he would not be here much longer, but also just over time.

Councilman Norris thanked City Manager Kirk Davis for letting him make a promise come true in bringing him home to Gladstone. He does not think Kirk understands the feeling it gave him to call Phyllis Davis on the phone following a meeting and ask her to have Kirk call him the second he got home. That is probably the second biggest night in his life.

He also said he wished City Manager Jim Norris was here to hear him thank him. Because without Jim Norris, he would not have understood the financial aspects of the City, and he and Mike Reinsch would not have been able to get the first three years of their agenda in hand.

He thanks Bill Adamo who has been his friend and confidant, and told the City Staff Members that they know he thinks they are awesome.

Councilman Norris said citizens are the government and people make it happen. When he got here ten years ago, the government was a building. Government is not a building, and that is one thing they have changed. He also thanked Marilyn Ahnefeld, and so many others too numerous to mention who have been so helpful.

Finally, Councilman Roger Norris said he thanks all for giving him the opportunity to be a Councilman in this fine community, and for being his friend. Councilman Norris received a standing ovation.

Mayor Hammen asked if there was other business to come before the City Council.

Motion. Councilman Bishop said he would preface his motion by saying that he makes this motion under no illusion that it will be passed, but that he wanted to show his deep conviction to ensuring accountability. He also makes this motion stating that his mind can be changed. Depending on what happens in the next nine months, he may not feel the way he feels tonight. But given the way he does feel tonight, he moves that the City terminate the Agreement between the City and the Gladstone Economic Betterment Council as amended on July 12, 1999, pursuant to Paragraph 8. of said Agreement.

Mayor Hammen stated that we have a motion before us and asked if there is a second. Hearing none, the Mayor announced that the motion dies for lack of a second.

* * *

There were no communications from News Media or further business to come before the March 27, 2000 Gladstone City Council Meeting, and Mayor Art Hammen adjourned the Regular Meeting.

Respectfully submitted:


Marilyn F. Ahnefeld, City Clerk