TUESDAY, MAY 29,  2001



Mayor Anita Newsom called the Regular May 29, 2001 City Council Meeting to order in the City Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m.


PRESENT:     Mayor Anita Newsom

Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross

Councilman Dan Bishop  

Councilman  Shirley Smith

Councilman Les Smith


City Manager Kirk Davis

Assistant City Manager Laura Gay

                  City Counselor David Ramsay

City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld



Item 3. on the Agenda.            PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE


Mayor Anita Newsom led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in which all joined.


Item 4. on the Agenda.            APPROVAL OF MINUTES


Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross moved to approve the Regular May 14, 2001 City Council Meeting Minutes as submitted.  Councilman Les Smith seconded the motion.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 5. on the Agenda            CONSENT AGENDA


Following the Clerks reading, Councilman Les Smith moved to approve the Consent Agenda as read;  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)




Councilman Les Smith moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-01-40,  authorizing execution of a contract with  Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to provide public transportation serving Gladstone residents for the period July 1, 2001 through June 30, 2002 for a total Gladstone Local Share not to exceed $18,080.00 from the Transportation Sales Tax Fund.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Councilman Les Smith moved to approve PACKAGE LIQUOR LICENSE for Eckerd Drugs #8176 at 7107 North Oak Trafficway for the sale of packaged beer and wine.  Managing Officer:  Michael Misener.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Councilman Les Smith moved to approve the APRIL 2001 FINANCIAL REPORTS.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)




Item 6. on the Agenda.            COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE.


Leroy Gunselman, 6504 N. Walrond advised that the water box in his yard  has been run over by utility contractors and he has been promised that it would be repaired but that has not happened.   They are on the final phase now of laying sod and you cannot find the water meter because it is covered up and the City has trouble reading the meter.  He wants to see the meter repaired before it is totally broken and service to his home is interrupted.  He spoke to Mr. Tim Herrman and Mr. Scott Wingerson about this.


Mayor Newsom advised Mr. Gunselman that  someone would get back with him shortly on this and told him she  is sorry that he has this problem.


Item 7. on the Agenda.            COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL.


Councilman Les Smith had no communications at this time.


Councilman Shirley Smith noted that since she has been on the City Council we have  addressed several large and lengthy projects and we are about to get another one resolved and that is the 72nd Street project.  Once completed, she would like to see us keep it closed one extra day for music and dancing because she knows the citizens will be overjoyed when it is completed.  She knows that City Staff will be also and she is glad to see it nearing completion. 


Councilman  Dan Bishop reported that on May 17th  he had the opportunity  to attend a meeting  held by the Kansas City, Missouri Water Department, and Councilman Shirley Smith was also present.  The purpose of the meeting was to announce a Stormwater Master Plan for Kansas City  being  done by  Black & Veatch.  Mr. Bishop said the presentations were reminiscent of the presentations he heard when Black & Veatch was doing Gladstone’s Stormwater Master Plan a couple of years ago.  They noted there were 30-40 stormwater basins in Kansas City and for repairs involving just one basin south of the river the cost estimate was approximately $75     million.  He thinks about our price tag of $17 million for the entire city and it tells him that the geography of our city is probably not so different from anywhere in Kansas  City, and it tells him that we have not done that shabby a job addressing stormwater problems and that we are really in pretty good shape.  Mr. Bishop said the other thing that struck him was that a major emphasis of our stormwater master planning process was the public hearings held at Antioch Bible Baptist Church.  Those hearings were so important for a number of reasons.  They let people come and voice their stormwater problems and it allowed them to hear their neighbor’s problems which perhaps were worse than their own.  It put some things in perspective and was also an opportunity for them to see the scope of the project and what it would take to fix it.   


Mr. Bishop said the meeting was geared towards elected officials from municipalities in the metropolitan area north of the area  and other opinion leaders and he commented at the meeting that he thought Kansas City needed to focus more on that public hearing process because it was such an important component.  Gladstone can be very proud of  the process we used during the Stormwater Master Plan process.  It gave us a good project and as a City we can be proud of the progress we are making on meeting those top ranked stormwater project priorities.  Mr. Bishop said that Kansas City has a tough road ahead and he wishes them the very best.


Councilman Bishop said he would also comment on the record tonight on the KFC/A&W  Restaurant project on Antioch Road  that is nearing completion.  He voted for the project and the plans submitted which he has to believe look very much like the building now under construction.  Plans came to Council with a staff recommendation for approval and he recalls that Councilman Newsom was the only member of the Council at the time who asked a question about the color scheme and the design.  He does not recall who responded whether it was the  developer or staff but we were assured it was fine. Councilman Bishop said  he does not think it is fine.  He thinks it is an eyesore over there, and he has had a good many citizens on the   Antioch Road part of town complain to him about it and ask if anything can be done.  He has responded that  he does think it is too late because we have approved it and as far as he knows it is being built as submitted.  In the future, he would appreciate staff working a little more with developers on color schemes and blending of patterns and designs because he did not realize exactly what it was going to look like and he is sorry.


Councilman Bishop said we have talked a lot about the Council objective of providing transportation for our older citizens in Gladstone, and Parks & Recreation Director Steve Buschor has been taking part in the Older Adults Partnership.  The next meeting is Thursday, June 7th  at 11:30 AM in the Northland Human Services Center and they will be finalizing the  survey contents at that meeting.  He suggests that someone from Gladstone attend with some specific questions that we want included in the survey from our population before we move forward in providing that transportation to our older citizens. 


Councilman Bishop also asked the status of the codification of the City’s Code of Ordinances.  City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld advised that this project is underway by the Code Company, but it will still be additional months before completion of proofs for the City’s review.


Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross had no communications at this time.


Mayor Anita Newsom  said the election of Les Smith to the City Council has left a vacancy as far as Planning Commission liaisons to the Capital Improvements Committee.  The Mayor said she is pleased to appoint Planning Commissioner Brian Hill as one of the three Planning Commission Liaisons who are appointed annually to the Capital Improvements Committee.


The Mayor also complimented Parks & Recreation Director Steve Buschor and his staff on getting the flag banners erected on major streets prior to Memorial Day and acknowledged that with the opening of the swimming pool it was an additional task and is appreciated. 


Mayor Newsom said she was pleased to read that Finance Director Cash Sweiven was elected First Vice President of  the Governmental Finance Officers of Missouri.  She also noted that Fire Division Chief Doug Scheffner was featured in an article in the Education section of The Kansas City Star.  This certainly speaks well of our professional staff when they are recognized and called upon to contribute their talents.


Item 8. on the Agenda.            COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY MANAGER.


City Manager Kirk Davis stated that he has one announcement for tonight to remind everyone about the Household Hazardous Waste Event on June 9th at Antioch Middle School which is scheduled from  9AM - 1:00PM.  This event provides an opportunity to get rid of paint and other household hazardous waste.  240 vehicles can be accommodated and proof of Gladstone residency is required.


Item 9. on the Agenda.                  CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING:  on a request to rezone from CPO and CP-2, to CP-3 property at 6902 North Oak.  Applicant:  Dominic Cuccia  (File #1152)

(Continued from the April 23, 2001 City Council Meeting and recontinued from the May 14, 2001 City Council meeting)


Mayor Newsom stated that  the applicant has requested  in a letter placed at Council’s table, that this public hearing be re-continued to June 25, 2001.   Mayor Newsom opened the Public Hearing and announced it is recontinued to the June 25, 2001 City Council Meeting. 


Due to the continuance of the Public Hearing,  Agenda Items 9a. and 9b. were not introduced.


Item 10. on the Agenda.            CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING:  on a request to rezone property at 5800 N. Oak Trafficway from C-2 to CP-3 Auto Trend, Inc. (File #1148) (Originally continued from 3/12/01 to 4/9/01 to 4/23/01 to 5/29/01.)


Mayor Newsom stated that at the request of the applicant, this public hearing would be opened and immediately recontinued to the June 11, 2001 City Council Meeting.


Item 11. on the Agenda.            PUBLIC HEARING:  on a request to renew a Special Use Permit for operation of a child care center from residential property at 2005 NE 62nd Street.  Applicant/Owner:  Judy Cervantes.  (File #1155)


Mayor Newsom opened the Public Hearing and explained the hearing process.


Applicant Judy Cervantes, 2005 NE 62nd Street, advised she  has operated her day care business from her residence for the last six years and been licensed for five years.  She requests renewal of her special use permit for a 10 year period of time and noted that the only change from the prior permit was in the times of the operation.  She now requests 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM and explained that generally the children are picked up by 5:00 PM but she is allowing ample leeway to accommodate inclement weather or other situations. 


The Mayor called for persons who desired to speak in favor or in opposition to this application.    No one came forward.


Staff presentation.


Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson advised that the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the Special Use Permit.  Mayor Newsom said it was her understanding there have been no complaints from neighbors or others about this operation.  Mr. Wingerson said that is correct, there have been no complaints. 


There were no further comments and Mayor Newsom closed the Public Hearing. 


Item 11a. on the Agenda.            FIRST READING BILL 01-26, authorizing renewal of a Special Use Permit to Judy Cervantes for operation of a child care center on residential property at 2005 NE 62nd Street subject to certain conditions.  (File #1155)


Councilman Les Smith moved to place Bill 01-26 on First Reading;  Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.  


Councilman Les Smith moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 01-26, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading;  Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.  


Councilman Les Smith moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 01-26, and enact the Bill as Ordinance No. 3.796;   Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Mayor Newsom congratulated Ms. Cervantes on her special use permit renewal and wished her a successful ten year operation.  


Item 12. on the Agenda.            PUBLIC HEARING:  on a request to operate an outdoor photography business from residential property at 6501 N. Park.  Applicant/Owner:  Deborah Rommel.  (File #1156)


Mayor Newsom opened the Public Hearing and explained the hearing process.


Applicant Deborah Rommel, 6501 North Park said she is applying for a special use permit to do outdoor photography in her backyard.  Ms. Rommel said she photographs just one family at a time and often it might be a senior high school student, kids, or families and most of the time there will be only one car at any time.  She does not do more than four sittings in one day and it averages out to about three sittings a week.  Sometimes she is busy and sometimes not, depending on the weather.  Her entire backyard is landscaped and if you walk it you just think it is a beautifully landscaped back yard, you can’t tell she does photography there.  Responding to a question from Mayor Newsom, Ms. Rommel assured the City Council she does not do “natural” photography which was the question  asked at the Planning Commission. 


The Mayor noted that the weekend hours in the ordinance were modified to allow 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM to accommodate three sittings if  Ms. Rommel had a client running behind.    




Robert Settich, 6500 N Park, said he lives directly across the street from the  Rommell property and the applicant’s property is very nicely maintained.  In fact, the reasonableness of the proposed business is very good and the success of it also depends upon the person maintaining their property in good order, so that bodes well for the future.  The restrictions contained in the proposed ordinance are reasonable and protective of the interests of the neighbors and that is why he speaks in support of this special use permit application. 


No one spoke in opposition and there were no further comments, whereupon Mayor Newsom closed the Public Hearing. 


Item 12a. on the Agenda.            FIRST READING BILL 01-27,  authorizing a Special Use Permit to operate an outdoor photography business from residential property at 6501 N. Park for a five year period.  Applicant/Owner:  Deborah Rommel.  (File #1156)


Councilman Dan Bishop moved to place Bill 01-27 on First Reading; Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.  


Councilman Dan Bishop moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 01-27, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading; Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote: All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.  


Councilman Dan Bishop moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 01-27, and enact the Bill as Ordinance No. 3.797; Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 13. on the Agenda.            APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for the new construction and remodel of The Classical Ballet School (Ballet North) 6308 N. Prospect.  Applicant:  Syler Contractors, Inc.  Owner:  Mathew and Laura Rhineschmidt.  (BP# 01-0268)


Councilman Les Smith moved to approve the Building Permit for The Classical Ballet School at   6308 North Prospect.  Councilman Bill Cross seconded.




Mayor Newsom commented that this permit is a good follow through on what appears to be a great project.  Councilman Cross also commented that he feels confident about this plan given the presentations that were made at the recent Council Meeting on this project.  Councilman Les Smith said he noticed over the weekend that a number of students were waiting to be picked up which over a year a go was a problem but cutting the gravel road way out to 64th Street has eliminated a traffic problem on Antioch Road.


The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 13a. on the Agenda.            RESOLUTION R-01-41,  authorizing execution of a Land Development Agreement with The North Prospect Development Company, LLC, relating to the development of Classical Ballet School (Ballet North), 6308 N. Prospect.


Councilman Dan Bishop moved to adopt Resolution R-01-41;  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded. 




Mr. Wingerson advised that the Developer’s Agreement provides a series of triggers for providing additional parking should that be necessary as determined by the Planning Commission and the City Council.  Secondly, based on specific use of a ballet company and restricted access to the upper floor, it defers the requirement for an elevator or chair lift.  Because of the use of this facility that is an appropriate exception from the Building Code and it is reflected here in the developer’s agreement to allow that exception, but not to apply upon a change of use.  


 The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 14. on the Agenda.            APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for the remodel of Westlake Ace Hardware, 5945 N. Antioch Road.  Applicant:  Feingold Associates.  Owner:  Curry Investment Company.  (BP# 01-0314)


Mayor Anita Newsom said she understands this is an interior and exterior remodeling for the old Bob's IGA building and they will be vacating their current location in Prospect Plaza.  The Mayor said economic development wise it certainly looks like a good deal. 


Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson said Westlake is not proposing to take the entire Bob’s IGA space but will leave the 5,000 sq. ft. space between them and Tropical Restaurant, so it does provide opportunity for another business.


Mr. Wingerson said through contacts with the property managers for Prospect Plaza he has been advised that there is a waiting list of businesses interested in the vacated Westlake space. 


Mr. Walker, Feingold Architects said the north part of the shopping center will take on a little bit different appearance to reflect Westlake’s corporate identity.  The Bob’s store is actually set back a little bit further from the rest of the shopping center so this will provide an indented feel and separation from the other businesses in the shopping center but at the same time remain  consistent with the overall style of the center.  


Mayor Newsom referred to Sheet #1 of the plans which shows a large shaded area for permanent  outside sales and asked if it will go under the outdoor sales permits or is this something different.  


Mr. Wingerson advised it will still fall under a special event permit which will be required from Westlake on an annual basis to help us identify their sales.  This will provide a blueprint for approving that special event permit on an annual basis and this actually becomes a part of the permit issuance process and we will have the ability to go to a future manager of Westlake and  suggest that this is what was approved by the City Council and indicates that these are the limits of the outdoor storage for this facility. 


Mayor Newsom asked if it would not to exceed this.  Mr. Wingerson said that was correct.  


Councilman Cross commented that the color combinations look much better than those of the business to the south referred to earlier and he and Councilman Bishop can live with it much better.  Mr. Cross asked if this move will have an affect on the Vivion  Road & Brighton store in Kansas City.  Mr. Doug Burton, Westlake ACE Hardware Executive Vice President replied there are no plans to vacate the Vivion Road Store.  He noted the square footage for this new location on Antioch Road 30,800 versus 20,000 in Prospect Plaza. 


Mayor Newsom said it appears to give the old Bob’s IGA building a nice new face and gives Westlake a much larger face and presentation.  This will be a great addition here because it is currently tucked in the corner at the Prospect Plaza location.   


Councilman Shirley Smith asked when they will open.  Mr. Burton replied mid to late September if all goes well.  He noted this will be a show store for them because Ace Hardware is having their fall convention in Kansas City so they will make this a show store and will bus people up to view it so they have a project  that everyone is interested in.


The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 15. on the Agenda.            PUBLIC HEARING:  on proposed 2001-2002 Annual Operating Budget for the City of Gladstone, Missouri.


City Manager Kirk Davis stated that he is pleased to present the 2001-2002 Budget for the City of Gladstone.  This will be a tag-team presentation with other members of staff, Assistant City Manager Laura Gay and Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson.  The budget represents the strategic, administrative and financial plan of the City for the next fiscal year.  The Budget, in addition to representing the financial plan for the City, is also an operations guide and a communications tool that reflects service levels planned for the benefit of the citizens of Gladstone. 


The proposed budget is a result of a lengthy and comprehensive process that involves dozens of City employees, each department, all directors, members of the Management Team, and the City Council.  It is based upon several key principles including the maintenance of service levels, meeting our financial obligations, maintaining a competitive employee benefit package, adhering to current financial policies, utilizing the Capital Equipment Replacement Schedule and recognizing the Council’s goals and objectives. 


This Public Hearing tonight follows the preparation of the budget document and two Study Sessions with the City Council.  Subsequent to this evening, staff will prepare an ordinance for adoption for the June 11th Council Agenda.


Mr. Davis stated that he will present the overview of the General Fund and the Enterprise Funds; Assistant City Manager Laura Gay will present the Personnel package, and Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson will present the Capital Improvements Plan.


Last year the budget focused on capital improvements financing and design as well as the maintenance of infrastructure.  It focused on the beginning implementation or utilization of the studies that were completed in the past two years.  This year the budget continues that focus with the water system improvements that are under way, the continued design and construction of sewer system improvements, completion of the design and construction of major storm water management projects, and the commencement of design on the new Public Safety facilities. 


In addition to these projects, the budget reflects the impact of the new financing package for public works improvements, expansion of Happy  Rock Park, expediting improvements to 76th Street, and a new records center for the City.  This financing package will be brought to Council later this fall. 


The budget last year focused on Public Safety staffing, Human Resources staffing, and economic development staffing was adjusted at mid-year.  This represented the hiring of three fire fighter/paramedics, a human resources administrator and economic developer and part-time firefighters.  These are on-going expenses that accrue every subsequent year.  The reason it is mentioned is that you have to maintain and have at least some ideas from budget to budget on what costs we incur that impact future budgets.


The economy is also an important factor when developing a budget.  There are a lot of economic question marks in this economy.  Interest rates have fallen in recent months.  This provides the City an opportunity to refinance existing debt and take advantage of low interest rates from an infrastructure financing perspective.  It also impacts our revenue projections for interest earned, which is down.  Motor vehicle fuel and utility prices impact all of us, including the City.  While interest rates are down, the City is taking a very conservative approach to projecting building and construction related revenues.  In preparing a budget, staff analyzes past trends, economic conditions, and revenue comparisons.  In addition, the long-term fiscal analysis that was presented to Council also impacts decision making.


Mr. Davis continued and stated that this budget also focuses on several communication issues, both internal and external.  The academies, community oriented government, organizational health survey, web site, and all kinds of different opportunities to communicate are now beginning to be utilized to the fullest extent possible, and this budget allows us to do that. 


While we have mixed economic signals, the City is still able to provide a balanced budget that does not compromise services.  In the General Fund, budgeted revenues exceed expenditures in the amount of $13,266.  Budgeted revenues for FY02 total $11,983,000 and expenditures total $11,969,000.  The projected revenue is representative of the economic factors, conditions, and analysis previously mentioned.  Projected revenues are 2.8% below FY2001 expected revenues.  A stable local economy has allowed the City to project a moderate 3.5% increase in sales tax in the amount of $122,500 per year above the mid-year adjustment.  Property taxes are expected to increase $53,000 due to growth in assessed valuations.  Franchise tax revenue is projected to decrease $72,935 in FY02 mainly due to three year revenue averaging of natural gas and electric receipts.  Again, franchise taxes, sales tax, and property taxes are the three major revenue sources for the City, accounting for 63% of all revenue.


In summarizing the other revenues, licenses and permits are projected to decrease $12,600 due mainly to a reduction in building permits and construction related inspections.  The Charges for Services classification is expected to decrease $80,000 due primarily to a projected decrease in large senior trips.  Municipal Court fines are projected to increase $17,300 resulting from more projected court cases.  As previously mentioned, interest earnings are projected to decrease $35,000.


Expenditures in the General Fund are expected to decrease $270,839 or 2.2% below expected expenditures.  Of the five expenditure classifications, only Personnel Services will experience an increase and Laura Gay will talk about that in a few minutes.  Personnel services will increase by $466,000 due to maintenance of the City’s classification and compensation plan, the addition of one new full-time Public Safety officer, reclassification of two existing part-time positions to full time, increased benefit costs, higher insurance premiums, and an enhancement of the current retirement program.


Supplemental expenditures total $36,000 in the Budget.  Highlighting the supplemental expenditures is a $20,000 increase in prisoner housing costs, and funding for 29 new residential and collector street lights.


City Manager Davis stated that budgeted capital requests total $300,790.  Highlighting the capital requests are funding for patrol cars, motorcycles, and replacement of an ambulance in Public Safety, a one-ton dump truck with plow and spreader and a fuel monitoring system in Public Works, and a large park mower in Parks and Recreation.  These all represent fleet replacements.


Technology and Building requests totaling $26,000 are mainly duct and window replacement, the replacement of eight computers, and the purchase of two software programs.


In summary, the General Fund is a maintenance budget.  The Fund has seen growth in the past two years, the economy is sending mixed signals, and the focus of the budget is on designing and constructing necessary capital improvements, many of which are now under way and we begin the process of completing these projects.


City Manager Davis stated that he would like to move on to the Water and Sewer System Enterprise Fund.  This fund will provide all operating costs, capital equipment purchases, bond requirements, and capital improvements.  The proposed revenues are based upon the sale of 867 million gallons of water and are projected to be $5,475,000.  This represents a $42,849 increase over expected revenues from this fiscal year.


Expenditures total approximately $5,470,000 resulting in an estimated net income of $5,135.  This revenue includes the Kansas City pass-through for sewer treatment, but does not include a rate increase for the production of water.  This puts the City in a very favorable position when comparing our rates to the rates of other metropolitan cities, and those rates are in your packet.


The proposed water and sewer system budget includes the continued funding of the sewer televising and cleaning program, the funding of $100,000 into the water line replacement program, several water plant maintenance projects, completes the funding of the replacement of the North Oak water line between Englewood and 61st, and funds the replacement of the Garfield water line between Englewood and 57th on Garfield.  Both of these lines have experienced a history of breaks and need replacement.


The Municipal Pool Fund is projected to have a net income of $390 and is not budgeting any capital improvements at this time.


The Special Park Fund has a balance of $16,200.  The proposed budget includes the expenditures of $10,000 for the HVAC system at the Community Building in Central Park, and $5,000 to replenish playground mulch.


The Capital Equipment Replacement Fund is assisting in the purchase of the ambulance in the amount of $50,000.  The remaining balance is $256,000.  Both Capital Equipment Replacement Fund and Water Line Replacement Fund need to continue to be funded and built up so we can afford to maintain our fleet and help address replacement of two-inch water lines as well as water lines causing problems in residential areas.


Mr. Davis stated that he wished to turn the podium over to Assistant City Manager Laura Gay to discuss in more detail the Personnel package.  Scott Wingerson will follow Ms. Gay and then he will finish with some discussion about Council goals and answer questions Council may have.


Assistant City Manager Laura Gay stated that she wanted to echo something that Councilman Bishop said earlier in the Study Session and that is the fact that she is pleased to present that portion of the budget that deals with the human resources and that is what we are really all about and which allows us to deliver the services to the citizens of this community as effectively as we do and look to do in the coming fiscal year. 


Ms. Gay stated that she is actually pleased to say that her portion is the one that increases because it is a commitment of those resources to improving the service delivery for the citizens.  Each year when we look at the Personnel package, we break it down into three areas:  new positions or upgrade of existing positions, maintaining our classification and compensation plan, and we look at any benefit enhancements which might be appropriate for our employees. 


New positions for FY02 include a recommendation to fund one full-time Public Safety officer.  Of that cost, for the first three years, 80% will be funded by a grant that we have secured.  This position will fill the patrol spot vacated by an officer who now serves at Antioch Middle School as a School Resource Officer. 


The only other positions that were proposed in the fiscal year 2002 include an upgrade of two existing part-time positions.   One is a Records Clerk in Public Safety and one secretary in Public Works.  Both will help our existing staff and the performance of their duties, but also will provide better service to the public in making records available in a more timely fashion and dealing with phone calls and providing better coverage in the Public Works Department.


Ms. Gay stated that in looking at the Classification and Compensation Plan, several years ago, Council authorized a study and analysis of our pay plan and looked at creating and maintaining a plan which would allow us to recruit and retain qualified employees.  Each year we do a market analysis to ensure that our salary ranges and starting salaries are competitive for the positions that we are recruiting for.  This has been done for the last five years and we look at a salary range table that will take effect in November that reflects those market adjustments.


As a part of that, we also moved to a pay for performance plan.  We used to live under a more traditional merit plan where employees topped out after about seven years with us.  The new plan gives us the opportunity and flexibility to tie merit increases to an employee’s individual performance and we set individual performance goals for each member of our staff and typically set aside money to fund those merit increases each year.


The FY02 budget reflects an amount of $240,000 to fund range adjustments and annual merit increases.  This is consistent with what we have budgeted over the last several years.


Ms. Gay stated in looking at the benefit package, significant benefit enhancement this year which is to upgrade our participation in the LAGERS program.  The number one priority that was identified based on information collected through the organizational health survey last winter, we are proposing to upgrade from the LT(5)-65 level to the LT(8)-65 level effective January 1, 2002.


The only other benefit change was actually something that Council asked us to look at last year when we experienced an increase in our health insurance premium costs.  We had not increased  the employees contributions since 1996 and we propose an increase this year.  We have discussed this in  our open enrollment meetings with employees and it has been well received and understood and accepted.  It still keeps us well below the average costs in the metropolitan area and still remains affordable coverage for our employees and allows us to keep up with the rising cost of health coverage.


Ms. Gay stated that the last category in Personnel services is insurance that covers Errors and Omissions coverage for our public officials.  It covers things like general liability, property and casualty of which we spend about $500,000 in that category.  Insurance costs are estimated to increase by approximately 10% for the coming fiscal year.  We do participate in a Loss Control Program through MARCIT and allows us to receive a discount as a result of our loss control and risk management efforts.


Ms. Gay stated those are the highlights of the Personnel services category and stated that she would be happy to answer any questions from Council.


Councilman Bishop asked about the staffing in the Public Safety Department and perhaps City Manager Kirk Davis would address the issue.  The staffing in Public Safety funded by the grant, there was some reference in the goals memo as to how that position would be classified.


City Manager Davis stated that the officer funded by the COPS Grant will be assigned to the traffic unit. 


Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson stated that he would like to talk about the infrastructure of the community with a brief update of the projects that are completed or currently underway in order to lay the groundwork for the future.


In terms of the capital improvement sales tax, Council will recognize most of these projects.  61st and Olive storm drainage project is complete, Hamilton Heights Park is complete, Public Works parking lot for customers and employees is out to bid, Old Pike and 55th Terrace, except for punch list items, is completed, Oak Grove Park parking lot expansion to the west of the existing north parking lot is being designed, 58th & Broadway project is under construction, Public Works material storage facility to keep dirt, sand and mulch dry is under design. 


The Public Safety facility study was completed and serves as the basis for much of the material provided to the public relating to the sales tax issue.  70th Street is under construction next to City Hall, Flora Park has a new backstop, the Brooktree Circle Drainage project is complete, the Happy Rock Park West is currently being engineered, Claymont Drainage project is nearly complete, Central Park ball field is complete, City Hall parking lot was resurfaced, City Hall video security has been installed, Station 2 is slated for parking lot and drive repair, the storage building at Oak Grove Park is under construction.  Public Works site plan study has been presented to the City Council and is proposed for implementation in the coming year and City Hall has received an irrigation system.


The Transportation Sales Tax Fund Street program was successful in 2000.  It resulted in completion of the 5-year commitment to the voters.  It continued to propose life-cycle that is much reduced from before.  In FY02 we will continue that program as well as 70th Street and finish 72nd Street.  76th Street will be a subject of a debt discussion in a few minutes. 


Mr. Wingerson stated that we also have the Stormwater Fund as Councilman Bishop referred to earlier in the meeting.  There are four main projects that are top-ranking from the Stormwater Master Plan.  They include Meadowbrook Park Drainage improvements, which is under design, 64th & Walrond is nearing completion as Mr. Gunselman referenced.  (and Mr. Gunselman will receive a new meter box.)  Rock Creek at 68th Street Detention Basin is under design, and beginning the acquisition process.  Rock Creek Channel improvements have been designed.


The Combined Water and Sewer 2000 Revenue Bond Projects Fund includes several projects including the Mill Creek Sanitary Sewer which is under design, the Water Plant improvements and design, Linden Tower painting is nearing completion, Well #6 Raw water line is being designed, Treatment Plant renovation is under way and being designed, the SCADA System/Plant control is in the works, and the Old Maid Creek Sanitary Sewer is being designed.  All of that work is scheduled to begin during this fiscal year.


Finally, the Fire Protection Sales Tax Fund.  Very recently, the Council was updated and provided a strategy on how to implement the projects in that fund.


Mr. Wingerson stated that a lot of work has been done this last year or two and really sets the stage for FY02.  The primary part of FY02 is a proposal to come to the Council in October or November to issue additional debt.  The additional debt would implement priority one improvements of the Public Works Master Plan and implement the construction of Happy Rock West or the annex at Happy Rock Park on the west side of Antioch Road.  It would also provide for the construction of a records retention and auxiliary public meeting room to replace the building that is in our parking lot now.


If that is done, it provides significant amount of savings in the two funds over the course of time and allows us to begin a new and exciting program which is the installation of new curb and gutter throughout the community.  Over the proposed five year plan, about $1.3 Million is allocated to that project.  With the debt issue, it would speed the construction of 76th Street from North Oak to the east City limits, all parts that need curb and gutter or stormwater improvements or widening to appropriate width would be completed through that debt as well as supplementation from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax.


Mr. Wingerson stated that the Five-Year Plan also constitutes approximately 18 of the top 21 stormwater projects in the Master Plan.  It is a very large piece of the 40 plus projects that are contained in that plan.  In FY02 specifically, 67th at Forest, the number eight project, and 59th Terrace, which is the number nine project, will be designed and constructed with 02 funding.  Again, the implementation of Happy Rock Park West through the debt, additional dugout and patio covers at Happy Rock Park which increases the ability to use that facility, replacement of a play structure at Meadowbrook Park, repair and replacement of the Central Park parking lot and a Happy Rock Park trail by-pass on the east side of the park provides for walker safety in the wooded area.


Also proposed is an improvement to the Community Building in Central Park.  It was originally proposed with vinyl siding, but has been changed to something different and will be brought back to the Council for consideration.


The remainder of the plan continues to focus on the Stormwater projects and really provides for the implementation of those major projects for the future and the curb and gutter program. 


In terms of the Transportation Sales Tax Fund, ‘02 provides for continuation of the street maintenance project.  It does not provide in this fiscal year, the ability to install new curb and gutter.  It is proposed that the money be forwarded to FY03 to allow staff time to put together a technically complete program for Council consideration and implementation. 


Mayor Newsom asked if this was similar to the street replacement program gauged on need and how bad it is.


Mr. Wingerson stated that yes, it would be based on objective criteria.  They are in the process of developing that now, based on need and location.


City Manager Davis stated that at the last City Council meeting, Council asked staff to provide a report as to how this budget achieves some of the Council objectives that were developed last fall.  Mr. Davis said the memorandum before you highlights how each of those goals are being addressed and he will  briefly discuss each goal.


The first is to implement a new economic development program within the City structure.  At the mid-year budget we proposed and developed a new economic development program.  The cost of the program is $137,900 of which part will be implemented from this new budget. 


The second part of this is the continued advancement of the North Oak Corridor Study which is nearing completion.  The extent of the recommendations is not know yet, but most will probably be regulatory and planning in nature.  There is the opportunity for financial incentives to come into play if you get into a downtown area or Gladstone Plaza.  We are in pretty good shape to handle those requests, depending on what the quality of the proposed development.


Council also asked about restructuring the agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and GEBC which has been done.  Basically, the existing agreement has lapsed and we restructured that funding to the Chamber.  We also continue to fund the Chamber, MARC, Clay County Economic Development, the Northland Chamber in this budget in the amount of $18,000.


Improved morale and internal communications is the next goal.  A lot has been done and discussed including the Organizational Health Survey last winter and several projects we need to advance.  Our new Human Resources administrator Charlene Leslie has been instrumental in moving forward through the process of the survey and details in regard to that.  Highlighting some of the things included in the budget is the retirement benefit that was mentioned by employees, training budgets, and other activities and programs absorbed into the budget.


The implementation of the survey and morale and communication issues is a fluid process that will change and take on a different look as we accomplish many of the objectives that are mentioned.  We want to continue that process and we anticipate this will be a focus for the City for a number of years as we try to improve communications and morale.


Implementation of Public Safety space needs.  After the goal setting session, Council placed a sales tax initiative on the ballot to fund a new fire station, remodel Station 1, purchase a new fire truck, and purchase a computer aided dispatching system.  A citizen campaign committee was formed and successfully passed the initiative.  We are moving forward with this program and hopefully will accomplish this objective.


Continue to pursue improved water quality.  The community successfully passed a water/sewer bond issue in April of 2000.  That issue promised approximately $1 Million in improvements to the Water Plant that were identified as part of the Water Plant Study reflected in your attachment.  Other improvements in the amount of $145,000 and operational adjustments are addressed and absorbed in the annual budget.


Continue to pursue initiatives that further communications with citizens.  This is another big objective.  Citizen newsletters, press releases, the information booth during Gladfest will all continue.  The Website, government access channel, message and music will also continue.  The restructuring of the Management Assistant position into a Public Information Coordinator shows our commitment to improving our communications, both internally and externally. 


We also want to move forward with an automated citizen tracking system as quickly as possible.  The cost may be approximately $10,000 but that should be taken care of within the budget.


Public Safety has two new initiatives that have been successful, the Citizens Academy and the Youth Academy which we hope to continue.  The costs for those programs are absorbed into the budget. 


We have set aside $15,000 for the 50th birthday celebration and sister cities program.  The community oriented government which we talked about earlier, has about $6,800 set aside for that program.


Reduce traffic violations throughout the City, especially in neighborhoods.  Public Safety has completed a traffic enforcement analysis and made a recommendation that another officer be added to the Traffic Safety Unit through the COPS Grant.  In addition, the Unit has recommended that a database be maintained relative to the number of accidents, tickets issued, and citizen complaints.  Laura Gay addressed the funding of this position earlier.  We will have three and one-half officers devoted to traffic plus one-half as available.  We are please to make this a focus in the budget.


Continue infrastructure program.  Scott Wingerson just mentioned to you the infrastructure maintenance and the focus of the City.  The City has issued $6 million in bonds for stormwater work, $4 million in bonds for water and sewer work, and passed a quarter-cent sales tax that will generate $4.2 million for public safety improvements and moving forward with a $4.6 million for Public Works Master Plan.  We are making great progress in implementing the studies and the initiatives promised to voters.


Preliminary evaluation of senior citizen and disabled citizens transportation needs.  The Director of Parks and Recreation has been involved with a citizens advocacy group (COAP) that has the purpose of identifying the needs of Clay County senior citizens.  Their ultimate strategy is to move forward with a potential tax supported program that will be utilized by seniors.  The current budget does not have a specific appropriation for senior citizen transportation, and we certainly do not wish to duplicate or circumvent the efforts of COAP, however we will be monitoring the progress of this group.  We will bring forward information as it becomes available.


Receive Neighborhood Preservation Task Force recommendations, evaluate the recommendations, and develop appropriate action plans.  About six weeks ago, Council received the Task Force study recommendations which we are still in the process of evaluating at this time.  We do have about $1.3 million set aside for the Five Year Capital Improvement Program for curb and gutter work which is pretty significant and recommended by the Task Force.


We are committed to moving forward with our Property Maintenance Code and trash hauling services which will be dealt with this fall.  The remaining seven recommendations have some pretty far-reaching operational impacts and we need to be very careful on how we handle those recommendations.  Scott is analyzing some of those recommendations and we will move forward with any appropriations that we may have in regard to recommendations at the time the analysis is completed.


The budget has approximately $2,500,000 that is recommended for appropriation and that is directly related to achieving the objectives mentioned.  This figure includes approximately $1,990,000 in non-debt service capital improvement appropriations.  In addition, another $11,150,000 is identified and represents an effort to achieve the Council goals set for Public Safety, Water Quality, Infrastructure, and Neighborhood Preservation.


City Manager Davis stated that he appreciates the guidance and it was an interesting process in analyzing the detail on how the budget does impacts Council goals.  He thinks it is fairly supportive.  He said that concludes the budget discussion and offered to answer any questions from Council.


Councilman Bishop said he appreciated Kirk taking the time and obviously a great deal of thought and effort went into this memo.  It was such a worthwhile process and he appreciates it spelled out in this detail what is being done specifically to meet the Council objectives we set out last October.  There is so much going on and we are moving in so many of the right directions.


Councilman Bishop stated that his one concern with the budget memo originally submitted was that, he felt, it did not give enough attention to reallocation to traffic enforcement.  He sensed there was a reluctance to characterize the new Public Safety Officer position as a traffic position.  He is supportive of the fact that the officer will be a traffic officer.  That is a good step toward showing a very serious commitment toward addressing that Council objective and is supportive of that and glad to see it.  He thanked the City Manager for the effort and time put into the memo.


Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross stated that he would like to concur with Mr. Bishop.  When we sat down last fall and listed the nine objectives and spent the whole day on it, to him it is apparent that the City Manager and staff are doing their very best in meeting those needs, with some moving along further than others, but all have been addressed and something is being done about it.  He appreciates it so much.


Mayor Anita Newsom also thanked staff for the time and effort put forth every year for the budget.  She knows it is done from the ground up and everyone from each department has the opportunity to participate and give input because they are the people out there with the community doing the work that needs to be done.  Hopefully, the Council goals and goals of government are addressed by the work that the employees do.  They are doing the work and their direction on how to best implement these goals is wonderful and the collaborative process used is very sound and a workable document.  She appreciates everything that is put together for the budget.


Ms. Newsom stated that she has one concern, or moment for pause, that bothers her.  It is not a biggie but the word “complaint” in the Citizen Complaint Tracking System does not agree with her.  A citizen should be able to voice a concern, ask a question, but it does not have to be a complaint.  The word complaint has such a negative aura about it.  We need to come up with another word.  Inquiry might work, but something else is needed.


City Manager Davis stated that the most common words are complaint or request.  Inquiry would work as well.


Mayor Newsom said the term complaint is tagging it, and the people who call in have concerns or questions and should not be called complainers.


Mr. Davis stated that we will change the title.


Councilman Les Smith stated that it is incredible going through the budget process and the first one he has gone through in fifteen years.  We have so many things going on in the City and this Management Team is able to orchestrate and manage the projects that we have going on in the City.  We also have the Organizational Health Survey, the benefit package and the list just goes on and on.  It is quite impressive. 


We have some folks that are doing a lot of good work.  He stated to Mr. Davis that he should not be so hesitant to write a seven or eight page memo telling us you are doing the things the Council has asked to be done.  Feel good about bragging on yourself and your Management Team because you deserve it.  It also serves the purpose of keeping the Council and citizens informed.


Councilman Cross stated that it is great when you can take a $12 million budget and Cash Sweiven can tell us we will come within $13,000 of hitting it exactly perfect.  He said we better get some tips from Cash on investing.


City Manager Davis stated that Mr. Sweiven allows us to project revenues, then starts subtracting.  We do not start with expenditures first.


Councilman Les Smith stated that we would all like to have some discretionary money to do some neat things, but this is a very responsible budget.  We are in the business of being responsible and everyone must tighten their belt a little bit and that is what we are doing.  It is quite impressive.


Mayor Newsom agreed that she likes the term responsible.  It is the best way to operate with the taxpayers’ money.


City Manager Davis thanked Council and thanked the staff for a good job.


There were no communications for approval or opposition of the public hearing.


Mayor Newsom closed the Public Hearing.


Item 16. on the Agenda.            OTHER BUSINESS: 


Mayor Newsom stated to Ms. Gay that she understands we are one person short on the Solid Waste Committee with Ms. Mary Abbott moving to the Planning Commission.


Ms. Gay replied yes, and that we found out last week another member, Mr. Russell Hall, has been transferred out of state with his job, so that may leave two vacancies on the Solid Waste and Recycling Committee.


Ms. Newsom stated that came to mind  when we were discussing the trash hauling contract for the City. 


Ms. Gay stated that as we move into the RFP for residential trash hauling, we would like to have a full compliment of citizens.


Mayor Newsom said that gives her something to think about.


Mayor Newsom asked Mr. Buschor for clarification, after the recent unfortunate incident in Blue Springs, that we do no allow flotation devices in our pool. 


Mayor Pro Tem Cross and Mr. Buschor both acknowledged there are not allowed in our city and indicated that was an issue that  was cussed and discussed and made policy over twenty years ago.


Ms. Newsom commented that she has not had a chance to see the newly rehabbed pool and imagines it is in good shape.


Mr. Buschor replied that the pool is painted, full of water and a cool 68 degrees as of today.


Ms. Newsom asked Mr. Wingerson when architect’s color renderings are brought forward, could they be more true to the actual color instead of colored pencil drawings which are quick and easy, and may have led us astray on the A & W/Kentucky Fried Chicken.  They are done in a pastel rendering and the actual color is a full-blown, bright color.  Maybe we can encourage them to bring a true color rendering.


Mr. Wingerson stated that tonight, actual material samples were brought in and that is the key.  There have been some requests in the past, when brick or other materials have been brought in.  We can ask for actual material samples.  He commented that they will do a better job of providing samples for Council.


Mayor Newsom stated that this will help down the line.


Councilman Bishop stated that he made his comments to give directions to staff when working with applicants through the process to give them information on exactly what Council wants to see.


Mayor Newsom commented that when she was mentioning people earlier tonight, it seems like we forget family.  City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld was involved in the International Institute of Municipal Clerks Conference in Kansas City this year and played a very active role in the Planning Committee.  She brought some souvenir items for each Council member and thanks her for her dedication and  said she appreciated staff taking an active role in professional organizations.


Item 17. on the Agenda.            QUESTIONS FROM THE NEWS MEDIA: 


Mayor Newsom commented that we have a new face from the media.  She welcomed Tim Higgins from The Kansas City Star, then asked if there were any questions from the media.


Mr. Joe Rudzik from the Dispatch asked the location of the KFC/A&W restaurant.


Mayor Newsom replied it is located at Antioch and Kendallwood Parkway.


Mr. Rudzik also asked if 72nd Street was finished.  Councilman Shirley Smith stated that it is very close.


* * * * *


There was no further business to come before the May 29, 2001 Gladstone City Council Meeting, and Mayor Anita Newsom adjourned the Regular Meeting.



Respectfully submitted:



Marilyn F. Ahnefeld, City Clerk               

                                                                               Approved as submitted:  ___

                                                                          Approved as corrected/amended: ___



                                                                                                               Anita Newsom,  Mayor