MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2001



Mayor Anita Newsom called the Regular June 11, 2001 City Council Meeting to order in the City Council Chambers at 7:30 p.m.


PRESENT:            Mayor Anita Newsom

Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross

Councilman Dan Bishop  

Councilman  Shirley Smith

Councilman Les Smith


City Manager Kirk Davis

Assistant City Manager Laura Gay

                        City Counselor David Ramsay

City Clerk Marilyn Ahnefeld



Item 3. on the Agenda.            PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE


Mayor Anita Newsom welcomed Scout Troop 447 from Nashua Baptist Church who presented the color guard and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag in which all joined.


Mayor Newsom thanked the scouts and commented that it is always nice to have scouts here and see familiar faces from her former elementary school.


Item 4. on the Agenda            APPROVAL OF MINUTES


Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross moved to approve the Regular May 29, 2001 City Council Meeting Minutes as submitted.  Councilman Les Smith seconded the motion.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 4a. on the Agenda            PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATES


Mayor Anita Newsom stated that we have a very special presentation of certificates to the first group of graduates of the Gladstone Public Safety Citizens Academy.  This academy is something that Public Safety has been trying to work through for almost a year.  It is something that is very beneficial experience for Public Safety and especially our citizens.  This is one of the first outreach efforts of our community oriented government and community oriented policing.  She then asked Sgt. Richard King if he had any comments he would like to make about the Academy.


Sgt. King stated that it has been an educational experience not only for our citizens, but members of the department at the same time.  We have gained a better understanding of our community, the place where we live and work every day, and the citizens we serve to the best of our ability.


To that extent, we have created partnerships that will go on for many years to come that will enhance our ability to serve and better understand the needs of the citizens of Gladstone.  At the same time we conclude this wonderful experience for ourselves and the folks that have participated with us, we are preparing to embark on an even newer expansion with an alumni association where the folks that complete this program will be able to remain together in communication with members of the Public Safety Department and meet at least on an annual basis so that we can maintain an open line of communication with the residents that have been through this program and continue to field their concerns and have input from them to better guide and direct us every day as we perform our duties.


Sgt. King stated that he is very pleased that Director Bill Adamo gave him this opportunity to work with this program to meet these people and to move forward in this outreach effort of the department as it relates to what the City staff is doing with the community oriented government program at the same time.


Sgt. King thanked the citizens who participated and congratulated each of them and said he them friends and supporters of this City and the Public Safety Department.


Mayor Newsom, with the assistance of Director Bill Adamo and Sgt. King presented the certificates, a picture of the graduating class, and a City logo pin to each graduate and thanked them for participating in the Citizens Academy.  She asked if any members of the academy wished to make any comments.


Mr. Don Harper thanked his classmates and stated that he has a deep appreciation of the entire Public Safety Department, especially Sgt. Richard King and all the fine people who came out on Monday nights, devoting their time, their dedication and pride in their job which was evident the entire time.  He stated that they have learned a lot from it and hopes that we can take it out to the community and invite a lot more people with go through the classes.




Mayor Newsom read a proclamation recognizing the dedication of the African-American Legacy Memorial and Fountain on Friday, June 15th, 2001 in Liberty Square. 


Mayor Newsom stated that she will be carrying this proclamation to the dedication ceremony on Friday, scheduled for 11:00 AM on the Liberty Square.  The public is welcome to this event and Governor Holden will be the keynote speaker.




Mayor Newsom read a Proclamation recognizing the second anniversary of the Gladstone Neighbors Helping Neighbors organization. 


Ms. Newsom stated that Executive Director, Mr. Art Hammen is here this evening to present a report.  She thanked Mr. Hammen for all he has done and the time and effort for our City.


Mr. Art Hammen thanked the Council, staff and citizens of Gladstone for their support of Neighbors Helping Neighbors on behalf of the Board of Directors and all volunteers, especially the people that they serve. 


Mr. Hammen stated that he is here to report on the $5,000 grant from the City that was issued to their organization for weatherization efforts that would help those in our community who can least afford the sky-rocketing utility prices. 


He said they began by researching the needs of our community and found that 75% of winter heat loss and summer heat gain is through the attic.  Because of that, they negotiated an agreement with a commercial insulator, Kansas Home Insulation Company, to add insulation to the attics as the first phase of the program.  They have gone into 21 homes and have blown fiber glass insulation with an R-value of R-19.  They have substantially reduced the cost of this effort through the negotiations with Kansas Home Insulation, in fact, saved about 53% over their regular price to do this work. 


There were originally 26 applications for weatherization assistance, and they approved 22 of them based on current state income guidelines.  One later withdrew after getting help from another source.  Today they have completed 20 of the 21 attics that remain.  The last home is expected to be completed this week. 


A typical home that they have provided service to is 45 - 50 years old, and they determined that they have tripled the amount of insulation in the average home they have serviced.  The attic area equals collectively approximately two/thirds of an acre or the same as three building lots.  For all the football fans, if you stood on the 38 yard line at Arrowhead Stadium and looked to the opposite end, you would see insulation about 8 inches deep that is equal to what has been put into these 21 homes. 


The total value of the insulation installed is $13,471.  They will begin phase two of the weatherization program whereby volunteers will be installing weather stripping, caulking and other energy-saving devices.  The estimated cost of these supplies will be another $2,000. 


In addition, through the cooperation of Director Adamo and the Public Safety Department, while volunteers are in the homes, they will install new smoke detectors in any home without adequate working smoke detectors provided by the Public Safety Department.


The total value of weatherization improvements is expected to exceed $15,000 to Gladstone residents, but all the work is being done at no cost to the recipients.  In addition to the City’s generous grant of $5,000, Neighbors Helping Neighbors has drawn upon their own resources and are currently seeking other funding to complete the weatherization project.  They will continue to receive applications as long as funding is available.


Mr. Hammen thanked the City Council, City staff and all citizens of Gladstone who have helped pay for this project.  You can all feel very proud of what we have accomplished together.  We are providing long-term relief for reduced energy consumption, both winter and summer for Gladstone residents.


Mayor Newsom stated that there will be an anniversary celebration for Neighbors Helping neighbors on June 30th.  It will be a picnic celebration for the volunteers and all Council members are invited.  She thanked Mr. Hammen for all of his work.


Item 5. on the Agenda            CONSENT AGENDA


Following the Clerks reading, Councilman Les Smith moved to approve the Consent Agenda as read;  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)




Councilman Les Smith moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-01-42, accepting Temporary Construction Easements and a Permanent Easement from property owners for the Prospect Plaza Improvement Project , Phase II.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Councilman Les Smith moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-01-43,  accepting a Bill of Sale from TUF Flight Inc. and Vaughan Mechanical, Inc. conveying water line and fire hydrant built to serve Caroline’s House Day Care, 7260 NE Antioch Road to the City for maintenance.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Councilman Les Smith moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-01-44,  authorizing execution of a contract with Metro Asphalt, Inc. in the amount of $189,878.15 from the Transportation Sales Tax Fund  for the 2001  Full Depth Asphalt Replacement Program.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Councilman Les Smith moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-01-45,  authorizing acceptance of work under the Wilson Plumbing  Contract for Brooktree Circle Drainage Improvements and authorizing final payment in the amount of $17,102.12 from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Fund.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Councilman Les Smith moved to approve the ANNUAL LIQUOR LICENSE RENEWALS for Hen House Stores, 6475 N Prospect, for Package Liquor License and Quik Trip Corporation, 2590 NE 72nd Street, for Package Liquor License.  Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)




Item 6. on the Agenda            COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE.


Mary Abbott, 5905 N. Broadway, thanked the Council for the Household Hazardous Waste event held last Saturday.  It was a job well done by the Solid Waste Committee. 


She also wanted to thank the Council profusely for the money and support in getting the 59th Street project on Broadway almost completed.  With all the bad rains during the last week, if the bridge had not been taken care of, they would have been flooded and there would have been water in the basements.  Both of the culverts were roaring and almost full but the improvements worked.


Ms. Abbott said she knows everyone is impatient with the reopening of Broadway, but if people realized the problems in the past, they would be happy to know that it is a tremendous improvement to the City of Gladstone.  She gave her thanks to the staff and Council, and stated that their neighborhood does appreciate it.


Barbara Bowers, 7257 N. Indiana, stated that she wished she could echo Ms. Abbott’s appreciation.  She wants to know the status of 72nd Street reconstruction project.


City Manager Kirk  Davis stated that there is no one more ready to see this project completed than the Council and staff.  Last week he met with City Counselor David Ramsay and Assistant City Manager for Development Scott Wingerson, who had met with the contractor that same week.  Ultimately, one resident’s retaining wall needed to be changed before the asphalt was completed.  There is a domino effect here regarding some issues with the equipment to be used with the retaining walls that would tear up the asphalt if the walls were not finished first.  The contractor would not warrant the asphalt if we switched the sidewalk and roadway completion schedules.


Last week, we asked if restoration could begin on the east side of the project.  One of the retaining walls had been held up by a concern of a resident until last Friday.  They finally gave an approval on how they wanted the retaining wall to look. 


Meanwhile, we asked the contractor to mill the road and overlay it.  They wanted to overlay all at one time, without seams, because that is where water collects and seamless  makes the street last longer.  To help speed up the process, we asked to mill, overlay, and bring equipment in at a slightly greater cost to the City, but it is equipment that will not tear up the road and allow those retaining walls to be built after the road is open.


We also said we would help work with them with the protection of their employees because the retaining walls are very close to the road.  And we would work with them on street closings and things like that which would allow at least the two middle lanes of the road to be open. 


The contractor indicated that they were as interested in getting this project done as we are.  This is the route he will take and is in fact milling 72nd Street now.  With a little bit of dry weather, we should have our sidewalks done in a couple of weeks and the asphalt completed.  The retaining walls might take a bit longer since we flipped the priorities.  Restoration should occur anytime now, beginning on the east side.  Those are the four remaining issues:  sidewalks, retaining walls, restoration and the mill and overlay.


Mayor Newsom asked if we could target a red-letter date on the calendar.  Mr. Davis replied that he has marked many already, but hopes to have it open in the next two or three weekends, but the restoration work should be occurring simultaneously with that.  The catch is what happens with the retaining wall and the sidewalk as those are related.


Mayor Newsom stated that the wet weather has not helped either.


Mr. Davis said it has been a long and difficult project with the moving of water, sewer, and gas utility lines.  We cut the hill almost 20 feet in two locations.  The size of the retaining walls, the number of retaining walls, and the impact on property owners has been pretty significant.  We are hopeful that we will have a nice road when it is done.


Mayor Newsom asked Ms. Bowers if this has answered her questions.  Ms. Bowers replied yes.


The Mayor told her Mr. Davis would help her with any questions she may have in the future on this project.


Item 7. on the Agenda            COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL.


Councilman Les Smith asked the City Manager about the curb and sidewalk replacement within the City.  He asked if we ever analyzed the cost and benefits of mud-jacking versus replacement.


City Manager Davis stated that yes, the savings of replacement is in the set-up cost and ability to do long stretches of sidewalk at a time versus jacking here, then setting up again and mud-jacking again.  With the volume we do, it is cheaper to do the sidewalk.


Mr. Smith also wanted to comment on the Household Hazardous Waste event last Saturday at Antioch Middle School.  It was another job well done by Assistant City Manager Laura Gay.  City Employees David Ramsay and Diane Whitaker were also there along with members of the Solid Waste Committee.  It is another job well done.


Councilman Shirley Smith wanted to congratulate the academy graduates.  She says she envies them, she has always wanted to take that class.  It is fabulous that we have a City where citizens come forward to participate in the classes.


Councilman Smith stated that she went to a MARC luncheon on Friday and the speaker discussed cities surrounding a metro area.  She noted  that some of the work done by Mayor Bishop last year puts us ahead of some cities and even Kansas City, Missouri on some of our projects.


Ms. Smith thanked the City Clerk for the coverage of the budget conversations in the minutes.  They were comprehensive and became a point of reference in and of themselves.  She thought it was a very concise piece on what was discussed and will be helpful in the future in referring to the budget and goals that we discussed.


She thanked City Counselor David Ramsay for his memo on the tax issue and would like to request at least a study session on it or some kind of activity where we can review and get it in motion.


Councilman Bishop also congratulated the graduates of the Public Safety Citizens Academy.  It is really outstanding to have so many citizens willing to participate for ten weeks every Monday night.  He was talking with some of the graduates at the reception and asked what the attendance was on a weekly basis.  He was told there was full attendance most of the time.   


The graduates had very positive things to say about the academy.  The Public Safety staff  who conducted the study sessions also enjoyed it and the opportunity to tell the story of what they are doing on a daily basis in Public Safety.


He congratulates the graduates and asks them to go out and tell the community the good word about what is being done here in the Public Safety Department.  He appreciates their involvement.


Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross concurred with the rest of the Council on the academy.  It was interesting to visit with the graduates and see how much they learned.  It sounds like we would all benefit from such a course and he appreciates the department holding it. .


Mr. Cross asked Counselor David Ramsay how many cars went through the hazardous waste event.  Mr. Ramsay replied about 200.  Mr. Cross stated that he thought he would go early and get in, but there were 42 cars ahead of him before it even started and they even opened up early.  It was marvelous to see the efficiency and the number of staff that were there working.


Mr. Cross also thanked Mr. Art Hammen for the wonderful job Neighbors Helping Neighbors is doing in our City.


Mayor Anita Newsom stated that currently there are two vacancies on the Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  Don Horton, from the Carriage Hills neighborhood has come forward to volunteer his time and efforts for one of the positions.  With the concurrence of the City Council, she would like to appoint Mr. Horton to the Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  She asked for a motion.


Councilman Bishop stated that he does not necessarily disagree with the appointment of Mr. Horton, but suggests that the past practice of the Council has been to put together a memo carrying over the names of people interested in an appointment but who were not appointed to a position the last time appointments were made.   That way we are considering all the folks who may be interested. At this point, he does not remember with any specificity, Council’s conversation in December and January when e made our last set of appointments.  He would like to be refreshed on his recollection of those conversations and what the status of the Boards and Commissions are and the citizens who desire to serve.


Mayor Newsom stated that we had touched base with those citizens who were not appointed and no one else came forward who wanted to participate on this committee at this time.


Councilman Bishop asked who made the contacts.  Ms. Newsom replied that she made the contacts. 


Mr. Bishop said he would be in favor of postponing the appointment until he had a chance to review that and who was available and who was appointed.  He feels this is sort of unprecedented the way it is being handled and being rushed through.


Mayor Newsom stated that she is trying to get it filled because we have two vacancies and have Recycling and Solid Waste Committee meetings coming up and Mr. Horton has volunteered his time and expertise.


Councilman Les Smith asked if  all the other interested people had been contacted and had no interest in this committee.  Ms. Newsom replied yes, that is correct.


Councilman Smith stated that perhaps we should appoint Mr. Horton since he is interested, and he recommends that we do so, in fact he will move that we do.  We still have another  position on this committee  open, and the point is well made by Councilman Bishop, that we look at that list.    We have someone willing to serve and this is actually a very important year for that committee, so he suggests we get him on board and get going. 


Motion:  Councilman Smith moved that we appoint Mr. Don  Horton to the Recycling and Solid Waste Committee (term to expire December, 2001).


Mayor Newsom stated that some of the expertise that Mr. Horton brings forward is negotiating a contract with the homeowners association for solid waste removal in his neighborhood.  That brings some extra expertise to the committee.


Councilman Bishop stated that he appreciates that.  When we were going through the interview process last year, he thought one of the things  that was so significant was the number of people who expressed an interest in serving, and we tried to avoid duplicating appointments of citizens who were already serving on two, three or more committees.  In fact, we did not  reappoint someone  to a committee when his term was up  because he was already serving on several committees.  


Mr. Bishop stated that although he is sure the nominated individual has the expertise, this does fly in the face of that desire not to appoint someone to more than one committee, because Mr. Horton is already on the Parks and Recreation Board.


Mayor Newsom clarified that Mr. Don Harper is on the Parks Board, we are talking about Mr. Don Horton who lives in Carriage Hills.


Mr. Bishop asked if he (Don Horton) is on a committee right now.  Mayor Newsom said no he is not.


Councilman Shirley Smith moved to second the motion on the appointment of Mr. Don Horton to the Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  She said she does not know Mr. Horton, but agrees this committee has a big job ahead of it this year.  If we do have someone who wants to be on it with the upcoming meeting very soon, without being unreasonable, she would love to see the other position filled by then.  If we cannot, fine, but it would be great to have a full committee.


Councilman Bishop stated that it is important to fill those spots and he is in favor of appointing Don Horton, but thinks that we do have openings occurring from time to time and we do need to beef up our list of citizens who are interested so we can consider those people in the future when these openings occur.


Mayor Newsom stated that past practice has been that we usually have more citizens who apply for Boards and Commissions than we can appoint in January and February and that we work from that list to make appointments throughout the year as vacancies occur so we do not have to re-advertise and re-interview again.


Mr. Bishop asked if Don Horton had expressed an interest last December to serve on our boards and commissions.  He did not remember interviewing him. 


Mayor Newsom replied, no he did not.  Mr. Cross made the contact, they had a conversation and Don Horton volunteered his time.


Mayor Pro Tem Cross  commented that he did visit with him and asked if he would be interested in serving, but he did not make him an offer.  Mr. Cross said  Mr. Horton advised  he would be more than happy to serve and Mr. Cross told him he would pass on his interest and they would talk about it before an appointment would be made. 


Councilman Bishop stated that he has been contacted by citizens who are interested in serving on boards and commissions.  He would like to have all options considered before we start making appointments.  He feels that the way it has been handled tonight does not allow that to happen. 


Mayor Newsom advised  Councilman Bishop that she is trying to get a full complement of people with folks that are interested.  She was not aware that he  had other inquiries from citizens who were interested.   She suggested that if Councilman Bishop will share those names with us, then we can move forward and do something with those folks.


Mayor Newsom said she understands that there has been a motion and a second to appoint Mr. Horton to the Recycling and Solid Waste Committee.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Mayor Newsom asked that we notify Mr. Horton regarding the meeting on Thursday.  He had said he was available should the appointment take place.


Mayor Anita  Newsom stated that last week she attended the Clay County Older Adults partnership with Director of Parks and Recreation Steve Buschor.  The group is putting together a survey to assess Clay County residents, 60 years and older.  Part of the committee is trying to solicit information that would be helpful to the group as they are thinking of putting a tax initiative forward.


Something that we had talked about as a Council was the ability to provide greater services to our older citizens.  This was a Council goal within our City.  Director Buschor and she had talked about the opportunity to utilize the survey they are putting together and getting more disaggregated specific information for our City. The survey  is anonymous but they ask for a zip code and age and other questions.


If we could convince the consortium to add not only the zip code, but the city where the residents live, then the group that is putting the data together could pull out Gladstone information and utilize that information also.  We would not presume to ask that group to do that without some sort of participation on our part as a City.  The Mayor said because it was not a huge sum of money at the time, She offered to possibly cover the cost of postage to the Gladstone residents if they would add the city to the survey so we could pull that information out  and utilize it, that way we  would not be duplicating services.


With the Council and City’s blessing, she would like to challenge the other municipalities within Clay County, such as the Clay County Coordinating Committee, to do the same thing.  This group really does not have the funding sources to come up with their mailing money to get the information out before they would even put a tax issue together.  She asked if Council has some thoughts or discussion on this.


Councilman Shirley Smith stated that this is a really important area and she thinks since we have an opportunity to join with others to do a wider program that would include us, we should do everything we can to cooperate with them, especially since we would get information that is useful to us.


Councilman Les Smith commented that this has been an issue in this community for many, many years.  He totally concurs.


Mayor Newsom stated that the survey packet talked about not only transportation issues, but getting meals to folks that may not have the right nutrition at the right time and other services that would enable older citizens to stay in their homes for a longer period of time.  With Council’s concurrence, she would like to challenge other Clay County municipalities in conjunction with the committee to step to the plate and at least pay for postage to get the survey out.


The company that is gathering data and disaggregation from the survey is donating their services.  It would help the committee to move forward with this. 


Mr. Cross acknowledged his concurrence.


Ms. Newsom thanked the citizens of the Public Safety Citizens Academy for participating and sharing your time and asked them to tell others about the committee.  The next Academy will start in the fall on Wednesdays and she has already signed up.


Item 8. on the Agenda            COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY MANAGER.


City Manager Davis stated that Duane “Ossie” Sederburg passed away after a long battle with cancer.  He had been with the City for over ten years in the Parks Department. 


Blues Fest is this weekend at Oak Grove Park Friday and Saturday night and we look forward to seeing everyone there.


Manager Davis introduced our new Economic Developer Coordinator, Lynn McClure.  Today was his first day and he wanted to introduce him to the Council.


Item 9. on the Agenda            RESOLUTION 01-46,  adopting the Annual Operating Budget for the City of Gladstone, Missouri, for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2001 and ending June 30, 2002, authorizing the expenditure of funds; and amending the Position Classification and Compensation Plan. 


Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross moved to adopt Resolution R-01-46;  Councilman Dan Bishop seconded. 




Councilman Les Smith stated that the budget was discussed  at length in the last Council meeting and this was the first budget he has worked on in many, many years and it is refreshing to see a very responsible budget and refreshing to see the Council work very well together to fine tune the budget.  He said Councilman Bishop had asked some tough questions about how it related to Council goals that needed to be asked and he hopes the type of  analysis we received will be forthcoming on a regular basis in years to come.


We also talked a lot about traffic enforcement and this has been taken to heart with the traffic patrol that we presently have and will expand upon.


He is pleased with the compensation plan that we are able to provide  for our employees.  It was a fine experience working on this budget. 


We are able to do a lot of things in this community:  we have the academy graduates here, the community oriented government, Blues Fest, Gladfest, and all those things that are quality of life issues.  All of those things play out in what we do with our budget each year. 


Mayor Newsom stated that the staff has worked very diligently to put together a prudent budget in these interesting economic times.  It is a good tool to work from.


The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 10. on the Agenda            CONTINUED PUBLIC HEARING:  on a request to rezone property at 5800 N. Oak Trafficway from C-2 to CP-3.  Applicant:  Auto Trend, Inc. (File #1148). (Continued from 5/21/01).


Mayor Newsom opened the Public Hearing and announced it is recontinued to the June 25, 2001 City Council Meeting at the request of City staff.


Item 11. on the Agenda            FIRST READING BILL 01-28,  amending Section 1. of Ordinance No. 3.138  to revise the fee for Water Bacteria Testing performed at the Gladstone Water Treatment Plant and amending the Schedule of Fees and Charges to incorporate such change.


Councilman Les Smith moved to place Bill 01-28 on First Reading;  Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.  


Councilman Les Smith moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 01-28, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading;  Councilman Bill Cross seconded. 




Mayor Newsom commented that this does more closely resemble the actual costs of performing the test.  The current $5.00 fee did not cover the cost.


City Manager Davis stated that the $5.00 fee was very inadequate to cover our costs.  It is not a fee that is paid by the citizens, but by other commercial users and other water departments that use our lab.


Mayor stated that we are not recouping our fees, then we are not spending citizens dollars prudently.  Manager Davis said that was correct.


The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.  


Councilman Les Smith moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 01-28, and enact the Bill as Ordinance No. 3.798;   Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.   (5-0)


Item 12, on the Agenda            APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT   for White Chapel Memorial Gardens for construction of 3,440 sq. ft. Mausoleum, 6600 N Antioch Road.   Applicant:  Jonathan O’Rear, Architect.  Owner:  S.E. Acquisition K.C.  (BP #01-0386)


Councilman Dan Bishop moved to approve the Building Permit for White Chapel Memorial Gardens, 6600 N Antioch Road.  Councilman Les Smith seconded.





Mayor Newsom asked if everything was in order.  Codes Supervisor Alan Napoli agreed it was. .


The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


Item 13. on the Agenda            APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT for tenant remodeling of 6,000 sq. ft. space for Central Western Buffet, 6000 N Antioch Road in Meadowbook Shopping Center.  Applicant: George Fiao.  Owner:  Clayco Properties, Inc.   (BP# 01-0324)


Councilman Dan Bishop moved to approve the Building Permit for tenant remodeling for Central Western Buffet, 6000 N Antioch Road in the Meadowbrook Shopping Center.  Councilman Les Smith seconded.




Mayor Newsom asked where this is going within the  Meadowbrook Shopping Center. 


Codes Supervisor Alan Napoli noted that it will be located where the old Key Rexall Drug was on the east end facing Antioch Road. 


Mayor Newsom asked about signage.


Mr. Napoli stated that signage will be on the building, but he is  not sure about the group sign at this time.


The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Shirley Smith, Councilman Dan Bishop, Mayor Pro Tem Bill Cross, Mayor Anita Newsom.  (5-0)


There was no further business to come before the June 11, 2001 Gladstone City Council Meeting, and Mayor Anita Newsom adjourned the Regular Meeting.



Respectfully submitted:



Marilyn F. Ahnefeld, City Clerk               

                                                                               Approved as submitted:  ___

                                                                          Approved as corrected/amended: ___



                                                                                                        Anita Newsom,  Mayor