MONDAY MAY 24, 2004



PRESENT:          Mayor Wayne Beer

                             Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi

Councilman Bill Cross

                             Councilman Les Smith

                             Councilman Joe Evans


City Manager Kirk Davis

City Counselor David Ramsay

City Clerk Cathy Swenson


Mayor Wayne Beer opened the Regular May 24, 2004, City Council Meeting at 7:30 PM in the Gladstone City Council Chambers.


Item 3. on the Agenda.             PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.


Mayor Wayne Beer led the Pledge of Allegiance, in which all joined.


Item 4. on the Agenda.             APPROVAL OF THE REGULAR MAY 10, 2004 CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES.


Councilman Bill Cross moved to approve the Regular May 10, 2004, City Council Meeting Minutes as presented.  Councilman Joe Evans seconded the motion.  The vote:  All “aye” - Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer.  (5-0)


Item 4a. on the Agenda.           Mayor Wayne Beer read a PROCLAMATION designating the month of May 2004, as “National Public Works Month” in Gladstone, Missouri, as sponsored by The American Public Works Association.  Public Works Director Andy Noll was on hand to accept the proclamation.



Item 5. on the Agenda.             CONSENT AGENDA


Councilman Les Smith asked that Resolutions R-04-37 be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the Regular Agenda as Item 5a.


Following the Clerk’s reading, Councilman Bill Cross moved to accept the Consent Agenda as amended.  Councilman Joe Evans seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer.  (5-0).


Councilman Bill Cross moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-04-38, authorizing the City Manager to execute an antenna site lease agreement with the Mid-America Regional Council for location of communications equipment on the Linden Water Tower to facilitate the “Operation Green Light” area traffic control management system.  Joe Evans seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer. (5-0)


Councilman Bill Cross moved to adopt RESOLUTION NO. R-04-39, accepting Temporary Construction Easements from property owners in conjunction with the North Main Street Reconstruction Project (0215).  Councilman Joe Evans seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer. (5-0)


Councilman Bill Cross moved to approve the Annual Liquor License renewal for Bubbles Wines & Spirits, 7407 North Oak Trafficway.  Councilman Joe Evans seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer. (5-0)


Councilman Bill Cross moved to approve the Financial Report for April 2004. 




Item 5a. on the Agenda.           RESOLUTION NO. R-04-37, adopting a Code of Conduct for members of various Boards and Commissions, and Committees of the City of Gladstone.


Councilman Les Smith moved to table RESOLUTION NO. R-04-37, adopting a Code of Conduct for members of various Boards and Commissions, and Committees of the City of Gladstone until the June 14, 2004 City Council meeting.  Councilman Bill Cross seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer. (5-0)


Item 6. on the Agenda.             COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE.


There were no communications from the Audience.

Item 7. on the Agenda.             COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL.


Councilman Joe Evans pointed out to Parks and Recreation Director Sheila Lillis that Happy Rock Park looks great.  Councilman Evans walks in the park each morning and the Parks crew does an impeccable job of maintaining the park.  Councilman Evans asked Public Works Director Andy Noll if he has received phone calls showing interest in the upcoming brush drop-off event to be held May 29, 2004 for a cost of $2.00 per load.  Councilman Evans said the Council as a whole are interested in how this brush drop-off opportunity is viewed by the public.


Public Works Director Andy Noll replied a few calls have been received indicating interest in this event.


Councilman Bill Cross made note that the Municipal Pool will be open Saturday, May 29, 2004, weather permitting, and asked Parks and Recreation Director Lillis how progress is going towards opening the pool and the installation of the new improvements.


Parks and Recreation Director Sheila Lillis replied the three shade structures are in place.  The new slide is expected to be delivered in mid-July.  The pool will be clean and ready for opening day, and is already filled with water.


Councilman Les Smith stated he has received two phone calls from people who have received tickets in the St. Andrew School zone that was recently adopted.  The complaint was similar in both calls; they did not see the sign.  It may be as people are going northbound around the corner, they are looking at so many things, and they do not see the sign.  Perhaps the City could, as it has in other school zones in the City, make the reduced speed applicable from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM, instead of an all day long reduced speed limit.  The sign visibility is a key issue.


City Manager Kirk Davis stated he has heard similar comments regarding the sign visibility.  There has been discussion to move the sign.  However, if the hours will be changed, this could be done at the same time.


Mayor Wayne Beer said he is in agreement with the hours change; there is not really a need at an elementary school site for a 15 miles per hour speed zone all day long.  There may be children on the street before and after school; otherwise they are not permitted anywhere except the playground between school hours.


Councilman Smith remarked that with the elevation change in the roadway in this area, one looks right under the sign.


City Council members agreed with Councilman Smith’s suggestions.


City Manager Davis said this will be brought forward on the next City Council meeting agenda.


Councilman Smith stated he is confident City staff is keeping an eye on the progress of the McConnell property a little further north on Antioch Road, and asked City Manager Davis how the development is progressing.


City Manager Davis reported there is a building being constructed that does comply with City codes and the owner did get a permit for construction.  The limit on the size of the building is 1,000 square feet, and it is slightly under that.


Councilman Smith noted that in the mornings there are a number of people visiting the residents of the house, but he is confident City staff will monitor this activity.


Councilman Smith stated he had asked Public Works Director Andy Noll for a timeline on the Brooktree Drainage Project and he passed that timeline along to the Homes Association Board.  That did not seem to satisfy the person who writes the monthly newsletter, which is sent out to the entire Home Association membership.  Councilman Smith asked for a narrative on the Brooktree Drainage Project, including the scope, whether or not it is on schedule, how it is going, and so forth.  Councilman Smith will then hand deliver the narrative to the gentleman who produces the newsletter.


Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi inquired into the status of the Code Enforcement program where Code Enforcement officers were going neighborhood by neighborhood to address code enforcement issues.


Alan Napoli, Building Official, reported the program ended about one year ago.  It took approximately two years for Code Enforcement officers to cover the entire City and look at every house.  During this process, the new Neighborhood Task Force Committee began and the City property maintenance codes were updated.  There has not been another sweep of the entire City, house by house at this time.


Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi stated she would like to see this program continue as an ongoing program, and believes the Neighborhood Preservation Task Force Committee members would also like to see this program continue.


Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi thanked Public Works Director Andy Noll for the traffic poles at Northeast 72nd Street and North Broadway that separate the merge lane from the other lanes.  Councilman Rudi remarked she has received calls regarding the lights at the Water Treatment Plant and inquired into the time frame for the installation of reflectors on the lights.


Public Works Director Andy Noll stated he would report back to Councilman Rudi and Council members when he has a time frame for the installation of the reflectors on the lights. 


Councilman Rudi asked Parks and Recreation Director Sheila Lillis for an update on the Gladstone Amphitheatre activities over the next couple of weeks.


Parks and Recreation Director Sheila Lillis reported on June 4th at 8:30 PM will be the Movie in the Park, which will be Pirates of the Caribbean; on June 11 and 12, the Summertime Blues Festival is scheduled, along with the City wide Sidewalk Sale event.


Mayor Wayne Beer had no comments at this time.


Item 8. on the Agenda.             COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY MANAGER.


City Manager Kirk Davis stated the carnival at Gladstone Plaza sponsored by the Amphitheatre Committee continues through May 30th.  City Manager Davis reported a letter of interest has been received by the City for a billboard on the City’s Water Treatment Plant property.


Councilman Smith asked if this issue would be presented to City Council members for policy discussion.


City Manager Davis replied, yes, the letter was just received, and at this time he only had an opportunity to review the letter.  This issue will be presented to City Council members for their consideration.


Item 9. on the Agenda.             PUBLIC HEARING on the proposed 2004-2005 Annual Operating Budget for the City of Gladstone, Missouri.


Mayor Wayne Beer opened the Public Hearing, and invited City Manager Davis to provide a report regarding the City’s 2004-2005 Annual Operating Budget.


City Manager Davis began by saying he was pleased to present the 2004-2005 Budget for the City of Gladstone.  The annual budget represents the strategic, administrative, and financial plan for the City next year.  The budget, in addition to representing the financial plan for the City, also is a fiscal operations guide and a communication tool that reflects service levels that are planned for the benefit of the citizens of Gladstone.


The proposed budget is the result of a lengthy and comprehensive process that involved dozens of City employees in each department, all Directors, members of the Leadership Team, and the City Council.  It is based upon several key principles, including meeting our financial obligations, maintaining a competitive employee benefit package, adhering to current financial policies, utilizing a capital equipment replacement process, and achieving Council and organizational goals.


The Public Hearing follows the preparation of the budget document, two Study Sessions with the City Council, and numerous Staff budget meetings.  Subsequent to this evening, City staff will prepare an adoption resolution for the June 14, 2004, Council meeting.  The past few years have been very tight budget years for the City.  We have reacted to the economic declines and 9-11 events.  We have enlisted budget-balancing strategies to ensure the continued viability of our organization, meeting Council goals, and maintaining services to the citizens of Gladstone.  At the same time, we have recognized that to have continued financial health, we must invest in our future.  We have done so by controlling costs, yet investing in economic development.  While we have not seen all of the fruits of this effort, we do have a plan and we continue to strive toward achieving the objectives of that plan. 


City Manager Davis continued by saying we must stay the course in our redevelopment efforts and our corridor revitalization efforts, and continue to identify and encourage development of commercial properties.  We must continue to seek new commercial development where it currently is not envisioned.  Our financial health depends upon the vitality of our business community.  We must encourage revenue-producing businesses to locate in our community.  We can do this through aggressive economic development policies, but also continue to improve the quality of life in our community, and continue to adequately fund capital improvements and infrastructure needs.


The budgeted revenues are projected to be $12,723,343.  This reflects no growth in sales tax, which continues to hover at 1999 sales tax receipt levels, and is $528, 476 lower than FY 2004 expected revenues.  This represents a 3.9 percent reduction in revenues.  This reduction primarily consists of grant non-renewals in the amount of $255,000 and a reduction in Road District receipts in the amount of $38,000.  The equity adjustment revenue is $217,000.  There is approximately $610,000 of one time only revenues in this budget.  We will need to be equally frugal next year, and we will have to be innovative in replacing these one time only revenues that are utilized in this budget.  This revenue picture does not anticipate any tax rate increases, but does include a fee schedule increase.


City Manager Davis said expenditures in the General Fund are recommended to be $12,604,117, representing a 4.2 percent decrease or a $564,863 decrease in expenditures.  The only expenditure classification that is increasing is personnel.  The budget includes a 3 percent raise, $61,000 for LAGERS maintenance (to stay at the current LT-8 employee retirement benefit level), two firefighters, $50,000 property insurance increase, and one police officer.  It also includes a reduction in staffing by three positions in other departments.


The budget addresses several Council objectives including fire staffing increases, the temporary staffing of a second ambulance, right-of-way maintenance funding, and a municipal pool facility upgrade, which will be addressed mid-year, when the pool season is completed.


The budget contains in the supplemental expenditures: continuation of the Spring Beautification Program; patrol vehicles in the amount of $34,000; two Harley Davidson motorcycles in the amount of $27,000; ballistic vests in the amount of $34,000; an annual street light lease in the amount of $5,600 for 16 new street lights; $11,000 for brush disposal removal; a Public Works dump truck for $80,000; Community Development building permit software upgrade for $33,000; replacement of a light switch box in Central Park for $5,500; and a pick-up truck for Parks and Recreation for $38,000.  This is far less than the City has typically spent over the last 10 years for supplemental expenditures. 


City Manager Davis reported the Combined Water and Sewerage System Fund, which is an Enterprise Fund, revenues and expenses are based on the estimated sale of 906 million gallons of water.  The estimated production amounts were not increased this year.  The rate for the production and distribution of water is $2.79 per 1,000 gallons of water and collection and treatment of sewerage is $3.04 per 1,000 gallons, which includes the Kansas City, Missouri sewer treatment rate increase.  Total revenues and expenses are estimated at $5.7 million.  The budget is balanced, with proposed operating revenues of $5,627,000 for fiscal year 2005, which is a decrease of $121,000 from fiscal year 2004 expected operating revenues.  The proposed fiscal year 2005 operating expenses decreased $548,000 over fiscal year 2004 expected operating expenses.  This decrease is mainly due to a water line replacement fund transfer in fiscal year 2004, and also due to corresponding lower sewer commodity expenses than were experienced in early fiscal year 2004 from drought conditions.


City Manager Davis continued by saying Bond requirements decreased $371,250 due to the final 1994 Revenue Bond payment in fiscal year 2004.  The fiscal year 2005 budget does not provide funding for the Water Line Replacement Program.  However, funding is requested to begin the design phase of the North Oak Water Main Replacement.  In fiscal year 2003, the City implemented a 20-cent water rate increase to replace deteriorated 2-inch water mains.  In the fiscal year 2004 budget, the increase addressed three water main projects:  67th Terrace from North Campbell to North Forest; 58th Street from North Flora to North Tracy; and the cul-de-sac at 67th and Bellefontaine Circle.  In fiscal year 2005, the previously adopted 20-cent increase will fund water main replacements on Kansas, 67th Place, 68th Street, and North Agnes.


Although not fully funded in this budget, the City must replace the water line under North Oak.  The total estimated amount of this project is $500,000 and should be completed before North Oak is resurfaced in two or three years.  As a result, $75,000 is proposed in this budget to begin designing the project.  Supplemental and Capital requests from the Combined Water and Sewerage System Fund include:  exit signs and emergency lighting at the Water Plant; a water pipe locator for $4,000; replace commercial meters for $30,000; and a Vactor Truck for $225,000, which is important for all the sewer work the City is doing.


City Manager Davis reported the Municipal Swimming Pool Fund budget balanced at $173,729.00.  Expenditures will be minimal with no anticipation of great revenue increases this year.  The Pool Master Plan will be revisited with the mid-year budget, after review of a full year’s revenues.


City Manager Davis began his report of the Capital Improvement Program by saying the revenues from the ½ cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax and the ½ cent Transportation Sales Tax fund are expected to generate $3.2 million in fiscal year 2005, which is virtually no growth.  City Manager Davis highlighted the projects as follows:  Stormwater Projects – the plan proposes to construct $200,000 for a stormwater project at 67th and Indiana.  This funding will be combined with stormwater bond proceeds for a total estimated project cost of $700,000.  That is the bond proceeds from the 2000 Certificates of Participation and the balance that is left after the four priority projects as promised in that bond are completed.  Parks Projects – total $118,000 and include park trail replacement at Happy Rock Park, Phase 2 of the Central Park tennis court renovation, Happy Rock Park dugouts, and sets aside some money for the Arts Council.  Building/Facilities Projects – the only funding that is recommended is the design phase of Station II improvements.


The Transportation Sales Tax Fund, which is in its 9th year of the Street Maintenance Plan, proposes an expenditure of $805,000 for street maintenance.  The companion to the Street Maintenance project is the Intermediate Maintenance project, which will be funded in the amount of $160,000; the Arterial Sidewalk Program is funded in the amount of $75,000; the Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Program is funded at $270,000.  In addition to the annual programs just mentioned, the fiscal year 2005 budget includes $312,000 for the intersection of 72nd Street and M-1, and $5,000 for Phase 2 of Operation Green Light. 


City Manager Davis concluded by saying he believes with this budget, the City will realize some rewards from past efforts, while enhancing a positive vision for the City’s future.  Through continued leadership, a goal-oriented strategic budgeting process, citizen and employee involvement, City Manager Davis said he believes the City can meet its long-range goals.  This budget reflects an emphasis on planning and financial trend analysis and utilization of City Council policies and the utilization of Council goals.  City Manager Davis stated the Leadership Team and staff would like to thank City Council members for reviewing all the documentation submitted, and for working with Staff through Council Study Sessions, answering questions, providing feed-back, and providing policy direction. 


City Manager Davis thanked Finance Director Cash Sweiven, Assistant City Manager Scott Wingerson, Financial Analyst Beth Saluzzi, Public Works Director Andy Noll, and all the Department Heads who participated in the budget process, and who are trying to control costs and yet provide the same level of services to the citizens.  They have done a great job.  City Manager Davis stated adoption of the budget is scheduled for the June 14, 2004, City Council meeting, and asked if City Council members had any questions.


Councilman Bill Cross inquired into the reduction of City staff by three employees.


City Manager Davis replied that reduction was through attrition.  These are vacant positions that will not be funded.


Councilman Cross asked for confirmation that no employee will be layed off work at this time.


City Manager Davis confirmed that is correct.


Councilman Cross asked if the 3 percent salary increase would be “across the board”.


City Manager Davis replied the increase would be an average of 3 percent, similar to what has been done in the past, but unlike last year.


Councilman Cross inquired into health insurance costs.


City Manager Davis said based on the numbers recently received, the costs may be less than was budgeted.


Mayor Wayne Beer stated City Manager Davis mentioned aggressive economic development efforts.  The fruit from economic development efforts are sometimes slow to ripen, and it is often easy to look at those costs as not providing instant results, and it might be easy for some folks to say those expenses need to be reduced.  Mayor Beer stated he feels economic development is vital to a community, and while results may be slow to develop, not to provide funding to economic development efforts would be disastrous to a community.  Economic development is essential to increase the economy of our community. 


Mayor Beer stated some of the decisions that City Council has had to make up to this point have seemed difficult, but future decisions may make decisions up to this point seem easy in comparison.  The next budget year may hold even more difficult decisions.  The one-time revenues may become history in the future.  The City needs to be thinking ahead about these difficult issues and how they will be dealt with in the future.  City Manager Davis and previous City Councils have had the foresight to provide for fund balances that have been available when necessary.  The Capital Equipment Replacement Fund made available funding that provided services and capital expenditures.  These funds will not have the available balances to use in the future.  Mayor Beer thanked City Manager Davis and City staff for all their efforts in preparing the budget and knows they are up to the challenges of next year.


City Manager Davis stated Councilman Smith mentioned the fund balance in Capital Equipment has gone from $930,000 to $570,000.  We need that fund and a savings account for difficult times and we are currently going the wrong direction in this fund, and need to be watchful this next year.


Councilman Rudi stated this budget comes forward without a tax increase, and asked City Manager Davis to discuss the effect of the Hancock Amendment on the City’s property tax.


City Manager Davis said historically the City’s property tax was 84 cents per $100 assessed property valuation when the Hancock Amendment took affect, and it is now 53 cents per $100 assessed valuation.  For the past 20 years as growth has taken place in our property assessments and valuations, the City has been forced to roll back the property tax to stay within the limitations of the Hancock Amendment.  As a consequence, the levy has gone from 84 cents to 53 cents per $100 assessed valuation.  The Hancock Amendment limits the City’s growth by 5 percent per year in assessed valuation, and the City is forced to roll back its levy, when nice neighborhoods develop and property assessments and valuations increase.


Councilman Rudi stated we are in fact doing more with less.


City Manager Davis agreed and said especially if any kind of inflation factor is incorporated in the 1983 numbers.


Councilman Smith asked if it is possible to gauge what effect the Homestead Act might have on the City.


City Manager Davis replied he understands the act limits any property tax increases more than 5 percent on anyone over 65 years of age with a household income of less than $75,000 per year.  There has not yet been an opportunity to assess the impact on the City.


Counselor Dave Ramsay stated the theory of this legislation is that it will have no impact because the State is to make up the difference between the tax that would be assessed and the 5 percent limitation.  Also the Homestead Act exemption would only apply in the years in which the State legislature has appropriated sufficient funds to fund those overages.  It is a year-by-year determination by the General Assembly as to whether they will fund the shortfall to the cities.


Councilman Smith noted the net cost for the Harley Davidson motorcycles is only $100 per year.  There are no funds budgeted for a contract with MAST, and the City will continue to handle its ambulance service for now as we have been.


City Manager Davis stated in the past the City has been the primary ambulance provider in our community for emergency and life threatening transports.  The City has used MAST for backup in case our first ambulance was on a call.  Since MAST has had their limitations and financial issues, they have cut back that service.  City firefighter/paramedics have staffed the second ambulance as a backup, with both ambulances operating out of Station 2.  In order to receive the same services from MAST that were received before, the City would have to pay MAST $42,000 annually to become what they call a Primary Customer.  As a Primary Customer, the City would be guaranteed a 12-minute response time, which does not seem adequate, as our policy is 5 ½ minutes.  The City has not funded the $42,000 in this budget, and will continue to provide primary and secondary ambulance service out of the City’s two stations.  The backup ambulance will be moved to the new North Oak station and continue to provide that service utilizing firefighters that are on staff until the City comes to a long term solution as to what type of ambulance service the City wants to provide. 


Councilman Smith stated this only a stopgap measure and asked how long the City could continue in this manner.


City Manager Davis replied this is not a long-term solution, and he hopes the City will come to some resolution as to implementation of a plan within in the next 18 months.


Councilman Smith noted the City has decided not to opt out of the Sales Tax Holiday.


City Manager Davis replied that is correct.


City Manager thanked the Mayor and City Council members for the time they spent on the budget documents and for their guidance in regard to policy issues.  City Manager Davis said he and City staff wish to express their appreciation to the Mayor and City Council.


Mayor Beer invited anyone who wished to speak in Favor of adoption of the Annual Operating Budget for the City of Gladstone to please step forward.


There was no one who spoke in Favor of adoption of the Annual Operating Budget.


Mayor Beer invited anyone who wished to speak in Opposition to adoption of the Annual Operating Budget for the City of Gladstone to please step forward.


There was no one who spoke in Opposition to adoption of the Annual Operating Budget.


Mayor Beer closed the Public Hearing.


Item 10. on the Agenda.           FIRST READING BILL 04-26, an Ordinance amending Ordinance Number 3.396 relating to rules and regulations for City parks, to provide revised hours of operation.


Councilman Les Smith moved to place Bill 04-26 on First Reading.  Councilman Carol Rudi seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer.  (5-0).  The Clerk read the Bill.


Councilman Les Smith moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 04-26 Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading.  Councilman Carol Rudi seconded.   The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer.  (5-0).  The Clerk read the Bill.


Councilman Les Smith moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 04-26 and enact the Bill as Ordinance 3.917.  Councilman Carol Rudi seconded.


Roll Call Vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Joe Evans, Councilman Les Smith, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi, Mayor Wayne Beer.


Item 11. on the Agenda.           OTHER BUSINESS.


City Manager Davis introduced Emergency Operations Director Chuck Duddy, who is also the City’s Fire Marshall.  Director Duddy had a weather update for the evening.


Director Duddy reported a storm was tracking in an eastward direction from Topeka and was just outside Lawrence, Kansas, and heading our direction.  Tornados have hit the Topeka area.  The storm is predicted to hit our area by 9:15 PM or 9:30 PM at the latest, and possibly earlier.  The storm has produced up to 4-inch size hail, high winds, and 1 to 3 inches of rainfall in a very short time period.  People are being told to prepare for the storm as it is coming to our area if it stays on track.  A second storm cell is heading toward the northern part of the state, in the Maryville area.  This area was hit by a similar storm approximately 2 hours ago.  The storm is building in intensity and people are being told to take cover and be prepared.  Storm watchers are out in strategic points of our City. 


Mayor Beer thanked Director Duddy for his report.


Item 12. on the Agenda.           QUESTIONS FROM THE NEWS MEDIA. 


There were no comments from the News Media.


Item 13. on the Agenda.           ADJOURNMENT.


There being no further business to come before the May 24, 2004, Gladstone City Council Meeting, Mayor Wayne Beer adjourned the Regular Meeting.



Respectfully submitted:





Cathy Swenson, City Clerk



                                                                                Approved as submitted:  ___


                                                                                Approved as corrected/amended: ___




                                                                                               Mayor Wayne Beer