PRESENT:          Mayor Bill Cross

                             Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith

                             Councilman Carol Rudi

                             Councilman Wayne Beer

                             Councilman Mark Revenaugh


City Manager Kirk Davis

City Counselor David Ramsay

Assistant City Manager Scott Wingerson

City Clerk Cathy Swenson



Mayor Bill Cross opened the Regular April 9, 2007, City Council Meeting at 7:30 PM in

the Gladstone City Council Chambers, and said it was wonderful to see so many former Mayors and City Councilmembers, and friends in the audience, who have worked so hard to make Gladstone the great city that it is.  Mayor Cross said in looking across the street at the new Community Center/Natatorium construction, it is unbelievable what this city has accomplished.  Mayor Cross made note that all City Councilmembers were present at this meeting.


Item 3. on the Agenda.             PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.


Mayor Bill Cross led the Pledge of Allegiance, in which all joined.


Item 4. on the Agenda.             APPROVAL OF THE REGULAR MARCH 26, 2007, CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES.


Councilman Carol Rudi  moved to approve the Regular March 26, 2007, City Council Meeting Minutes as presented.  Councilman Mark Revenaugh seconded the motion. 


The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Mark Revenaugh, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith and Mayor Bill Cross.  (5-0)


Item 5. on the Agenda.            Councilman Carol Rudi read a PROCLAMATION designating May 1-7, 2007, as “PUBLIC SERVICE APPRECIATION WEEK” in Gladstone, Missouri.  Councilman Rudi said this Proclamation is signed by the Mayor and all City Councilmembers.


City Manager Kirk Davis accepted the Proclamation on behalf of all City of Gladstone employees.




Mayor Cross introduced State Representative Jerry Nolte, saying that Mr. Nolte has done a wonderful job in representing our city.


State Representative Nolte began by saying that Lieutenant Governor Pete Kinder, in his role as the official Senior Citizen Advocate for the State of Missouri, awards a Senior Service Award each year.  This year the award goes to Mayor Bill Cross for all the wonderful things he has done for his community.  Mr. Nolte said some highlights of Mayor Cross’s many contributions are listed in the award, which he will not read at this time, as everyone here knows how much Bill Cross means to Gladstone.


Mr. Nolte said it was his great pleasure to present this award to Mayor Cross and to recognize his years of service and the fact that Gladstone is a much richer place for him having been here and giving so much service to our community.


Following applause, Mayor Cross thanked Mr. Nolte and his fellow City Councilmembers, who, he said, made this award possible.  Mayor Cross said Mr. Nolte has served our community well, and encouraged him to keep up the good work.


Mayor Cross said the older one gets, the more honors one receives; people want to honor you before you pass on.  Mayor Cross said he appreciates very much the honors that have been bestowed upon him by local, state, and national governments.  Mayor Cross said it is wonderful to go into his study and see the plaques and trophies that have been given to him as a result of the work of the people of Gladstone.


Item 7. on the Agenda.             FIRST READING BILL 07-09, declaring the results of the Tuesday, April 3, 2007, Gladstone General Election as certified by the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners that City Council Candidate Les Smith has been elected to a Three Year Term on the Gladstone City Council.


Councilman Mark Revenaugh moved to place Bill No. 07-09 on First Reading.  Councilman Wayne Beer seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Mark Revenaugh, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith and Mayor Bill Cross.  (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.


Councilman Mark Revenaugh moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 07-09, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading.  Councilman Wayne Beer seconded.  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Mark Revenaugh, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith and Mayor Bill Cross.  (5-0)  The Clerk read the Bill.


Councilman Mark Revenaugh moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 07-09 and enact the Bill as Ordinance 4.027.  Councilman Wayne Beer seconded.  


Roll Call Vote:  The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Mark Revenaugh, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith and Mayor Bill Cross.  (5-0)


Item 8. on the Agenda.             REMARKS FROM THE MAYOR.


Mayor Cross said that as for the past year he has had difficulty speaking, he has asked Sergeant Richard King, Public Information Coordinator, to put together a PowerPoint presentation that exemplifies what everyone within the City has done in this last year, since he has been Mayor.  Mayor Cross said he and his fellow City Councilmembers have worked religiously hard, and have gotten along extremely well.  Mayor Cross invited everyone to view the PowerPoint presentation, as narrated by Sergeant King.  (Please see the attached PowerPoint presentation copy).


Sergeant King began by saying it was his pleasure to present the 2006 Year in Review PowerPoint for the Mayor this evening.  One of the first things that happened in 2006 was that the City continued the public meetings on the Downtown Village Center, which involved tremendous citizen input.  The meetings were well attended and the crowds got bigger each time the meetings were held.  The end result of the meetings was a new Downtown Village Center Master Plan as shown on the PowerPoint slide.


Sergeant King said moving into spring, the City celebrated Arbor Day, and for the past few years the City has gathered with the students from Oakwood Manor Elementary School to plant trees.  Our City is a Tree City and we have been very successful with that recognition for several years.  Sergeant King pointed out that Mayor Cross was invited to participate in the Easter Parade at Zona Rosa, and addressed the crowd about issues of importance to Northlanders.  Sergeant King reported that Mayor Cross has said a personal honor for him was receiving the Outstanding Missourian award this past year.  Mayor Cross was nominated by State Representative Jerry Nolte, and the recognition was presented by Speaker of the House of Representatives Rod Jetton in Jefferson City.  It was a pleasure for many from Gladstone to attend this event in support of the Mayor.


Sergeant King said the City participated in its first Wellness Challenge last year, and the second Wellness Challenge was just wrapped up today.  Our City did win the Challenge last year, and everyone worked very hard with both challenges.


Sergeant King continued by saying the citizen group, Gladstone on the Move, suggested the City needed to work on neighborhood revitalization.  That effort started in 2006, with the Bolling Heights area, whose citizen group, the Bolling Heights Community Link, is very active.  This group is neighbors helping neighbors with yard clean-up and landscaping projects.  Sergeant King said the City has been working with rental property owners throughout the City and has conducted Crime Free Multi-Housing Training for Gladstone property managers and owners, who are learning how to work with the City on crime issues and code problems.  This is a program that has been well received and will help to improve the quality of life for the folks that are renters. 


Sergeant King continued with the PowerPoint presentation by pointing out that Mayor Cross was President of the Clay County Coordinating Committee, and during his term on this Committee, he introduced a friend in the history realm, John Dillingham, who spoke to a group one evening about the history of our area.  While President of this Committee, Mayor Cross presented an American flag to the Assistance League of Kansas City, who is based in Gladstone, in honor of their service to the community. 


The next PowerPoint slide showed pictures of the City’s municipal pool before, during and following renovations.  Sergeant King reported that when the pool opens on May 26, 2007, it will be a brand new pool, with new shade features, “zero depth” entry, shade seating in the water, new flume slides, and new play features for the children.  These improvements will be making “a splash” in May 2007.  The City Council led Northlanders in celebrating the July 4th holiday in Oak Grove Park.  There was a great concert with one of the best fireworks display seen anywhere.


Mayor Cross was President of the Westgate Division of the Missouri Municipal League this past year, and in that capacity, he presented the Missouri Municipal League Leadership Award to Pastor Bob Baier, of Antioch Bible Baptist Church.  During this past year there was a farewell coffee to reminisce about the Community Building that sat in Central Park for many years.  At the farewell, there was a chance to visit and share memories before the building was demolished. 


The Gladfest Parade was featured in a following slide, showing photos of City Council members who participate in the parade each year.  Gladstone Public Safety officers and the Honor Guard were shown leading the parade as it progressed along the parade route.  Sergeant King pointed out photos of the Community Center groundbreaking ceremony.  The construction site has gone from a big hole in the ground to walls that are springing up seemingly overnight.  The Mayor, City Council, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board members, and others participated in the actual groundbreaking.  Sergeant King pointed out photos of the old Community Building’s demolition and the excavation and early stages of construction for the new Community Center/Natatorium.


Sergeant King reported the first two issues of our community magazine, “Coming Home to Gladstone”, were mailed to residents.  Friday Fright Night, a fun event for children at Halloween time, was featured on a slide.  This event, a partnership with the Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce and local businesses, provides children a safe environment in which to “trick or treat”.  The Gladstone Arts Commission was officially formed this past year, which is a rebirth of an existing group that will look at the arts as a whole for the City of Gladstone.  This group has received recognition in the newspaper recently for some of the things they will be doing.  Moving into the holiday season, in 2006, efforts through the Mayor’s Holiday Tree event raised $12,127.50.  The money comes from the community and is divided between the Northland Christmas Store and Neighbors Helping Neighbors, to benefit those in need in our community.


The Gladstone on the Move Committee recommended a citizen leadership class.  The Future Leaders Academy classes are in progress.  There are 23 interested Gladstone citizens in the Academy who are learning more about the integral workings of the City, as well as leadership opportunities.  These classes are an opportunity to involve some new people in our community.  Sergeant King continued by saying there was growth in our City last year, with Northtowne Mazda relocating on North Oak Trafficway.  A new showroom is included in the improvements at this site.  Rod’s Hallmark expanded their store and it is now the largest privately owned Hallmark store in the country.  Plaza 57 was constructed and is now occupied, and generating new revenues for the City.  Lawson Bank expanded.  Goens Rental moved to the former Ryan’s Steakhouse location on North Oak Trafficway, and updated their facility.  Tower Plaza, at 64th and North Prospect, is under construction, and will be the new home of Tiffany And, a new retail shop coming into Gladstone.  BankLiberty will occupy the corner across the street from Tiffany And.


There are new residential opportunities in our City, with the Reveda development and The Preserve located at 68th and Antioch.  The former Kentucky Fried Chicken is now Church’s Chicken, with the property greatly improved.  A new event for the City this year was the flashlight Easter Egg Hunt, which took place in Oak Grove Park.  It took a lot of hands to put goodies in the hundreds of plastic eggs so over 750 children could enjoy this fun event.


Sergeant King concluded by saying it was a tremendous year for the City of Gladstone, with a great many accomplishments.  Many recognitions were received by the Mayor and others in our City during this past year. 


Following applause, Mayor Cross thanked Sergeant King, and jokingly said Sergeant King really “padded” things to make him look good!  Mayor Cross said it has been a lot of work this past year, but it has been fun, and the five City Councilmembers have all worked together, and the accomplishments would not have been possible without the four other Councilmembers.  Mayor Cross said he was so pleased there were over 700 children looking for Easter eggs in the park.  What a great turnout!  If that many turned out the first year, how many will there be next year?  Gladstone is becoming well known throughout the metropolitan area. With the Management Team and the hard working Staff the City has, City Councilmembers feel like anything is possible for Gladstone to accomplish.


City Manager Kirk Davis stated there is a surprise that is not on the agenda.  City Manager Davis invited the Mayor’s wife, Mary Cross to join him in the front of the room.  City Manager Davis said Mayor Cross has been a supporter of City staff through thick and thin.  He always asks how the City employees are doing and how projects or issues are progressing.  Mayor Cross came in to City Hall every Tuesday morning to ask about how the Council meeting went and did he do the right thing.  Over the course of time, Staff has appreciated all the support provided by Mayor Cross.  The Leadership Team has a special gift to present, and the artist is with us this evening.  City Manager Davis unveiled a portrait of Mayor Cross by artist, Myrna Williams, wife of Public Works Director Chuck Williams, and presented it to Mary Cross as a gift from the Leadership Team.


Following applause, Mayor Cross thanked Myrna Williams and said since she and her husband have come on board with the City, the City’s accomplishments have increased.


City Manager Davis asked Mrs. Williams how long she had been an artist.


Mrs. Williams replied she began classes this past fall.


Mayor Cross jokingly said she had nothing to work with and she turned out such a great portrait.  Mayor Cross thanked Mrs. Williams and the Leadership Team for the wonderful gift.  Mayor Cross said there are many in the audience who have been past Mayors and Councilmembers, and they know how much work is involved, and it is fun to see your own city progressing.  Mayor Cross said he remembers 30 years ago when the OK was given by the City Council to go ahead with the Municipal Pool, and everyone was saying no City pool ever made it, and the Gladstone pool would never make it.  Our City did make it and the pool was paid off within 10 years.  There is now new improvements taking place at the pool and in its vicinity, with the new Community Center/Natatorium. 


Mayor Cross said if it were not for his four colleagues, the cooperation of the citizens, people coming to the City Council meetings and expressing themselves, and the City staff here, none of this would be possible.  Mayor Cross said he was not certain where the portrait would go, it might be hidden a little bit.  Mayor Cross jokingly said the portrait looks exactly like him, which is what worries him!  Mayor Cross said on behalf of his wife, Mary, and his family, they appreciate this gift so much.


Item 9. on the Agenda.             CITY COUNCIL OATH OF OFFICE:  LES SMITH.


City Clerk Cathy Swenson gave the oath of office to Les Smith for a three-year term on the Gladstone City Council, followed by applause from the audience.




Item 10. on the Agenda.           REMARKS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL


Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith said it is a lot more fun watching campaigns than doing them.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said there were a lot of people who came to bat for us this year, and he says “for us” because he does not believe his election was about getting re-elected.  He believes his election and the 70 percent of the votes he received, was a mandate to continue in the direction that we are taking this City.  It began with Gladstone on the Move, and even long before that.  There are people present this evening that built the bridge that the City is going across right now.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said he really believes that this election was a referendum on those things that we have going on, from the Community Center to the Village Center to North Oak Trafficway to Gladstone Plaza.  The folks said, yes, you are going in the right direction.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said it is a credit to everyone in this room and the four other Councilmembers that we are heading in the right direction, and the people support that.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said a lot of people had a part in that, including fellow City Councilmembers and many in the audience, who helped with the campaign.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said jokingly, he thought he would get a week’s reprieve from his mother (who was in the audience), but she did not wait 24 hours to begin nagging him about something else! 


Mayor Pro Tem Smith said his biggest and best supporter is his mother, Carmelina, and he thanked her.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith introduced his son, Jason, and said his daughter, Jennifer is away at school at Oklahoma State University, who did beat City Manager Davis’s Cornhuskers in football this year!  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said a couple of guests who are very special are present, and said there have been a lot of changes in his family in the last year or two, and he thanked Laura Gay, and introduced her son, Sam.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said Laura Gay provided support to him in a way that he had never had before, and that she probably worked harder on this campaign than he did, and he offered his thanks to her.


Mayor Pro Tem Smith congratulated Mayor Cross and said he has set the table wonderfully for this coming year.  Mayor Pro Tem Smith said he hopes that City Councilmembers will continue on the path that Mayor Cross has set them on, and he congratulated Mayor Cross on an outstanding term as Mayor, and thanked him for being a good friend.


Councilman Wayne Beer congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Smith on his re-election, and said “job well done”.


Councilman Carol Rudi congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Smith, and thanked Carmelina Smith and Laura Gay, saying jokingly she was sure they did work harder on the campaign!


Councilman Mark Revenaugh congratulated Mayor Cross and agreed with Mayor Pro Tem Smith that Mayor Cross has led City Councilmembers on the right path that is going to make the whole community more vibrant and alive, and Councilmembers all appreciate his work on their behalf.  Councilman Revenaugh congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Smith on his decision to sign up for another three-year term to serve the community.  City Council is gratified and the entire community will be better off as a result of Mayor Pro Tem Smith’s decision.


Mayor Bill Cross had no comments at this time.


Item 11. on the Agenda.           ELECTION OF MAYOR AND OATH OF OFFICE


Mayor Bill Cross presided and opened nominations for the office of Mayor of the City of Gladstone.  Councilman Wayne Beer nominated Les Smith for Mayor.   Councilman Mark Revenaugh seconded the motion.  Councilman Carol Rudi said she would like for Council to elect “soon to be Mayor” Les Smith by acclamation.   


The vote:  All “aye” – Councilman Mark Revenaugh, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith, Mayor Bill Cross.  (5-0)


The City Clerk administered the Oath of Office for the position of Mayor of the City of Gladstone, Missouri to Mayor Pro Tem Les Smith, followed by applause from the audience.


Item 12. on the Agenda.           REMARKS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL


Councilman Carol Rudi congratulated Mayor Smith and thanked former Mayor Cross for having led City Council this past year, and setting the standard that they can all aspire to.  Councilman Rudi said she knows Mayor Smith will do a good job.  He is talented and bright and is very well spoken, and will do a very good job for the City as Mayor.  Councilman Rudi said she will be very proud of Mayor Smith at the end of the year.


Councilman Wayne Beer congratulated Mayor Smith on his selection as Mayor and thanked former Mayor Cross for his work in the past year.  Councilman Beer said as Councilman Rudi mentioned, former Mayor Cross set a high standard that he knows Mayor Smith will be able to meet.  There is a full agenda for the next year, and Mayor Smith is up to the task.


Councilman Bill Cross had no comments at this time.


Councilman Mark Revenaugh had no comments at this time.


Mayor Les Smith had no comments at this time.


Item 13. on the Agenda.           ELECTION OF MAYOR PRO TEM


Mayor Les Smith invited nominations for the office of Mayor Pro Tem.  Councilman Carol Rudi nominated Councilman Mark Revenaugh as Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Gladstone, and moved that the nominations cease and that Councilman Mark Revenaugh be elected Mayor Pro Tem by acclamation. Councilman Wayne Beer seconded the motion.  There being no further nominations, Mayor Smith called for a vote. 


The Vote:  all “aye” – Councilman Mark Revenaugh, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Councilman Bill Cross, Mayor Les Smith.  (5-0)


Item 14. on the Agenda.           REMARKS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL


Mayor Les Smith congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Revenaugh.


Councilman Wayne Beer congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Revenaugh on his selection as Mayor Pro Tem, and knows he will be called upon from time to time to fill in for the Mayor’s duties, and he knows he is up to the task.


Councilman Carol Rudi congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Revenaugh, and said he will do a great job.  Councilman Rudi said she has seen Mayor Pro Tem Revenaugh preside at meetings in the past, and he does a really good job; he participates in a lot of activities for the City and she knows he will continue to help the Mayor with that this year.


Councilman Bill Cross agreed with Councilman Rudi, and said those who have served in this capacity know there is a lot of work involved in the position of Mayor Pro Tem. There are places to go, things to do, and involves working with the Mayor and the Staff.  Councilman Cross said he knows Mayor Pro Tem Revenaugh can do it, and challenged Mayor Pro Tem Revenaugh to keep up the good job that Mayor Smith did this past year helping him when he served as Mayor.


Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh had no comments at this time.




Item 15. on the Agenda.           COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE


Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce President Amy Harlin stated on behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire membership of the Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce, it is her honor to say a special thank you and recognize Mayor Cross and Mary Cross for their service throughout this past year, and their dedication to the Chamber.  Ms. Harlin said when she thought about what she wanted to say she was awed with the word “dedication”.  Ms. Harlin said it is amazing to her that these two people never missed a Chamber luncheon, a ribbon cutting, or an “after hours” event.  On good days and bad days, in good weather or bad weather they were there.  Ms. Harlin thanked them for their service, and said when she began to think of the right thing to do to honor them, what struck her was what tremendous friends they have always been to the Chamber.  The symbol of friendship is the yellow rose, as many are wearing this evening.  Ms. Harlin said she wanted to give the Crosses something beautiful this evening as well as a lasting tribute for their friendship to the Chamber.  Ms. Harlin presented a bouquet of yellow roses to Mary Cross and a yellow rose bush for their home in recognition of their service throughout the year.


Applause ensued from the audience.


Donald Harper, 1606 NE 68 Terrace, addressed Mayor Smith and City Councilmembers by saying in this room full of dignitaries, the only title he really carries is citizen of Gladstone, and he felt it might be appropriate for a word in that regard to say thanks to all the folks sitting at the Council table.  Mr. Harper said he is at enough meetings and activities around the City to know what kind of time City Councilmembers put into the job and the dedication involved.  The Public Service Proclamation was very appropriate for the City staff, as he sees them doing a lot.  Every time he is volunteering at an event, he always sees City Councilmembers working twice as  long and hard as the rest of the volunteers.  Mr. Harper said as a Gladstone citizen, he wanted to say “thanks” to all of the City Council for their time, devotion, and dedication to our City.


Following applause, Mayor Smith thanked Mr. Harper.


Item 16. on the Agenda.           COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL


Councilman Wayne Beer said that Mr. Harper titled himself as just a citizen of Gladstone, and addressed Mr. Harper by saying it is not just a citizen of Gladstone; without the citizens of Gladstone, there would not be a Gladstone.  It is because of the citizens of Gladstone that things are happening.  Councilman Beer thanked Mr. Harper for being one of them.


Councilman Carol Rudi stated that Mr. Harper also serves on the Gladstone Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, as well as do other people in the audience.  Mr. Harper is at a lot of activities and is very involved, and City Council does appreciate Mr. Harper and all who volunteer for the City.  Councilman Rudi thanked Mr. Harper for his service to the community.


Councilman Bill Cross said he has worked with Mr. Harper a lot, and knows how dedicated and how hard he works for the City.


Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh had no comments at this time.


Mayor Les Smith had no comments at this time.




Mayor Smith stated Councilman Beer was the driving force in organizing what is hoped will be a tradition in the City.  Mayor Smith said in looking around the room, while he was hanging around with his father, Everett, there are people present who bounced him on their


knee a little bit.  Mayor Smith said those past and present Mayors and Councilmembers are the history of Gladstone.  The City has a very involved citizenry, and has also had a very involved group of folks who have served the community for many years.  Mayor Smith invited Councilman Beer to introduce the former Mayors and Councilmembers who were present this evening.


Councilman Beer began by introducing Mrs. Carmelina Smith, who happens to be the wife of the late Mayor Everett Smith, and the mother of current Mayor Les Smith.  Councilman Beer asked past Mayors and Councilmembers to stand as they were introduced and recognized.  Councilman Beer said jokingly without Carmelina Smith it would be difficult to be working with Mayor Smith this evening.  Councilman Beer said also present this evening are several others who have been very important to Gladstone’s past 55 years of growth and development.  Councilman Beer said the main reason he wanted to recognize these folks this evening, which by the way was suggested to him by others, is because without their efforts prior to this Council’s term, it would be very difficult to be doing the things that are being done today.  They laid the foundation, and as the Mayor mentioned, they built the bridge across which is now being crossed.  Without their efforts, some of the things that are occurring now would not be possible, such as the fantastic Community Center that is under construction across the street from City Hall. 


The Community Center, which is planned to be the focus for a new downtown development was made possible by former Mayors and Councilmembers.  Their efforts made it possible, and the current Council was able to help carry it on today.  Many in attendance tonight were here at the time of the original development of Gladstone Plaza.  This Council is now in the position to see its redevelopment along with those folks who were present during the initial development.  Councilman Beer said this is a pretty good night tonight, and he felt with the installation of the new Council and new Mayor, recognition of all the past Mayors and Councils was terribly important.


Councilman Beer introduced Bob Ashcroft, Anita Newsom, C. Milton Wallace, Shirley Smith, Larry Whitton, Lee Bussinger, Bernie Jezak, Art Hammen, Dick Davis, and Dave Fricke.  Councilman Beer thanked those introduced for their service to Gladstone; without their service what is happening today would not be possible.  Following applause from the audience, Councilman Beer said upon adjournment of this Council meeting, past Mayors and Councilmembers are invited to remain in the Council Chambers for a quick picture of the group, while the audience goes to the conference rooms, where there will be a reception honoring the past and present City Councilmembers. 


Item 18. on the Agenda.           COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CITY MANAGER.


City Manager Kirk Davis stated it was good to see so many friends in the audience. 


Item 19. on the Agenda.           OTHER BUSINESS.


There was no other business.


Item 20. on the Agenda.           QUESTIONS FROM THE NEWS MEDIA.


There were no questions from the News Media.


Item 21. on the Agenda.           ADJOURNMENT


There being no further business to come before the April 9, 2007, Gladstone City Council Meeting, Mayor Les Smith adjourned the Regular Meeting and invited everyone to attend the reception honoring the past and present City Councils, which was co-hosted by the Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Gladstone, and invited everyone to sign the guest book located outside the conference rooms.






Respectfully submitted:



Cathy Swenson, City Clerk

                                                                                       Approved as submitted:  ___


                                                                                Approved as corrected/amended: ___



                                                                                              Mayor Les Smith