MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2008


7:30 PM

PRESENT: Mayor Les Smith

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh

Councilman Wayne Beer

Councilman Carol Rudi

Councilmember Carol Suter

City Manager Kirk Davis

Assistant City Manager Scott Wingerson

City Clerk Cathy Swenson

ABSENT: City Counselor David Ramsay

Mayor Les Smith opened the Regular April 14, 2008, City Council Meeting at 7:30 PM in the Gladstone City Council Chambers.

Item 2. on the Agenda. ROLL CALL

Mayor Les Smith noted that all Council members were present.

Item 3. on the Agenda. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

Mayor Les Smith led the Pledge of Allegiance, in which all joined.


Councilman Wayne Beer moved to approve the Regular March 24, 2008, City Council Meeting Minutes as presented. Councilmember Carol Suter seconded. The vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith. (5-0)

Item 5. on the Agenda. SPECIAL PRESENTATION: to Mrs. Ikey Harris.

Mayor Smith said this is a special time of the year for City Council members, as they have the opportunity to honor special folks in our community. Mayor Smith said this year there will be a presentation of two Keys to the City and a Proclamation.

Mayor Smith invited Ikey Harris to join him at the City Council dais, and stated that most people may know Mrs. Harris from the Northland Christmas Store. Mrs. Harris has also contributed largely to the City’s Amphitheatre and Theatre in the Park programs. Mayor Smith reported that Mrs. Harris has been the Chairman of the Northland Christmas Store for 10 years; she has been a major benefactor to Gladstone Theatre in the Park for 18 years, and an original stage contributor; and every year she provides support where needed, and she makes things happen. Mrs. Harris paid for water service for the back stage of the Amphitheatre; and has contributed over one half of the funds for the Oak Grove Park sign on the corner of 76th Street and North Troost. Mrs. Harris has been a Scarecrow 5K Walk/Run Sponsor for 10 years; and a major sponsor of the Western Missouri Soccer League Harris Cup Tournament; a major benefactor of the Clay County Clothes Closet Building Campaign; and is a major sponsor of Relay for Life.

Mayor Smith said Ikey Harris does not like to talk about what she does, but we do! Mayor Smith read and presented a Key to the City to Ikey Harris, which was followed by a standing ovation from the audience.

Mrs. Harris thanked Mayor Smith and City Council members.

Item 6. on the Agenda. SPECIAL PRESENTATION: to Pastor Bob Baier and the Antioch Bible Baptist Church.

Mayor Smith invited Pastor Bob Baier to step forward, then began by saying it seemed appropriate to present Pastor Baier and his congregation with a Key to the City, as the church doors are always open for the community. Mayor Smith stated that Pastor Bob, as he is affectionately called, is not only there to answer the phone when there is a need, but he calls us when there might just be a need. Pastor Bob assisted the City in the aftermath of the 2003 tornado, and after the 2002 ice storm. They opened their facility to shelter people, even offering to shelter pets, so people would feel comfortable leaving their homes. The Antioch Bible Baptist Church hosted the Community Oriented Government meetings; the Downtown Master Plan meetings; and the City’s Comprehensive Plan meetings. Pastor Bob is currently a member of the Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; and in 2006 he received the Gladstone Civic Leadership award, which is a presentation the City Council makes once per year in conjunction with the Westgate Division of the Missouri Municipal League. Mayor Smith said without Pastor Bob, he does not believe our community would be where it is today. Mayor Smith said it is a challenge to present a Key to the City to an entire congregation, but City Council members feel it is well deserved, and they appreciate Pastor Bob and the church’s commitment to the community. Mayor Smith read and presented the Key to the City to Pastor Bob Baier, which was followed by a standing ovation from the audience.

Pastor Baier stated, on behalf of his congregation, they very much appreciate this honor, and he thanked the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager Kirk Davis. Pastor Baier said they have a great group of people at Antioch Bible Baptist Church, and they love God and this community, and are glad to be a part of it. What a great honor to accept this on behalf of the church, and the glory of God.

Item 7. on the Agenda. PROCLAMATION: recognizing Gladstone Hy-Vee and Store Manager Steve Bindseil’s support of the City of Gladstone and the Northland community.

Mayor Smith invited Steve Bindseil to step forward, following which he read and presented the Proclamation to Mr. Bindseil.

Mr. Bindseil stated he thanked the Mayor and City Council for this fine honor, on behalf of the employees of the Gladstone Hy-Vee. Mr. Bindseil said he and his wife, Victoria, enjoy being part of the Gladstone community and look forward to many profitable and good years with Hy-Vee and the City of Gladstone in the future.

Mayor Smith said, in addition to the contributions made by Hy-Vee, Ikey Harris and others, Antioch Bible Baptist Church donated an amount to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund this past year that pushed it over the top, making it the largest single year for donations in its history, and he would also like to thank them for their generous contribution.

Mayor Smith stated at this time, the City Council would move to Item 9. on the Agenda, to allow the City Clerk the opportunity to locate the recipients of the next Proclamation.

Item 9. on the Agenda. FIRST READING BILL 08-11, declaring the results of the Tuesday, April 8, 2008, Gladstone General Election as certified by the Clay County Board of Election Commissioners that City Council Candidates CAROL RUDI and CAROL SUTER have been elected to Three Year Terms on the Gladstone City Council, and WAYNE BEER has been elected to a One Year Term on the Gladstone City Council.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh moved to place Bill 08-11 on First Reading. Councilmember Carol Suter seconded. The vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith. (5-0). The Clerk read the Bill.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 08-11, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading. Councilmember Carol Suter seconded. The vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith. (5-0). The Clerk read the Bill.

Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 08-11 and enact the Bill as Ordinance 4.069. Councilmember Carol Suter seconded.

Roll Call Vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith.


Item 10. on the Agenda. FIRST READING BILL 08-12, declaring the results of the Tuesday, April 8, 2008, Special Election, at which election the following proposition was submitted to the voters of said City as Question 1, to wit: “Shall the City of Gladstone, Missouri, impose a tax on the charges for all sleeping rooms paid by the transient guests of hotels and motels situated within the City of Gladstone at the rate of five percent for the sole purpose of promoting tourism”?

Councilman Carol Rudi moved to place Bill 08-12 on First Reading. Councilman Wayne Beer seconded. The vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith. (5-0). The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Carol Rudi moved to accept the First Reading of Bill 08-12, Waive the Rule and place the Bill on Second and Final Reading. Councilman Wayne Beer seconded. The vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith. (5-0). The Clerk read the Bill.

Councilman Carol Rudi moved to accept the Second and Final Reading of Bill 08-12 and enact the Bill as Ordinance 4.070. Councilman Wayne Beer seconded.

Roll Call Vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith.


Item 8. on the Agenda. PROCLAMATION: designating May 2008 as “OLDER AMERICANS MONTH” in Gladstone, Missouri, and urging residents to honor our older adults and encourage efforts to improve the lives of our older citizens and help pave the way for future generations.

Mayor Smith invited Donald Harper to join him, following which, he read and presented the proclamation to him.

Mr. Harper said he was accepting the Proclamation as one of the Board members of the Clay County Senior Services, which was established about five years ago with a fund levy from Clay County. This group is very active in providing many services to the community. Mr. Harper said he would not detail the services, but he did have some flyers that he would be passing out tonight. Mr. Harper said there is not a lot of publicity, but work is done in conjunction with the Shepherd Center and other organizations, so it is a joint effort. The City of Gladstone is a partner with the Clay County Senior Services through the Community Center, where approximately $2,000 will be reimbursed for classes that Seniors are taking in the Gladstone Community Center. Seniors may be seen in the Community Center, working out and bettering their health. The idea is to keep Senior Citizens out of the nursing homes, and to encourage exercise, to maintain better health. This is a community effort.

Item 11. on the Agenda. MAYOR’S STATE OF THE CITY ADDRESS.

Mayor Smith stated at this time, he would like to share some thoughts with everyone, as a recap of the most recent year in our City, and some of the things that each and every person has been a part of this year. Mayor Smith said it has been busy in our City this year, and everyone knows that because we have leaned on a lot of you to help us. Mayor Smith said it was good to see in the audience former Mayors, City Council members and other community leaders; it seems it wasn’t very long ago, 12 months, that we all got together. Mayor Smith encouraged all to remain for a group photo after this meeting.

Mayor Smith thanked City Manager Kirk Davis, City staff, and Council members for their hard work and support this last year. It has been busy around here the last 12 to 18 months; not that we have done more than any previous Councils or administrations have done; it just seems it is all hitting at once. We have many challenges ahead of us, but we have also put many challenges behind us. Mayor Smith said he believes if we keep a steady hand on the wheel, there is no reason why we can’t stay the course, and quite frankly, it is a good course.

Mayor Smith said in the summer of 2001, three people first planted the seed for Gladstone on the Move; City Manager Davis was at that table, and the wheels that would ultimately set the direction for Gladstone’s future were set in motion. It was intended to be a 20-year plan, and it will sustain itself far beyond the 20 years. A testament to the strength of this initiative was proven this past year, when Gladstone was awarded the “Strategic Governance and Leadership Award” by ICMA (International City/County Management Association), the premier local government leadership and management organization in the country.

Mayor Smith stated we are all familiar with many of the recommendations that came from Gladstone on the Move, and stated he would like to update the audience on a few of those. Most notable was the desire to build a Community Center. Three years and one day after passing a sales tax to build a Community Center, we opened a Community Center. Another objective of Gladstone on the Move was to forge new partnerships and doing so, helped us provide the amenities we see in the Community Center. The Community Center was originally intended to be a “dry” facility, and we could not raise the money to finance a swimming component in the Community Center. What we did is we partnered with the North Kansas City School District. The story is old but it bears retelling. The School District had always desired a competitive swimming arena. Unbeknownst to many, they have a very active and competitive swimming program, and they were using the YMCA and other small pools, and had children getting up at 4:30 in the morning to practice; they needed the space that desperately. The City partnered with the School District, and with their help we were able to build a leisure pool for our residents and a competitive swimming arena for their students. This was very gratifying. We do not have a School District of our own, and to make such an impact in the lives of so many children is very gratifying.

Mayor Smith continued by saying we also forged a partnership with Metropolitan Community Colleges for a tournament-quality soccer field at Happy Rock West, and a partnership that will allow their paramedic students to ride along with our paramedics and gain additional training from our paramedics. The benefit to them is obvious – on the job training. The benefit to us is that it enhances our recruitment opportunities and puts a third person on many of our ambulance runs. Also part of Gladstone on the Move was streets, sidewalks, water distribution lines, and the “Coming Home to Gladstone” magazine. The magazine came out of Gladstone on the Move as a way of better communicating with our citizens. The North Oak Water main projects have been completed, and North Oak will be paved this summer. The City completely renovated the outdoor municipal pool to the tune of more than $1 million. We had a pool that was nearly 30 years old, very conventional, and functionally obsolete. We now have one of the premier facilities in the Northland.

The City also initiated a Future Leaders Academy. Sergeant Richard King is the point person on that, and does a fine job. Mayor Smith said he recognized many in the room who were either graduates of the first class or are participating in the current class. The City has designed more than $1.5 million in trails, which was another objective of Gladstone on the Move. The City has focused on a downtown – a village center for Gladstone. The village center process was very unique. We engaged Gale Communities and David Gale to help us design our master plan for the village center. We had a series of design charrettes, where we invited the community to weigh in on what the master plan for downtown Gladstone should look like. So where do we stand on the village center? We have a pretty picture and a lot of different development use potentials for that, but why haven’t we turned any ground yet? All we really need is a developer with about $50 to $70 million in their pocket and we can probably get going tomorrow. There are a lot of different components that go into developing the village center. This community – all of you – reinvested in yourself first and foremost with the issue to pass a sales tax for the Community Center-Natatorium. We just recently passed an initiative that was on the agenda this evening, for a Hotel/Motel Tax or Tourism Tax. The first thing we usually hear is skepticism about the prospects of a hotel actually locating in our City. Mayor Smith said believe it or not, the Natatorium has generated enough interest from the outside development community that we have at least a preliminary proposal from a hotel group for a hotel in Gladstone. The thought being that this will attract people from around the region, state, and the entire Midwest, and bring people to Gladstone, and those folks will need a place to stay. It seems a bit strange or less than conventional that a community center can be an economic engine that would drive development of our village center. It absolutely can happen, and we have seen the first steps in that.

Another integral component of the village center master plan is the 68th Street Parkway. Mayor Smith pointed out that to the left of the master plan, a greenway that leads to 169 Highway. We have time and time again heard from outside interests that connection is a key component to developing the village center, and the reason for that, is because whether it be Gladstone Plaza or this area, we have no east-west connections. Everything runs north and south through our City, excepting 72nd Street, which terminates on the east at North Brighton and on the west at 169 Highway. This has become a very important component. At the time, when developing the master plan, we committed to the residents of Hamilton Heights that we would protect their interests, and we agreed to a ten year moratorium on the construction of that road. We are finding now that road is very important, and we might have trouble getting off the ground too awfully far without that road, but the fact of the matter is, we are almost three years into that commitment. We believe that by incorporating a design that is sensitive to the needs of the neighborhood, that when the time comes that we are able to build that road, we will be able to build that road, subject to finding a revenue source to pay for it, but we still will be able to protect the interests of the neighborhood, and we fully intend to honor our commitment to do so.

Mayor Smith stated that Gladstone on the Move and this Council have placed a huge emphasis on North Oak and Gladstone Plaza – where do we stand? David Gale, who facilitated the design of our master plan, also intended to be the master developer for the village center, and had definitely planned to be the master developer for Gladstone Plaza. Two issues have happened. One is that Gladstone Plaza is owned by an entity out of St. Louis. The property is worth approximately $1 million to $1.5 million. The owner is stuck on a $7 million selling price. The City has negotiated with the owner and some movement has been seen, but it is still somewhat of an obstacle. The second issue is that David Gale owns thousands of acres and thousands of residential lots in the Lee’s Summit area. We all know what has happened to the residential real estate market; so with that being his bread and butter, he has had to pull back on what he is hoping to do in his commercial ventures, and this is one of the places from which he has had to pull back. Because you don’t hear very much, does not mean that much is not happening. City Manager Kirk Davis, Assistant City Manager Scott Wingerson and Economic Development Administrator Melinda Mehaffy have been working very hard on numerous angles for Gladstone Plaza redevelopment. Although, it may not take the form immediately that we hoped it would, there is at least some potential for something to come about with Gladstone Plaza in the near future. Mayor Smith said he would like to manage that expectation a bit, because he believes we got a little ahead of the game two or three years ago, and we thought something was imminent, but there may now be something on the horizon.

Mayor Smith continued by saying there are other economic development successes in our City. We have Tower Plaza at 64th and Antioch Road. We have some developments that have occurred on Antioch Road, further to the south. We have two that are master planned further to the south, and we have a project at 72nd and North Euclid that is master planned. One thing that we have heard through all of our citizen engagement forums, whether it be Gladstone on the Move, the Village Center, or the Comprehensive Plan, is that our residents want quality, compatible and sustainable commercial development. It is incumbent upon us to be vigilant in protecting the vision of those citizens as we move forward with these development and redevelopment projects.

Mayor Smith posed the question, “What does the future hold”? Hopefully the future holds a lot of exciting things like have been seen in the last year or two. The bar has been set high. Gladstone ranked 1st in Missouri and 3rd in the metropolitan area for overall citizen satisfaction of how their government is operated. Of cities included in the Direction Finder Survey conducted by ETC Institute, Gladstone ranks within the top 4 percent of cities in America for delivery of services. City Manager Davis and his staff should be very proud of these statistics.

Revenues continue to be relatively flat. We have seen some minor upward trends in our sales tax revenue, which comprise 70 to 80 percent of our City’s revenues, that allow us to provide basic services to the community. We continue to see increase in costs. We run quite a few vehicles throughout the City, and fuel alone has made a major impact on our budget.

Mayor Smith stated he believes our Number One challenge is the potential increase in crime. That seems strange for Gladstone, because we have led a fairly protective life, but we are seeing the occurrences of crime happening Monday through Friday, during the day, that we only used to see at 2:00 and 3:00 on Friday and Saturday mornings. Crime is here and something we are dealing with – we have absolutely the finest Public Safety Department in the area. We, as a Council, must commit to continuing to fund those resources necessary for our Law Enforcement Division.

Regarding street maintenance, Mayor Smith reported that the last two winters have wreaked havoc on our roadways. Clay County has withheld some funds from local communities for the last three or four years that were actually due to our Road District that can go a long way to helping us maintain our roads. We agreed with the County a couple of years ago that the cities affected would file a “friendly” lawsuit, and let the courts decide. The Circuit Court has decided in favor of us. The County appealed, and the Appeals Court decided in our favor. It is now our understanding that the Clay County Commission is trying to get the Missouri State Supreme Court to review the decisions. Mayor Smith said, in his opinion, it is time for Clay County to stop paying the lawyers and start paying the piper.

Mayor Smith stated we must continue to focus on neighborhood preservation and revitalization efforts. Mayor Smith said he has two new initiatives to propose this evening. Former Mayor Dan Bishop was a champion for neighborhood causes. There are some in the room who served on the first Neighborhood Preservation Task Force, which was his brainchild. Mayor Bishop, who became a State Representative upon leaving office here, passed away at a very young age. The family of Dan Bishop contacted us, and has offered in Dan’s memory to establish an endowment fund. The endowment fund is intended to generate interest amongst neighborhoods. One of the goals of Gladstone on the Move and a major goal of this Council has been neighborhood preservation and revitalization efforts. The family has committed $1,000 per year, with an initial commitment of five years. They will fund $1,000 to the Dan Bishop Neighborhood Endowment Fund.

Mayor Smith said the Bishop family has asked he select someone at this time of year every year who should receive an award – that neighborhood activist who has done the most to get their neighborhood organization together and make a positive difference in their neighborhood. Mayor Smith said after consulting with City Manager Davis and Richard King, who we will call the Neighborhood Services Director for now, he would like to introduce this evening the first recipient of the Neighborhood Endowment Fund. The Bishop family is really wanting the recipient, the one main individual, to receive something, so they have insisted that part of the $1,000 be awarded directly to the recipient and part of the money awarded to the neighborhood for neighborhood programs of their choice. Mayor Smith said he was proud to introduce Winnie Estep, the neighborhood representative from Bolling Heights. Bolling Heights was the first neighborhood that we were able to work with and with whom to form a neighborhood association. There will be a $200 check awarded to Winnie, that she may use as she chooses. There will be a check in the amount of $800 that will go to the Bolling Heights neighborhood association, for use with any project the Board of Directors may choose.

Mayor Smith stated the issue of sustainability and climate protection has moved to center stage at the national level because of the attention it has received at the local level. Mayor Smith said he was fortunate this summer to co-host with the Mayor of Mission, Kansas, Laura McConwell, a Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Conference, at which time there was the largest single signing of Mayors to the Climate Protection Agreement in the United States to date. Over 800 cities have signed on, and we had the largest single day signing event in the country. It is a major goal of this Council and will be a major emphasis in our upcoming budget.

Mayor Smith said the Atkins-Johnson Farm is a historic preservation effort. Councilman Rudi has done a great job in spearheading the Atkins-Johnson Farm preservation efforts. It is now listed on the National Registry of historic sites, and some funds have been committed from the budget, and we are looking for more funds. The City hopes to fully restore this site to where this property becomes a working piece of history in our community.

Mayor Smith said we are also very excited about arts in Gladstone. It bears mentioning that the aforementioned Mayor Bishop also is the one who insisted on one percent of the Capital Improvements Funds generated at the City level be placed into a permanent Art Fund. That Art Fund was tapped for the artwork that is seen in the Community Center. We have an Art Springs in Gladstone event coming up April 18 and 19 in the Community Center, bringing culture to Gladstone. Mayor Smith congratulated Councilman Rudi and everyone who has been working on this effort. Mayor Smith said he wished he could share a couple of more things regarding economic development and redevelopment efforts in our City, but he is not at liberty to do so, but he can say there are a couple of things potentially coming down the pike in the very near future that will prove that Gladstone is alive and well.

Mayor Smith said, in regard to the second initiative, we lost two dear friends in our community this year. Former Mayor Dr. Bill Cross passed away in June, and former five time Mayor Lee Bussinger passed away last month. Mayor Smith said Dr. Cross was one of the greatest ambassadors for this community that he has ever known, and Mayor Smith grew up here. Mr. Bussinger was one of our City’s great leaders. If you wanted to do something in Gladstone, politically, or if you wanted something done in Gladstone, the first name you received very often to go see was Lee Bussinger. Sometimes it is too easy to forget our past. We remember those we’ve had dealings with and those we saw in action, but what about those who got us to this point. Mayor Smith stated you have heard a lot about what we have done this past year, but you have also heard me say – loudly and often – that in order to cross the bridge you must first build the bridge. We have more than 50 years of people building the bridge to get us to where we are today. We have not done a very good job, traditionally, of remembering our past and those who built the bridge.

Mayor Smith stated he would like to propose an addition to the Community Center site, and directed the audience to a visual aid, saying this has yet to be named. There have been names suggested from a Founders’ Garden to a Legacy Garden or a Heritage Walk or a Legacy Walk. The intention is to build a permanent history and story of our City. Mayor Smith pointed out a conceptual rendering prepared by Gould-Evans Architects, saying it is proposed to have this area immediately on the east side of the Community Center, and it would be a walk of walls. Along the top, the gray material is actually a stainless steel or something of that sort. Mayor Smith pointed out an area that indicated what a plate might look like. A plate that might tell the history of our City and help us remember those who got us to this point. There are a lot of folks, and as we work to develop the criteria, we want to be as all-inclusive as possible. Mayor Smith suggested many in the room may not know a man named Amos Hinkle; or maybe Charlie and Leona Doolittle; Doc Gould; Ray Sapp Hardware; Joe Berry, the first Mayor of Gladstone; or Jack Riggs, the first elected Mayor; or Paul Degenhardt, who was the first elected Mayor under the City Manager form of government. Mayor Smith said another name of a man that he liked a lot – his father – Everett Smith. Mayor Smith said another name is John Street, who was the first postmaster of Linden. These are all names of people we do not remember as much, because we don’t remember who they are or what they did, but they got us here, including some folks who donated the land that our Community Center, that we are all so proud of, sits on now.

Mayor Smith said we hope, with Council’s blessing and if we can get some community support, to be able to tell the story of our community in a permanent manner - the first 50 years, the next 50 years, and hopefully beyond. Mayor Smith said he is reminded that it is important to remember the people of our community, and he remembers the keynote address at the City’s 50th Anniversary Gala, when we talked about Gladstonians having heart, and that is what makes our community such a wonderful place. It must be true, because Gladstone was just recently named one of 17 finalists in the Country for the coveted All America City Award. They honor ten cities each year, and we are one of the 17 finalists. That is something that we should all be proud of and we should all be excited about.

Mayor Smith said in closing, he would say from the Mayor’s perspective and the Council’s perspective, the table is set for our future, and if we keep a steady hand on the wheel, there is no reason why we cannot stay the course. Mayor Smith said thank you for your time. It’s great to see everyone this evening, and it has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Mayor this past year.

Item 12. on the Agenda. REMARKS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL.

Councilmember Carol Suter commended Mayor Smith on his year in leadership in Gladstone, and said he has been one of the most articulate, persuasive, and energetic cheerleaders for this community that she has yet met, and he has been extremely impressive. Councilmember Suter said a lot of what is good about Gladstone today is part of Mayor Smith’s family’s legacy in Gladstone, and she appreciates being a part of it.

Mayor Smith thanked Councilmember Suter.


City Clerk Cathy Swenson administered the oath of office to Carol Rudi and Carol Suter for three-year terms on the Gladstone City Council, and to Wayne Beer for a one-year term on the Gladstone City Council. The audience applauded the newly elected City Council members.

Councilmember Carol Suter thanked the community and said she is glad to be back today. At the last City Council meeting she bade farewell in case she was not back again. Councilmember Suter said she likes to think of herself as one of the successes of Gladstone on the Move, because she is a graduate of the first Gladstone Leaders Academy. The Academy is supposed to produce people who are so excited about Gladstone and its future, that we want to get involved, and it has worked for her. Councilmember Suter said she works in a regional capacity so she gets to run across people from all around the metropolitan area. Councilmember Suter said she is often asked what makes Gladstone so progressive and exciting these days. The answer is sitting right here in this room. It is the people of Gladstone.

Councilmember Suter said she had the wonderful opportunity in running for office for the first time in her life to discover this fascinating thing about American politics. That is you can send out letters and e-mails and ask people to support you, and people that you don’t know will write back, and will offer to put a sign in their yard or volunteer for your campaign or actually send you money. It is an amazing thing. It is how America works and what our democracy is all about. Councilmember Suter said for her it has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know so many more Gladstonians, and to get to hear what excites them about this City, which is what makes this such a fun job, and she anticipates will continue to be fun for the next three years. Councilmember Suter said it is a real honor for her to serve.

Councilman Carol Rudi offered her thanks and said it has been an honor to serve for the past six years, and she has tried her best to do what is right for this City, and she promised to continue to do that. Councilman Rudi said she will always listen to what the citizens tell her; she cannot promise that she will always do what they want, because there are other factors that come into play. Councilman Rudi emphasized that she will always listen, and encouraged residents to give her a call and tell her anything of concern. Councilman Rudi again offered her appreciation for this privilege.

Councilman Wayne Beer joking said, it was a hard fought battle, but he finally won out! Councilman Beer said these past six years have been an enlightening experience, and he has enjoyed it all; in fact, he had not intended to run again for office, but a number of people felt he should run one more time to complete Bill Cross’s term. This Council has been the recipient of remarkable things that were started by previous Councils going all the way back to when the City was founded. The recent Councils have worked very diligently with trying to do some of the things that happened to fall into this Council’s lap. This worked out, not just because of this Council, but due to all the previous Councils, and especially the more recent Councils. Councilman Beer said there are those in this audience who are as responsible as anyone in this City for the things which have occurred in the last 20 to 25 years. Without the citizens of Gladstone, Councils do not get anything done. Councilman Beer thanked the citizens and previous Council members for all the things that have occurred that made it possible for things to happen now.

Mayor Smith offered his congratulations to the newly elected City Council members. Mayor Smith introduced his mother, Carmelina Smith, his son Jason Everett Smith, Laura Gay and her son, Sam Gay.


Mayor Les Smith presided and opened nominations for the office of Mayor of the City of Gladstone. Councilman Carol Rudi nominated by acclimation Mark Revenaugh for Mayor of the City of Gladstone, Missouri. Councilman Wayne Beer seconded the motion.

The vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh and Mayor Les Smith.


Mayor Smith congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Revenaugh.

The City Clerk administered the Oath of Office for the position of Mayor of the City of Gladstone, Missouri to Mayor Pro Tem Mark Revenaugh. The audience applauded the newly elected Mayor.

Mayor Mark Revenaugh said that he would submit that trying to go after all of these gifted orators, is an impossible task. Mayor Revenaugh thanked the City Council members and the residents of this community for giving him the opportunity to serve in this capacity. Mayor Revenaugh said he would like to introduce and offer his thanks to his parents, Stewart and Marilyn Revenaugh, who have been a source of support and inspiration to him. Mayor Revenaugh also introduced his sister-in-law, Cheryl, and his brother Kevin Revenaugh. Mayor Revenaugh said he would also like to introduce two good friends, the younger looking of who happens to be his boss. Mayor Revenaugh said he appreciated his employer allowing him the opportunity to serve.

Mayor Revenaugh stated it has been said it takes a village to raise a child, and to him Gladstone has been that village. He moved here when he was in sixth grade; he went to Meadowbrook Elementary School, Antioch Junior High School, Oak Park High School, University of Missouri, and finished up at William Jewell College. Mayor Revenaugh said most of his life has been here in the Northland, and he could never have imagined sitting here today in this capacity. When people ask him what caused him to run for City Council, he has to stop and think, because he never even ran for Student Council; there is no way this was on the radar. It was the encouragement of the current Council at the time and several of the citizens who prompted him to pursue this role. Mayor Revenaugh said it is tough following former Mayor Smith, but being Mayor Pro Tem, while he was Mayor, he has been able to see first-hand just how much time, energy and effort he has put into the job. It is hard for the public to imagine just how hard and how much time it takes to do the kind of job he has done for us this past year, and Mayor Revenaugh asked for a round of applause for Mayor Smith as his service has been exceptional.

Mayor Revenaugh said, as Councilman Smith said earlier, Gladstone is “on a roll”, and the reason for that is the active, caring residents in our community. The people are what drive the whole process. They drive the City government, and the City staff, so without the people in the community caring about what goes on in their community, we would not be accomplishing near what we have been. The fact that we have a professional, top notch City staff is recognized region wide if not State wide. We are the envy of many communities around this area. They look at Gladstone and wish they could do what we are doing. No small part of that is due to City Manager Kirk Davis and his staff. Mayor Revenaugh thanked City Manager Davis and staff for their support.

Mayor Revenaugh stated he sees the challenge ahead of us, as well as the ones former Mayor Smith alluded to, is to continue to engage the residents to encourage new participation and community leadership, and he believes we have set up avenues for that to happen. When he came on the Council two years ago, it was with the idea that we wanted to be more inclusive, and reach out and encourage more residents to take an active part and allow them the opportunity to take an active part in City government. Mayor Revenaugh said another challenge is to continue to improve on the level of services our residents have come to expect. We have set the bar high, and certainly we don’t intend to rest now and let things deteriorate, because there is always room for improvement.

Mayor Revenaugh said, as a community, he feels it is incumbent upon all of us to work to improve the lives of every citizen, regardless of their economic condition, race, color or creed, because that is the kind of community that he grew up in, and the kind of community he believes we all enjoy living in. Mayor Revenaugh said he looks forward to serving this next year as Mayor, and joking said for residents to feel free to call Councilman Rudi for any problems, but if it is good news, he is in the phone book!

Councilman Rudi jokingly said she could pass on Mayor Revenaugh’s phone number!

Item 15. on the Agenda. ELECTION OF MAYOR PRO-TEM.

Councilman Wayne Beer nominated by acclimation Carol Rudi for Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Gladstone, Missouri. Councilman Les Smith seconded the motion.

The vote: All “aye” – Councilmember Carol Suter, Councilman Wayne Beer, Councilman Carol Rudi, Councilman Les Smith and Mayor Mark Revenaugh.


Mayor Revenaugh and Councilman Smith congratulated Mayor Pro Tem Rudi.

Item 16. on the Agenda. REMARKS FROM THE CITY COUNCIL.

Councilmember Carol Suter had no comments at this time.

Councilman Wayne Beer stated that former Mayor Smith has done an outstanding job this past year, and he knows that he has set a high bar and example to which Mayor Revenaugh must now aspire, and he knows that he is worthy, and Mayor Pro Tem Rudi’s track record is well established as well. Councilman Beer said he is very pleased and offered congratulations to Mayor Revenaugh and Mayor Pro Tem Rudi.

Councilman Les Smith had no comments at this time.

Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi said Mayor Revenaugh talked a little bit about not being able to imagine ever running for City Council and why he did it – she does not know the answer to that, but she would like to introduce her “saner” half, Greg Strasser. Mayor Pro Tem Rudi said normally she would be introducing her mother, but she was not here tonight, and she wished to thank Public Safety, because they went over to check on her mother at the beginning of meeting, since she was not answering her phone. Mayor Pro Tem Rudi said she is fine and she feels better. Mayor Pro Tem Rudi said to former Mayor Smith that he has done a great job and she really appreciates it, and he is one of the brightest people she knows, and he puts that to good use here, and we appreciate it very much. Mayor Pro Tem Rudi said Mayor Revenaugh is really going to do a good job. Mayor Pro Tem Rudi said Mayor Revenugh has been sturdy and steady on the Council, and he has opinions that he expresses very well, and she is looking forward to working with him as Mayor this year.

Councilman Carol Suter introduced her husband, Eugene, and said he travels a lot and jokingly said people often think he that he is a figment of her imagination!

Councilman Wayne Beer said he would like to introduce his spouse of 42 years, Judy.

Mayor Mark Revenaugh had no comments at this time.



Anne Alexander, 3121 NE 59 Terrace, said she is a member of the Planning Commission. Ms. Alexander said Dan Bishop was who got her involved with Gladstone. When she sold her townhouse recently, she moved to an apartment in Gladstone. She didn’t consider any place but staying here. Ms. Alexander said she appreciates all the work the City Council and the City is doing, and she knows Dan would be very happy.


Mayor Pro Tem Carol Rudi invited everyone to Art Springs in Gladstone, which is our first annual art show and sale. It will be in the Community Center this Friday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM and Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Mayor Pro Tem Rudi said she hoped everyone could attend.

There were no further comments from City Council members.


City Manager Davis said it has been a great year and he is proud to have worked for this City Council, and on behalf of staff, we appreciate your support, we appreciate you listening to ideas, and suggestions, even the bad ones. City Manager Davis said he is looking forward to the next year and he believes it will be a great year, and he appreciates all the kind comments City Council members had about our staff. City Manager Davis said he wishes the City and City Council all the best of luck.

Item 20. on the Agenda. OTHER BUSINESS.

Mayor Revenaugh invited everyone to attend a reception in the north and south conference rooms honoring past and present City Council members.

Item 21. on the Agenda. QUESTIONS FROM THE NEWS MEDIA.

There were no questions from the News Media.

Item 22. on the Agenda. ADJOURNMENT.

There being no further business to come before the April 14, 2008, Gladstone Regular City Council Meeting, Mayor Mark Revenaugh adjourned the regular meeting.

Respectfully submitted:


Cathy Swenson, City Clerk

Approved as submitted: ___

Approved as corrected/amended: ___


Mayor Mark Revenaugh