June 7, 2004

7:30 pm


Item 1 on the Agenda:  Meeting called to order – Roll Call.


Present:          Ms. Abbott                              Council & Staff Present:

                        Mr. Davis                                 Scott Wingerson, Assist. City Manager

                        Mr. Dillingham              Lynn McClure, Econ. Dev. Administrator

Mr. Kiser                                 David Ramsay, City Counselor

Ms. McGuire                            Mayor Wayne Beer

Ms. Newsom                           Councilman Carol Rudi            

Mr. Revenaugh

Mr. Steffens

Mr. Whitton


Absent:           Ms. Alexander

                        Chairman Hill

                        Ms. Lowe




Item 2 on the Agenda:  Pledge of Allegiance.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Item 3 on the Agenda:  Approval of April 19, 2004 Minutes.


Motion by Mr. Steffens, second by Mr. Whitton to approve the April 19, 2004 minutes.  The minutes were approved as submitted.                    


Item 4 on the Agenda:  Communications from the Audience.




Item 5 on the Agenda:   PUBLIC HEARING:  Consideration of a Zoning Change, Site Plan Revision and Final Plat on property described as Lots 3 and 4, Old Pike Ridge Subdivision.  Applicant:  Affordable Homes, Inc.  (#1225 & #1226)


Vice-Chairman Dillingham asked Mr. Wingerson for the Staff Report.


Mr. Wingerson began his presentation by reviewing the Staff Report.  He reported that back in April of 2003 City staff presented a zoning change and site plan for this property that is located at 55th Terrace and Old Pike Road from R-1 to CP-0 for construction of an office building.  This is property that the City owns and believed at the time that the highest, best and most reasonable use for this property was an office building given that there is multi-family to the west, approved office to the north and east, existing office to the north and a little bit of single family to the south.  The City went through normal procedures to dispose of the piece of property and the bids were disappointing.  Mr. Wingerson said that for everyone’s knowledge, there is a contract between the applicant and the City Council for the purchase of this land.  The contingency is on the planning issues.   


Mr. Wingerson continued by stating that the applicant is requesting a zoning change tonight from CP-0 to RP-3.  He is also requesting site plan approval for ten attached single-family units and finally, final plat approval.  There are several issues contained in the analysis of the staff report.  Mr. Wingerson said that he would quickly summarize a few.  First, regarding the change in land use from R-1 to CP-0 to RP-3, they are all three about equal as they relate to the 1993 Comprehensive Plan.  One issue the Planning Commission may want to consider is reducing the zoning classification from RP-3 to RCHP-1 (single-family planned residential).  The reason RP-3 was suggested to the applicant is because the RCHP-1 zoning allows for (8) eight attached units where the garden apartment district allows for (18) eighteen.  This project has ten (10) so if the Commission would prefer the RCHP-1 zoning that’s appropriate.  Mr. Wingerson said that the Commission needs to be aware that they would be varying the density by two (2) units to allow ten (10) units on the property. 


Mr. Wingerson said that on the final plat lots 3 and 4 currently exist, that’s the legal description on the property, the final plat would simply make it into one developable lot.  It’s anticipated, or at least possible, that there would be subsequent final plats to determine future ownership of the units themselves.  In order to create the ten (10) units on a single developable lot a final plat is necessary.   Staff is recommending approval.  Procedurally, Mr. Wingerson said, tonight he would suggest if the Planning Commission comes to the point to make motions that they make three separate motions.  One is the zoning change, specifically stating if they would prefer RP-3 or RCHP-1.  The next would be a motion on the site plan where conditions would be attached and the third motion would be on the final plat.  This one is a little bit different that normal.  Mr. Wingerson said he would be available for any questions at this time.


Mr. Davis asked what the size of the site is because he couldn’t make it out on the map.


Mr. Wingerson answered that it was 150’ by 200’.


Mr. Davis asked how many units per acre that would be.


Mr. Wingerson said he would do the math and figure it out.


Mr. Davis asked how many are permitted in R-3.


Mr. Wingerson said that R-3 would be about fifteen (15).


Ms. Newsom asked if there was going to be more than one ingress/egress.


Mr. Wingerson answered that the original ingress and egress on the office project that staff presented was on Broadway.  What is proposed this time is one entrance on NE 55th Terrace.


Mr. Davis asked what the setbacks are from the property line.


Mr. Wingerson answered that the front is fifteen (15) feet, the rear yard is thirty (30) feet, the side yard to the south is twenty (20) and the side yard setback to the north is ten (10) feet.


Ms. McGuire said that she is still uncertain about the density.  She asked if the applicant is asking to go to a density of twenty (20) per acre, but it’s normally is only allowed a fifteen (15).


Mr. Wingerson said that no, that’s not correct and he will finish the figures.


Ms. Abbott said that traveling Old Pike Road like she does everyday, her main concern is having that many cars come out of one driveway to get to Old Pike Road.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham said that might be a question for the applicant. 


Ms. Abbot said that you have one driveway coming out on NE 55th Terrace and all the traffic goes from that one driveway to 55th and onto Old Pike Road.  She said it seems like a lot of traffic on that one little street.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham said that he thinks you can go out down the hill and through to NE Englewood.


Mr. Wingerson said that staff compared traffic patterns for what was approved as an office building with a driveway directly onto Old Pike Road and staff believed that traffic for an office building would be higher at different times than that of a residential project.  Because the times are different the location being moved to 55th Terrace is actually being improved by using that intersection rather than “bogging” up Old Pike Road at all times during the day. 


Ms. Abbott said that she was thinking about the probability that there would be twenty (20) cars in those ten (10) townhouses. 


Vice-Chairman Dillingham asked the applicant to step forward.


Art Hammen, President of Affordable Homes, 7117 N. Norton, addressed the Commission.  Mr. Hammen said that his company has been in business in Gladstone for over twenty-five (25) years.  He said that he believes the Commission is familiar with the property under discussion tonight.  As Mr. Wingerson mentioned, the City Council recently approved a contract to sell this property to Affordable Homes contingent upon rezoning and site plan approval.  The proposal is to reduce the zoning from commercial to residential and to approve a site plan.  The final plat approval is a formality to combine the two lots into a single lot for development purposes.  An office building, apartments and houses surround this property.  Townhomes, which are residential in nature, provide an excellent transition between these diverse uses and are consistent with the existing land use plan.  Mr. Hammen said that this design concept is fairly new to the industry and completely new to the City of Gladstone.  While the building does contain ten (10) townhomes, which is the minimum required to make this community feasible, the length is about the same as two and a half (2 ˝) typical duplex buildings set end-to-end.  The building itself is setback sixty-eight (68) feet from the front property line which is almost twice the normal setback.  This design will not only benefit the City on this property but it can also fill a need for future infill and redevelopment projects within the City of Gladstone.  Mr. Hammen said that their appeal for this community will be to young professionals, both singles and couples.  Some of the luxury items that are planned to be in the townhomes include:  microwave ovens, glass-top ranges, ice-makers in freezers, garage door openers, fireplaces, three (3) ceiling fans and high-tech telephone and cable TV wiring throughout.  Additionally, all exterior maintenance will be provided.  Each townhome includes two (2) master suites, two and a half (2 1/2 ) baths, an attached garage and a full basement.  In addition to the garages and the private driveways leading to those garages there will be seven (7) visitor parking spaces provided on-site.  To ensure maximum traffic safety the site has been designed with only entrance from 55th Terrace.  The grade of that drive will be such that it will slope from the center of the property down to the street.  The reason for that is to direct headlights down and away from any windows on the other side of 55th Terrace.  Special emphasis is being placed on landscaping to provide the most attractive community possible.  To compliment the existing trees, the plan includes planting twenty-eight (28) evergreens and deciduous trees which is almost three (3) per townhome.  These will include red and white flowering ornamental trees for spring color and hard maple trees whose leaves will turn bright colors in the fall.  A large berm will be created along the south side with bushes and trees to obscure the building.  To help it blend with the landscaping the building’s exterior colors will be earth tones.  (Mr. Hammen pointed to some examples he had brought.)  Finally, the staff report contains ten (10) recommended conditions and Mr. Hammen said that Affordable Homes, Inc. is in agreement with all ten of those.  He asked if anyone had any questions for him. 


Ms. Newsom asked if these units will be rental or owner occupied.


Mr. Hammen said that his expectation is that Affordable Homes, Inc. will retain ownership of the property and they will initially be rental units.  They will be built in such a manner that down the road…five, ten, twenty years from now…they can be divided and sold as individual units.


Ms. McGuire asked what price the units will rent for.


Mr. Hammen answered that his expectation would be that they will rent for somewhere in the low $800’s.  He added that if people have not been in the rental market lately that may seem high, but there are similar units to this that are going for $1,000.


Mr. Davis asked what the square foot size was per unit.


Mr. Hammen said that each individual townhome contains 1,150 square feet of finished area plus an attached garage and a basement.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham asked how big the basement is.


Mr. Hammen answered that it would be a little over 500 square feet.


Mr. Davis asked Mr. Hammen if he would like to comment on why he didn’t propose the RCHP-1 zoning.


Mr. Hammen said that when you factor in the cost of the land, which is readily available to all of the Commissioners, plus the development expenses it simply doesn’t work.


Ms. McGuire asked where the drainage of the parking lot goes.


Mr. Hammen said that the drainage was designed so that a small portion of it will go to the north and onto Old Pike to an existing catch basin along Old Pike Road.  The rest of it will drain to the south of 55th Terrace right outside of the driveway where it connects to an existing catch basin on 55th Terrace. 


Ms. Newsom said that the preference to do the RP-3 zoning versus the RCPH-1…what was the rationale?


Mr. Hammen said that was the zoning recommended to him by staff.  He said that frankly, he doesn’t have a strong feeling of one versus the other.  The critical issue is that there needs to be ten units.


Ms. McGuire asked if we have been able to answer the density question.


Mr. Wingerson said that yes, he can.  Regular single family would be around seven (7).  This project is around thirteen (13) and RP-3 allows around fourteen (14) per acre.


Mr. Hammen said that he would like to point out for clarification that 55th Terrace does connect not only to Old Pike, but to Englewood Road.  It goes to the west and north and through Sycamore Hills and connects.  There is adequate access both directions for traffic leaving the area.


Ms. Abbott said that this is also going down to the Sycamore Hills Apartments. 


Mr. Hammen said yes, 55th Terraces goes through the Sycamore Hills Apartments and connects with Englewood Road currently. 


Ms. Abbott said she didn’t realize it was like that now.


Mr. Hammen said that he appreciated the Commission’s consideration and respectfully request their approval on these items tonight.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham asked where exactly the extra seven (7) parking spaces are on the site plan.


Mr. Hammen pointed to the site plan and made the clarification.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham asked Mr. Hammen if he had seen the recommended conditions and asked if he had a problem with any of them.


Mr. Hammen replied that he has seen them and he has no problem with any of them. 


Vice-Chairman Dillingham asked if there was anyone in favor of the application that would like to speak.  Hearing no response, he asked for anyone in opposition to step forward.  Again, hearing no responses he closed the public hearing.


MOTION:  By Ms. Newsom, second by Mr. Kiser to approve an RCHP-1 zoning for this request with the variance for ten (10) units.


Ms. Newsom said that she would propose this motion because of it’s very residential character.  It doesn’t have the character of the typical apartment complex.  If, down the line, it were to be subsumed by another owner they wouldn’t have the option of adding a lot more units to it or subdividing it as it would with the R-3 zoning.  RCHP would be more suited to this kind of a higher quality of development.


Mr. Steffens asked if it would make any difference in selling the lots later on.


Mr. Wingerson said that it wouldn’t make any difference to the City.  It may make a difference in the market.


Mr. Steffens asked why that would be.


Mr. Wingerson said that it would be single-family zoning versus apartment zoning.


Mr. Davis said that he is not going to second that motion because he thinks a more appropriate motion would be to recommend that it be approved as R-3.  The density the applicant is requesting is R-3.  The land immediately to the west in Kansas City, Missouri is R-3, the land to the north is office and there is some R-1 near there.  Mr. Davis said that to him, R-3 is what they want to build and R-3 is appropriate.


MOTION:  By Mr. Davis, second by Ms. Abbott to approve the rezoning as an RP-3 zoning change. 


Vice-Chairman Dillingham asked for a vote on the first motion by Ms. Newsom.


Ms. McGuire asked if she could get clarification on the difference between R-3 and RCHP-1 again.


Mr. Wingerson said that the very simplest way he can explain it is that R-3 zoning classification allows for more than eight (8) attached units.  RCHP is limited to eight (8) attached units.  If the Commission were to approve the RCHP-1 in effect they would also be approving that as well as an exception to the density to allow for the ten (10) units that are proposed. 


Vice-Chairman Dillingham called for the vote on the first motion for the RCHP-1 zoning with a variance of ten (10) units.






VOTE:            Ms. Abbott                 No                  

                        Mr. Davis                   No      

                        Mr. Dillingham           Yes     

Mr. Kiser                   Yes

Ms. McGuire             No

Ms. Newsom              Yes                             

Mr. Revenaugh          Yes

Mr. Steffens               Yes

Mr. Whitton               No


(5-Yes, 4-No)



The motion carried.  Vice-Chairman Dillingham stated that since the first motion was carried the second motion will not be voted on.


MOTION:  By Mr. Davis second by Ms. McGuire to approve the site plan conditions as stated in the staff report.


VOTE:            Ms. Abbott                 Yes                 

                        Mr. Davis                   Yes     

                        Mr. Dillingham           Yes     

Mr. Kiser                   Yes

Ms. McGuire             Yes

Ms. Newsom              Yes                             

Mr. Revenaugh          Yes

Mr. Steffens               Yes

Mr. Whitton               Yes


(9-Yes, 0-No)



MOTION:  By Mr. Whitton second by Ms. McGuire to approve the final plat.


VOTE:            Ms. Abbott                 Yes                 

                        Mr. Davis                   Yes     

                        Mr. Dillingham           Yes     

Mr. Kiser                   Yes

Ms. McGuire             Yes

Ms. Newsom              Yes                             

Mr. Revenaugh          Yes

Mr. Steffens               Yes

Mr. Whitton               Yes


(9-Yes, 0-No)


The motion carried.


Item 6 on the Agenda: PUBLIC HEARING:  Consideration of a Site Plan Revision at 6402-B Antioch Road, Meadowbrook Shopping Center.  Applicant: Meadowbrook Village  (#1224)


Vice-Chairman Dillingham announced that this public hearing will be continued until the June 21, 2004 Planning Commission Meeting.


Item 7 on the Agenda:  Other Business.




Item 8 on the Agenda:  Communications from the City Council and the City Staff.


Mr. Wingerson apologized for not having the information regarding the density ready at the time the Commission was discussing it.  He also wanted to thank everyone for attending the orientation that took place before the meeting.  It was important to the City Council and the City Manager and he hopes there was some benefit in it for them.  He encouraged them all to take the time to read through the notebook that was provided.


Item 9 on the Agenda:  Communications from the Planning Commission Members.


Mr. Davis asked staff if they could provide the members with a larger sized site plan in the future. 


Mr. Wingerson said that staff will start asking for enough large copies from the applicant to provide them to all the Commission members.


Ms. Abbott said that Mr. Scharhag cut his grass down there but he still hasn’t done anything about all the trees that fell down a year ago in the tornado.


Ms. McGuire thanked Mr. Wingerson and staff for the orientation.  It was much more informative than the other two sessions she attended this spring.


Mr. Revenaugh said that the ladies tonight were a much better source of information for new Commissioners than either of the two sessions he attended at MARC.  He doesn’t know what the cost difference is but if it’s competitive we should go with those two anytime.


Ms. Newsom said that she appreciates the updated roster in her notebook but the City Council information needs to be updated as well.  The other thing she wanted to ask about is the Sr. Housing signage.  She said that she doesn’t recall that there was approval for the massive semi-permanent signs on the west side of the building.  It’s huge, it’s ugly and she doesn’t remember it being part of the plan. 


Mr. Wingerson said that they are temporary and allowed under ordinance under banner signs.  He said he would check and see when their time will run out. 


Ms. Newsom said that the third thing she wanted to say is that the City and Chamber sponsored Bluesfest is going on at Oak Grove Park this weekend.  If the weather holds it should be one of the biggest ever because of the biggest talent ever.  What they need the most right now is  volunteers to help run the booths.  She asked that anyone interested in helping to please contact her.


Mr. Kiser said that the orientation tonight was well worth the time and effort and he enjoyed it.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham said that he would reiterate the same.  It was very informative.  He also thanked staff for the Zoning Bulletin that was included in their packets this time.


Mr. Wingerson said that he gets those every other month or so and if Becky is willing to copy it he thought the Commission might enjoy reading it.


Mr. Davis asked if the Commission could get an update on Englewood Baptist Church after it went to the Council.


Economic Development Administrator McClure said that he spoke with Pam Raisher a couple of days ago and she is waiting for closing on the property.  They are preparing to find a contractor to build the fence and are also working on a sign change proposal for the Englewood Baptist Church.  Ms. Raisher has also been working on the building permit with Mr. Alan Napoli, Building Official.  The City Council voted to approve it as a fifteen (15) year Special Use Permit.  Ms. Raisher was able to pick up two rows of parking as part of her purchase.  She also agreed to do a sign on the Englewood entrance that says “Employees Only”. 


Mayor Beer apologized for not being in the room at the time of “Council Communications”.  He thanked the Commission for their attendance at the orientation this evening.  He knows how busy they are and appreciates their time.  When those of them who were on the Council were on the Planning Commission at the time, those were the same kinds of issues that they had.  MARC is over general and wide in scope and this training is much more relevant to Gladstone.  He said that he is not trying to cast any negative thoughts out, but MARC has a lot more groups to satisfy.  Mayor Beer said that the training this evening helps to bring everyone to the same level at the same time.  He said that he learned a lot and thought that it was an exceptional training session but it is the Council’s vision that they will have continuing service training at least on an annual basis.  Mayor Beer also said that City Counselor Ramsay had an integral part in putting this orientation together tonight and will continue to put together a group of documents for their review that will become a method by which the Boards and Commissions will operate. 


Mayor Pro-Tem Rudi said that she did not see any of the Commission members at the movie in the park Friday night.  Parks and Recreation did a wonderful job and she encouraged everyone to be at the next one later this summer.


Vice-Chairman Dillingham adjourned the meeting at 8:26 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:


______________________________________    Approved as submitted _____

Becky Jarrett, Recording Secretary


______________________________________    Approved as corrected   _____

Allen Dillingham, Vice-Chairman