October 17, 2005

7:30 pm


Present:                                                          Council & Staff Present:

                        Ms. Newsom                           Scott Wingerson, Assist. City Manager

                        Ms. Alexander                          Melinda Mehaffy, Econ. Dev. Admin.

Mr. Stanley                              David Ramsay, City Counselor

                        Mr. Shevling                             Mayor Carol Rudi

                        Mr. Whitton                             Councilman Wayne Beer

                        Mr. Revenaugh             Becky Jarrett, Admin. Assist.

                        Ms. Abbott                             

Mr. Steffens

Chairman Hill*

Mr. Boor

Mr. Reynolds


Absent:           Ms. Lowe


                        * Arrived after roll call                      



Item 2 on the Agenda:  Pledge of Allegiance.


Vice Chairman Revenaugh led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Item 3 on the Agenda:  Approval of the September 19, 2005 minutes.


Motion by Ms. Abbott, second by Mr. Steffens to approve the September 19, 2005 minutes as submitted.  The minutes were approved as submitted.


Item 4 on the Agenda:  Communications from the Audience.


Larry Thrasher, 2379 NE 68th Street, addressed the Commission.  Mr. Thrasher told the Commission that he lives in a condominium development and there are no street signs.  He knows they will end up paying for them themselves, but he would like to have a ruling for other new additions to have street signs and to check with police and fire and see how they feel about this.  He also has stormwater problems which is a safety feature for the residents of the condos.  They addressed it about a year and a half ago; however, they haven’t heard back from the property management company yet.  Water is draining down to the bottom units, and if that water were to freeze it would be a serious problem for people getting in and out of the complex.  There is also runoff over their gutters and mud going down on the sidewalks.  There a quite a few elderly people at the complex and every time it rains there is mud on the sidewalk which has to be washed off.  There have been some people fall, but no one has been seriously injured yet.  Mr. Thrasher said he spoke with Scott and Kirk and they have come over to the complex, but he would like more than just his complex addressed.  The main thing he would like to come out of this is a reasonable time for the property management company to come back to the residents and repairs to be done.  He said he doesn’t expect any answer tonight, but maybe everyone at City Hall can talk about it and get input from other condo and apartment unit residents. 


Mr. Wingerson said staff would be glad to continue to look at Mr. Thrasher’s issues and report back to the Commission.


Item 5 on the Agenda:  PUBLIC HEARING:  On a request to rezone the additional property behind 6100 N. Oak Trafficway from CP-3 to CP-1.  Applicant/Owner:  Gary Lindsly/Gladstone Gifts, LLC dba Priscilla’s.  (File #1260). 


Vice Chairman Revenaugh opened the public hearing.


Mr. Wingerson reported to the Commission that in April of 2005 the City Council approved a site plan revision which allowed construction of a parking lot behind the existing Priscilla’s store to accommodate more customers.  One of recommended conditions that the City Council approved with the site plan was that a zoning change be filed in order to provide consistent zoning for the front and rear parcel.  The current zoning for the rear parcel is CP-3; the request is to change it to CP-1, which is consistent with the front part of the property.  Staff is recommending approval and is available to answer any questions.


Vice Chairman Revenaugh asked for those in favor of the application to step forward.  Hearing no response he asked for those in opposition.  Again hearing no response he closed the public hearing.


Chairman Hill entered the meeting.


MOTION:  By Ms. Abbott, second by Ms. Newsom to approve the request to rezone the additional property behind 6100 N. Oak Trafficway from CP-3 to CP-1.


Chairman Hill stated that he will voting against this application as he did on the site plan revision.  He believes that this is a property that is past it’s economic life and if (the Commission) is wanting to force regeneration along N. Oak, they shouldn’t be extending the economic life of properties that are past.  It’s a small site.  It should be consolidated with other sites as part of the overall plan for regeneration of N. Oak.  It’s probably going to be another twenty or thirty years before (the Commission) has another opportunity to touch this site. 


Ms. Newsom said that she, like Chairman Hill, voted against this the first time through because there were too many loose pieces and because it’s a tired old site that needs to be re-done.  Be that as it may, the Council went ahead and voted to allow the parking lot there.  Since that is already in place, she feels that the zoning needs to match the adjacent parcel and therefore will be voting in favor of the application.


Ms. Alexander stated that she agrees with Chairman Hill because if the City is ever going to get N. Oak moving forward the Commission needs to use this as an example.


Ms. Abbott said that as much as she is opposed to Priscilla’s, the used car lot is zoned a CP-3 and the parking lot is changed to CP-1, Larry Myers can’t use it as a parking lot.  That’s what the neighbors are all afraid of.  There isn’t any way you can stop Priscilla’s from being there because it’s already been approved.  She will be voting yes for that reason.


VOTE:            Ms. Newsom              Yes                 

                        Ms. Alexander           No      

Mr. Stanley                Yes     

                        Mr. Shevling              Yes

                        Mr. Whitton               Yes

                        Mr. Revenaugh          Yes

                        Ms. Abbott                 Yes

Mr. Steffens               No

Chairman Hill No

Mr. Boor                    Yes

Mr. Reynolds             Yes


The motion passed.  (8-Yes, 3-No)



Item 6 on the Agenda:  PUBLIC HEARING:  On a request to adopt the official zoning map of Gladstone.  Applicant/Owner:  City of Gladstone.  (File #1262).


Chairman Hill took over the meeting, apologized for being late and thanked Mr. Revenaugh for starting the meeting.


Mr. Wingerson reported that staff’s intent for adopting the official zoning map is to clearly define the different zoning classifications and where they’re located within the City.  It is also staff’s intention to keep a current zoning map that is user friendly and available to the public on the City’s website.  The procedure for notice of the adoption was a little different.  There was a notice published in the paper; however, no property owners were specifically notified because there was no suggested zoning change.  Mr. Wingerson said that although every effort has been made to make sure there are no mistakes; some may be discovered at a later date.  Those discrepancies would come forward to the Planning Commission with a public hearing for final determination.  Staff is recommending approval.


Ms. Newsom asked what the industrial area was near the bottom of the map on the east side of town was.


Mr. Wingerson said that is generally referred to as the Von Erdmannsdorff property.  In it’s history it was a dog kennel.


City Counselor Ramsay commented that he remembers it being a sign shop before the incorporation of Gladstone. 


Chairman Hill asked if there is any way the resolution, if adopted, can allow the City Clerk to make corrections rather than hold a public hearing.


Mr. Wingerson answered that staff can look at that prior to the Council hearing, but he doesn’t believe that will be possible once it’s adopted as the Official Zoning Map.


Ms. Newsom noticed that it looked like the taco plant is zoned CP-3 and asked if that was correct.


Mr. Wingerson said he thought it was CP-4, but saw on the map that didn’t correspond with the correct coloring.  He will have staff check on that one.


MOTION:  By Mr. Revenaugh, second by Mr. Steffens to adopt the official zoning map of Gladstone.


VOTE:            Ms. Newsom              Yes                 

                        Ms. Alexander           Yes     

Mr. Stanley                Yes     

                        Mr. Shevling              Yes

                        Mr. Whitton               Yes

                        Mr. Revenaugh          Yes

                        Ms. Abbott                 Yes

Mr. Steffens               Yes

Chairman Hill Yes

Mr. Boor                    Yes

Mr. Reynolds             Yes


The motion passed.  (11-Yes, 0-No)


Item 7 on the Agenda:  Other Business 




Item 8 on the Agenda:  Communications from the City Council and the City Staff.


Councilman Beer thanked all the Gladfest volunteers.  It was a great Gladfest.  Also thanks to Community Development for the zoning map. 


Mr. Wingerson reminded the Commission of a flyer on a conference that MARC is hosting on November 4, 2005 entitled “Creating Safer, More Livable Communities through Planning & Design”.  Under separate cover, the Commission was also sent information on some upcoming audio conferences that MARC is offering.  The City Council encourages attendance.  Contact Ms. Jarrett if you wish to attend.   


Mayor Rudi said she attended the first audio conference they offered last week and it was definitely worth her time.  She thinks these would be a great way for anyone without a lot of background in Planning & Zoning to learn something new. 


Ms. Newsom asked if any of these count for the monetary rebate the City gets, or is it just the liability ones.


Mr. Wingerson said they don’t count yet, but they probably will in the future.  Land use litigation is extremely expensive, so as soon they get a handle on the personal safety part, he’s sure they’ll move into other issues.


Mr. Wingerson said that also in the Commission’s packets was a Zoning Bulletin and the minutes from the last City Council meeting.


Item 9 on the Agenda:  Communications from the Planning Commission Members.


Ms. Newsom thanked all the volunteers for Gladfest.  Good volunteers are really appreciated.  Also thanks to staff for including the City Council minutes in the packets.  Ms. Newsom asked what is going on with Pepper’s Hot Tubs.  They have a new shipment now. 


Mr. Wingerson said he would drive by there tomorrow.


She also said the weeds at Ryans are getting pretty tall.


Ms. Alexander thanked staff for the City Council minutes. 


Mr. Revenaugh remarked that he will be interested in learning from staff exactly what the possible remedies are for Mr. Thrasher’s problems. 


Mr. Shevling thanked Gladfest volunteers and also mentioned that the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce has partnered with a company who is producing a City map of Gladstone that will be available for $1.00.


Chairman Hill said that he would also like to thank all the Gladfest volunteers.  He stressed his extra appreciation for the extent that City staff seemed to go over and above this year.  The Parks & Recreation and Public Works Department seemed to go above and beyond this year.  He also wanted to know if there was anything staff could do to shut down the used car lot at the old Texaco station.  It’s a constant problem.


Mr. Wingerson replied that staff would look into it again.  It’s an every week enforcement issue and it just keeps going. 


Ms. Newsom asked if there is any teeth in the “violaters will be towed” verbage. 


Mr. Wingerson answered that there is, but unfortunately it would be by the property owner, who is a trustee in Texas.


Chairman Hill suggested siting the property owner, which would force them to come to court or at least send representation.


Mr. Wingerson said he would research that possibility and report back in two weeks.


Ms. Newsom asked if there anything that site can be marketed for.


Mr. Wingerson said that there have been several people interested, but the trust is pretty difficult to work with.  Commerce Bank was extremely interested, but it just couldn’t work due to the unwillingness of the trust to make any decisions.  It’s a difficult site.  There’s limited access and it’s a small site.


Chairman Hall asked what the status of Prospect Plaza is regarding Stone Canyon and the out parcel.


Mr. Wingerson deferred to Ms. Mehaffy.


Ms. Mehaffy said that Stone Canyon is re-opening sometime this month under new ownership.  The out parcel has been through the SBA (small business approval) process and is currently undergoing a new property appraisal at request of the bank.


Ms. Abbott asked about the status of Gladstone Plaza.


Mr. Wingerson said that the TIF Commission held a public meeting on October 4, 2005 and their recommendation to the Council is to select Gale Communities to be the developer of Gladstone Plaza.  The City Council will hear that application on October 24, 2005.


Ms. Alexander said that after seeing what Gale Communities has done in Lee’s Summit she would highly recommend them.


Mr. Steffens asked about the used cars that are being sold at 56th & Antioch at the automotive repair facility.  The lot was full of cars for sale the other day.


Mr. Wingerson said that staff would keep an eye on it.  He is selling cars as an accessory use to the automotive repair part of the business and was limited to the number that could be for sale at one time.


Item 10 on the Agenda:  Adjournment.


Chairman Hill adjourned the meeting at 8:10 P.M.


Respectfully submitted:


______________________________________    Approved as submitted _____

Becky Jarrett, Recording Secretary


______________________________________    Approved as corrected   _____

Brian Hill, Chairman