September 5, 2006

7:30 pm





Present:                                                          Council & Staff Present:


                        Ms. Newsom                      Carol Rudi, Councilman

Ms. Alexander                    Wayne Beer, Councilman

                        Mr. Boor                            Scott Wingerson, Assist. City Manager

                        Mr. Stanley                         David Ramsay, City Counselor

                        Mr. Shevling                       Melinda Mehaffy, Econ. Dev. Admin.

Ms. Suter                         Becky Jarrett, Admin. Assist  

Mr. Whitton

Ms. Abbott

Mr. Steffens*

Mr. West


Absent:           Chairman Hill

                        Mr. Reynolds


                        *Arrived after roll call.




Item 2 on the Agenda:  Pledge of Allegiance.


Vice-Chairman Shevling led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Item 3 on the Agenda:  Approval of the July 17, 2006 minutes.


MOTION:  By Ms. Newsom, second by Ms. Alexander to approve the July 17, 2006 minutes.


Ms. Newsom said she’s not sure what she said at the end of the meeting under comments, but what’s written down doesn’t make any sense.  The bottom line is that they need help with set-up on Friday for Gladfest as well as help on Saturday with the Pepsi booths and things like that, so whatever kind of clarification is needed. 


Mr. Boor asked what “Tiffany And” means, on page 3, where Mr. Wingerson is speaking. 


Mr. Wingerson explained that is the name of the store.  They carry the brand name “Tiffany” lamps and other items.





The minutes were approved as corrected.

Item 4 on the Agenda:  Communications from the Audience.



tem 5 on the Agenda:  Public Hearing of a Special Use Permit at 405 NE 73rd Terrace.  Applicant/Owner:  Terry Day.  File #1284.


Laura Gerdes, 6402 N. Wayne, addressed the Commission.  Ms. Gerdes stated that she is the owner and operator of the Helping Hands Montessori School at 405 NE 73rd Terrace.  She said she sees several familiar faces from last year when she initially applied for the permit.  She would be glad to answer any questions the Commission members may have this evening.


Ms. Newsom said that she remembered from last year that Ms. Gerdes does not reside at the residence.  She asked if that is still the case and if the residence is just used for the school.


Ms. Gerdes said that is correct.


Mr. Boor asked how many students are at the school.


Ms. Gerdes said that currently she has twelve.  Last year she had eighteen; however, several have gone to kindergarten and first grade since then.


Mr. Steffens entered the meeting.


Ms. Alexander asked if there have been any complaints from the neighbors regarding the school.


Mr. Wingerson answered that there have not been any complaints reported.


Vice-Chairman Shevling asked for those in favor of the application to come forward.  Hearing no response, he asked for those in opposition.  Again there was no response.


Mr. Wingerson reported that approximately one year ago the Planning Commission and City Council approved a Special Use Permit for this address; therefore, this is a renewal application.  The applicant has complied with all of the requirements that the Commission and Council asked of her over the last year.  Based on that information, staff is recommending approval of a 5-year Special Use Permit renewal.


Vice-Chairman Shevling closed the public hearing.


MOTION:  By Mr. Whitton, second by Mr. Steffans to approve a 5-year Special Use Permit at 405 NE 73rd Terrace. 


Ms. Newsom said that a year ago she did not vote in favor of this, not because of the nature of the business or the operators, but because of the fact that the owner/operator is not in residence at the location.  The Commission and the Council set a precedence when they passed this through without a owner/operator resident; therefore, she is still not in favor of it.  She understands things are going well there and that’s great, but she will be voting against it.


VOTE:            Ms. Newsom          No      

Ms. Alexander       Yes                 

                        Mr. Boor                Yes

                        Mr. Stanley            Yes

                        Mr. Shevling          Yes

Ms. Suter               Yes     

Mr. Whitton           Yes

Ms. Abbott             Yes

Mr. Steffens              Yes

Mr. West               Yes


The motion carried.  (9-Yes, 1-No)



Item 6 on the Agenda:  Public Hearing on a Zoning Change at 201 NE 59th Terrace.  Applicant:  Brandon Beagle.  Owner:  John Hagen Builders, Inc.  File #1285.


Mr. Wingerson explained that the applicant has requested that this application be continued to the September 18, 2006 Planning Commission meeting. 


Item 7 on the Agenda:  Communications from the City Council and the City Staff.


Councilman Beer said that he has been absent from the last couple of meetings and has been unable to welcome Mr. West; and therefore, proceeded to do so.  He announced that Gladfest is only a few weeks away, so please sign up to volunteer to help if you haven’t already done so.  He thanked them for the time they spend serving on the Commission.


Councilman Rudi said there is also space for volunteers in the information booth.  Please let her know if you can help. 


Mr. Wingerson made note of the new staff report form that was in the Commissioner’s packets this week.  Hopefully, it’s a little easier to read.  If there is any information that it seems to be lacking, please let him know. 


Mr. Wingerson announced that the Board of Zoning Adjustment recently adopted a Rules of Procedure much like the Planning Commission did a year or so ago.  They used their Rules as a starting point and thanked them for their work on it. 


He ended by explaining more about the public hearing that was scheduled tonight for Brandon Beagle.  The application is for a zoning change and site plan revision.  The property is at 201 NE 59th Terrace, which is generally located on the west side of N. Oak, just south of Morningside Apartments.  The request is to change the current zoning on the property, which is R-3- Multi-Family, to RCHP- Cluster-Housing Planned.  The purpose is to change the development from apartment buildings to six residences (a four-plex and a duplex).  Mr. Wingerson said that all of that information will be in the Commissions packet for the September 18th meeting; however, he will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Ms. Mehaffy will fill in for him at that meeting, but if anyone has any questions before the meeting, he encourages them to email him or call him to discuss the application. 


Item 8 on the Agenda:   Communications from the Planning Commission Members.


Mr. Boor asked what the status of the development north of the nature area along M-1 Highway is.


Mr. Wingerson answered that the south tip of that the development, known as Renaissance North, is in Gladstone.  To the best of his knowledge they have ran into a financial obstacle. 


Discussion ensued.


Ms. Suter asked for an update on the Brighton Road improvements.


Mr. Wingerson said that the right-of-way for Brighton has been acquired and they have demolished most of the homes.  They think they have funding from Vivion Road to just shy of Pleasant Valley Road.  Gladstone would like to partner with Kansas City to do their portion of Pleasant Valley Road, which would ultimately intersect with Antioch Road.  There is a full alignment study that is ready to be engineered and constructed, but funding is needed. 


Ms. Suter asked about the area south of the theaters.


Mr. Wingerson explained that the area she is referring to is developer-driven; therefore, the time schedule is not really controllable.


Ms. Abbott asked about the hill on 64th street and said that she thought the road had to be cut down before the development could be constructed.


Mr. Wingerson answered that the actual condition mentions certificates of occupancy not being issued before the public improvements being done.  The Transportation Development District (TDD) has been formed.  It’s accessed itself a property tax and a sales tax above the City, County and State sales taxes.  The improvements to M-1 have been designed and approved by MoDot and the City, so that work should start any day now.  On site, they are working on the retaining walls, which clears the way for more noticeable infrastructure.  Northeast 65th Street has become a bit problematic because some of the same people who have requested that the hill be lowered are now not granting the temporary easements needed to construct it. 


Ms. Abbott thanked him for that update.


Ms. Alexander complimented Ms. Mehaffy and City staff on the outstanding magazine.  It was real quality and Gladstone should be proud of it. 


Mr. Wingerson said that he feels the magazine does a good job of portraying why we all live here and what Gladstone is all about.  The entire magazine was done for the same amount of one issue of the Gladstone Reporter.  It’s an amazing accomplishment.


Ms. Newsom commented on a couple of things in the packet.  The article on “The Bungalow Bind” was a good one.  The “Aging in Place” article came from the MARC Commission on Aging that she serves on.  It brings up some interesting things and obstacles that occur when you try to have community aging in place and try to keep residents in their homes.  It may cause us to have to look at things during redevelopment in a different way. 


Ms. Newsom announced that Gladfest is on September 29, 30, and October 1 this year.  It’s going to be a great festival.  They can always use help, so please sign up and get involved. 


Ms. Newsom said that she liked the new staff report form, but one thing she always looks for that seems to be missing is what action they are requesting.  Mr. Wingerson made a note of that.


Item 9 on the Agenda:   Adjournment


Vice-Chairman Shevling adjourned the meeting at 8:01 P.M.




Respectfully submitted:


______________________________________    Approved as submitted _____

Becky Jarrett, Recording Secretary



______________________________________    Approved as corrected   _____

James Shevling, Vice-Chairman