July 21, 2008

7:30 pm

Present: Council & Staff Present:

Ms. Newsom Mayor Pro-Tem Carol Rudi

Mr. McCullough Councilman Wayne Beer

Mr. Shevling Scott Wingerson, Assistant City Manager

Ms. Smith David Ramsay, City Counselor

Mr. Whitton Chris Helmer, Planning Specialist

Ms. Abbott Becky Jarrett, Admin. Assist.

Ms. Alexander

Ms. Babich

Mr. Garnos

Mr. Steffens

Chairman Hill

Absent: Mr. West

Item 2 on the Agenda: Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairman Hill led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Item 3 on the Agenda: Approval of the July 7, 2008 minutes.

MOTION: By Ms. Newsom, second by Mr. Whitton to approve the July 7, 2008, minutes as submitted. The minutes were approved as submitted.

Item 4 on the Agenda: Communications from the Audience.


Item 5 on the Agenda: PUBLIC HEARING: on a Site Plan Revision at 6850 N. Oak Trafficway. Applicant: Don Miceli, Quality Vending Co, Inc. File #1318.

Planning Specialist Chris Helmer reported that the application being proposed is for a site plan at 6850 N. Oak, which is currently zoned CP-3, Planned Commercial. The existing building, which was approved around 1996, was for the existing office and warehouse facility of the operation of vending machine products. The applicant, Mr. Miceli, has submitted this application for a 3,000 square feet addition to the existing building. Mr. Helmer said that he was on site with Mr. Miceli and his employees this morning to discuss the parking. Historically, there has been an agreement with the property owner of Paris II to share the parking of approximately ten stalls. In speaking with the architect, he has agreed to make some minor revisions to allow additional parking to the West of the new additional to alleviate any issues that might arise with Paris II. Mr. Helmer added that this application does have a pretty quick turn around and will be moving to City Council next Monday, July 28th; however, the architect and staff will have the parking updated on the site plan to present to the Council.

Ms. Abbott said that when she viewed the site she noticed a large sycamore tree that has limbs down and is blocking traffic at the corner of the site. She asked who is responsible for trimming those trees.

Mr. Helmer answered that the tree was brought to his attention this morning by the property owner of Paris II and he believed that he had been in contact with City staff at Public Works and they are working to get that taken care of. He will follow up on that.

Mr. Whitton asked if the City still owns the property to the west of this project.

Mr. Helmer answered yes.

Mr. Whitton asked what the setback is from this project to the City’s property.

Mr. Helmer said it is approximately 100 feet or more.

Chairman Hill asked the applicant to come forward.

Jeff Schroeder, Herman Scharhag Architects, 310 Armour Road, Ste. 218-A, North Kansas City, Missouri addressed the Commission. Mr. Schroeder stated that as Chris mentioned, he and the owner met this morning and he has spoke with Chris twice today and they can expand the new paving area that would be behind the new addition to provide additional parking spaces. They have four spaces plus a handicap space that are on their property in front of the building. He has determined for their requirements for the use of the building that at least twelve spaces would be needed for their use. He paced off and measured behind the building and…with the five that are in the front plus what they can get in back…they can easily get in excess of twelve spaces when they draw the plan which they will do tomorrow. Mr. Schroeder explained that he has committed to Chris to drawing those parking revisions on the site plan and getting the plan to Chris by Wednesday morning. He asked if the Commission had any questions for him or Mr. Miceli.

Ms. Newsom asked how the proposed west elevation is different from the current west elevation.

Mr. Schroeder answered that currently there is one existing overhead door on the west side and there are two more garage doors proposed.

Ms. Newsom asked what the proposed number of employees will be.

Don Miceli answered that there will not be any more employees than there are now, which is eleven. Nothing else will change including the hours of operation.

Mr. Schroeder replied that the addition to the building is basically additional warehouse space which doesn’t entail extra employees.

Chairman Hill asked where the nearest fire hydrant was to the building.

Mr. Miceli answered that it is less than ten feet from the front door.

Ms. Newsom asked if the building has a sprinkler system.

Mr. Miceli said that it does have one now and that the new system will have one as well.

Chairman Hill asked about the rip-rap that was going in the back of the property to help with the run-off and asked if anything else was going to be done to slow down the water.

Mr. Schroeder replied that the large rocks and the rip-rap would absorb some of the water and slow it down as it leaves the paving going to the ditch. There is approximately another 60’ or so west of the paving that is still Mr. Miceli’s property which will remain grass with vegetation.

Chairman Hill asked staff if there would be any need for some type of a berm there to slow down the water.

Mr. Helmer said he couldn’t speak on a technical term, but from a conceptual standpoint, as Mr. Schroeder has stated there is a significant amount of dense vegetation in that area. He said it can be looked at further if the Commission desires.

Chairman Hill commented that he’s not sure that adding the small about of impervious surface that they are proposing warrants a stormwater study, but from a common sense standpoint he wondered if staff saw anything that needs to be done.

Mr. Wingerson responded by saying that he is sure it has been looked at, but they will consider it again. He knows that the topography there is a slope off of the existing parking lot and directly into a creek, so that if they can prevent the erosion through the rip-rap then they should have it solved. Staff will take a good second look at it though, and report any new findings to the City Council.

Mr. Schroeder stated that the new paving will be more level than the existing slope of the ground so the run-off will be slower.

Ms. Smith asked if there is sufficient room for vehicles to get back to the rear of the building with materials with the heavy tree line. When she viewed the site she noticed that it is a very narrow drive.

The applicant said that he is able to get his box trucks back there with no problem.

Chairman Hill asked for those in favor of the application to come forward. Hearing no response he asked for those in opposition. Again there was no response. The public hearing was closed.

MOTION: By Mr. Whitton, second by Ms. Newsom to approve the Site Plan Revision at 6850 N. Oak Trafficway with the added parking.


Ms. Newsom Yes

Mr. McCullough Yes

Mr. Shevling Yes

Ms. Smith Yes

Mr. Whitton Yes

Ms. Abbott Yes

Ms. Alexander Yes

Ms. Babich Yes

Mr. Garnos Yes

Mr. Steffens Yes

Chairman Hill Yes

The motion carried. (11-yes, 0-No)

Item 6 on the Agenda: Communications from the City Council and City Staff.

Counselor Ramsay announced that Christine Bushyhead and Nancy Thompson were co-recipients of the Lou Czech award given by the Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association.

Mr. Helmer said that the Comprehensive Plan will go to the City Council on Monday, July 28th and then back to the Planning Commission on Monday, August 4th for a public hearing.

Item 7 on the Agenda: Communications from the Planning Commission Members.

Ms. Alexander welcomed Ms. Smith to the Commission.

Ms. Babich asked how the clutter ordinance is coming along.

Mr. Wingerson said it is still being worked on. Staff is trying to determine whether it would be an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance or if it’s just a general ordinance.

Mr. Steffens thanked staff for having the holes repaired on M-1 Highway.

Ms. Abbott said that the curbs and sidewalks have been repaired at 59th and Wyandotte, but asked when the street would be paved.

Mr. Wingerson answered that it should be at the end of this month or the first of August.

Ms. Abbott also asked about the strip center across from the Gladstone Meadows Apartments. She said it is in terrible shape.

Mr. Wingerson said that staff is looking at enforcement options for that property.

Mr. Garnos commented that the curb, gutter and sidewalks were reconstructed in his neighborhood and they look great! He also asked if Margaritas is going to be open soon.

Mr. Wingerson said he will find out for sure and report back.

Ms. Newsom congratulated Mr. Whitton on being voted Best in the Northland in the Dispatch. She also reminded everyone of the All American Cities celebration on Wednesday night. Volunteers are still needed for Gladfest. Contact the Chamber office to sign up.

Chairman Hill asked a few questions about the upcoming QuikTrip application that the Commission received notification on. His first question was if this application included the yellow house that has been demolished along NE 72nd Street.

Mr. Wingerson said that no, that house had caught fire and it was in the best interest of the owner to demolish the house.

Chairman Hill asked if there has been any further advancement with MoDot in receiving access off of M-1 for QuikTrip.

Mr. Wingerson answered that staff has formed a partnership with QuikTrip to put pressure on MoDot to understand the City’s position on the access. So far, they have not been willing to put their requirements in writing to the City, but once staff receives that they can select an avenue to pursue MoDot.

Item 8 on the Agenda: Adjournment.

Chairman Hill adjourned the meeting at 8:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

______________________________________ Approved as submitted _____

Becky Jarrett, Recording Secretary

______________________________________ Approved as corrected _____

Brian Hill, Chairman