April 6, 2009

7:30 pm

Present: Council & Staff Present:

Ms. Newsom Mayor Pro-Tem Carol Rudi

Ms. Alexander Scott Wingerson, Assist. City Manager

Mr. McCullough Chris Helmer, Planning Specialist

Mr. Velasquez Becky Jarrett, Admin. Assist.

Ms. Smith

Ms. Babich

Chairman Hill

Absent: Ms. Abbott

Mr. Garnos

Mr. Whitton

Mr. Steffens

Mr. West

Item 2 on the Agenda: Pledge of Allegiance.

Chairman Hill led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Item 3 on the Agenda: Approval of the February 2, 2009 minutes.

MOTION: By Ms. Newsom, second by Mr. McCullough to approve the February 2, 2009, minutes as submitted. The minutes were approved as submitted.

Item 4 on the Agenda: Communications from the Audience.


Item 5 on the Agenda: PUBLIC HEARING : On an ordinance amending Section 9.1600.010-9.1600.130 of the Gladstone Code of Ordinances relating to the regulation of signage employing digital electronic technology, including monument signs.

Planning Specialist Helmer reported that over the course of the last year there has been much discussion on this ordinance, especially with reader boards and monument signs. The City Council appointed a steering committee for the amendments to the current ordinance. Mr. Helmer thanked those involved for their comments during the process. This evening, Mr. Helmer said, he would like to point out the section on reader boards which has been incorporated into monument signs. Also, specifically to monument signs, was the incorporation of natural building materials as well as landscaping for redevelopment and new development projects. City staff is requesting the Commission take action and provide a recommendation that will go to the City Council in May.

Ms. Babich commented that despite the fact that she would like to see no reader boards allowed whatsoever, she thinks this is a really good compromise.

MOTION: By Ms. Babich, second by Mr. McCullough to approve Sections 9.1600.010-9.1600.130 of the Gladstone Code of Ordinances relating to signs.

VOTE: Ms. Newsom Yes

Ms. Alexander Yes

Mr. McCullough Yes

Mr. Velasquez Yes

Ms. Smith Yes

Ms. Babich Yes

Chairman Hill Yes

The motion carried. (7-Yes, 0-No)

Item 6 on the Agenda: Other Business: Wind Turbine and Alternative Energy Systems Discussion.

Mr. Helmer stated that the intent of tonight’s discussion is to set the stage to start thinking about what is coming down the road. Mr. Helmer then reviewed a PowerPoint presentation (see attached). Near the end of his presentation he referred to a draft ordinance included in the Commission’s packets that would be something similar to what might be introduced at a later date.

Ms. Alexander said that she would hope that the City could continue what they have done with the cell towers and keep them [wind turbines] back from the main streets.

Ms. Newsom remarked that these reminder her of the old, big T.V. satellite dishes. She would like to make sure that they get ahead of this issue this time so they don’t have some of the same issues with grandfathering that they had back then.

Ms. Babich commented that a field of uniform turbines can be beautiful and elegant, but the danger is having a lot of different kind of designs scattered around in no particular format. She would hope that when it comes to discussion time, she would like them to consider a standard design.

Ms. Smith would like them to consider a different design for commercial use versus residential use.

Chairman Hill asked if a regulation of solar panels is being considered.

Mr. Helmer answered that staff has had those discussions and they are being looked at as well.

Chairman Hill asked if there was a regulatory body for wind turbines.

Mr. Helmer said that he is not aware of any at this time.

Item 7 on the Agenda: Communications from the City Council and the City Staff.

Mayor Pro-Tem Rudi reminded the Commission to vote tomorrow.

Item 8 on the Agenda: Communications from the Planning Commission Members.

Mr. McCullough thanked staff for fixing the manhole covers on North Oak.

Ms. Newsom also gave her thanks for fixing North Oak.

Ms. Alexander thanked staff for the excellent material that they provide to the Commission.

Chairman Hill asked about the Creative Arts Academy sign posts that are still out by the street. He also wondered if Westlake Ace was in compliance with their outdoor sales/fence. In addition he said that the detached accessory structures at Malone Lawn and Landscape seem to be multiplying.

Mr. Wingerson said he would check on those items and report back at the next meeting.

Item 9 on the Agenda: Adjournment.

Chairman Hill adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

______________________________________ Approved as submitted _____

Becky Jarrett, Recording Secretary

______________________________________ Approved as corrected _____

J. Brian Hill, Chairman