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[   ]R-17-01 Easement 108 Northeast 76th Street Storm Project 1-9-17pdf.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 335K 
[   ]R-17-02 CO 3 Linaweaver Flora Park East Spillway Modifications 1-23-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 115K 
[   ]R-17-03 Amending 2017 Budget 2-13-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 68K 
[   ]R-17-04 Agreement with TracFone assigns 5% of Class Action Law Suit Settlement to MML 2-13-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 218K 
[   ]R-17-05 A contract with Centric Projects Public Safety Booking Area Improvements 2-13-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 214K 
[   ]R-17-06 Change Order 4 Lan-Tel Communications Services 2016 Curb Gutter Sidewalk Project TP1604 2-13-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 213K 
[   ]R-17-07 A contract Waste Corporation Town and Country Disposal Annual Spring Beautification Event 2-13-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 570K 
[   ]R-17-08 A contract Waste Management Solid Waste Recycling Collection from City Facilities 2-13-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 597K 
[   ]R-17-09 Adopt Social Media Policy 2-27-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 750K 
[   ]R-17-10 First Amendment Office Sublease Agreement Oak Hill Day School 2-27-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 184K 
[   ]R-17-11 Contract with SheDigs It Hobby Hill Park Project CO1656 2-27-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 235K 
[   ]R-17-12 Contract Mark Green Mowing Landscaping 2-27-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 425K 
[   ]R-17-13 Contract with McConnell Associates North Campbell NE 70 Ter NE 72 Str TP1708 3-13-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 271K 
[   ]R-17-14 Flexible Benefits Plan Changes 3-27-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 2.6M 
[   ]R-17-15 OMNI Entertainment contract Linden Square 3-27-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 89K 
[   ]R-17-16 Vacating Temp Construction Easement 7302 N Oak 4-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 349K 
[   ]R-17-17 Professional Services Contract TreanorHL City Hall Improvements 4-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 631K 
[   ]R-17-18 Surplus Property 5-22-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 418K 
[   ]R-17-19 John Jordan Buck O'Neil Memorial Bridge 5-22-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 143K 
[   ]R-17-20 Gunter Construction Rock Creek Greenway Trail final payment TP1571 6-12-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 133K 
[   ]R-17-21 Straub Construction Co. Community Center final payment CO1658 6-12-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 109K 
[   ]R-17-22 Progressive Electronics Community Center AV 6-12-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 250K 
[   ]R-17-23 Adopting 2018 Annual Budget 6-12-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 5.0M 
[   ]R-17-24 Revise CWSS Fund Mid Year Budget 6-26-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 92K 
[   ]R-17-25 Final Pay Blue Nile Sewer Cleaning Televising Project SP1589 6-26-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 119K 
[   ]R-17-26 Final Pay Centric Projects Public Safety Booking Area Remodel CP1755 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 118K 
[   ]R-17-27 Final Pay Hettinger Excavating LLC 2016 Water Main Replacements WP1786 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 121K 
[   ]R-17-28 Contract Lan Tel Communications Services Inc. 2016 Curb Gutter Sidewalk TP1604 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 132K 
[   ]R-17-29 Contract Little Joes Asphalt Inc. 2017 Mill Overlay TP1806 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 113K 
[   ]R-17-30 Support Consolidated Terminal at KCI Airport 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 86K 
[   ]R-17-31 Waldinger Corp Emergency Replacement of Community Center Compressor HVAC 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 103K 
[   ]R-17-32 Commercial Lease CEK Insurance 7001 N Cherry 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 1.0M 
[   ]R-17-33 Professional Services Agreement Hollis Miller Architects 7001 N Cherry 7-24-17.pdf2017-08-11 12:44 1.2M