To determine your level pay amount we total your billing from the previous 12 months and divide it by 11. This becomes the payment amount for the following year.

Depending on your cycle, each September or October the City will "settle up" your account and recalculate a new amount for budget billing for the next year. To be eligible for this program you must have at lesat six billings (12 months) with the City of Gladstone water and sewer department.

Your utility bill will reflect the actual charges and the budget bill amount due. The budget bill charge can be greater than or less than the actual charges. The difference between the actual and the budgeted amount is called the deferred balance. This amount will also show on your bill.

In the event that you terminate your service with the City of Gladstone the deferred balance is automatically assessed on the final bill. you may withdraw from the budget-billing program at any time and return to a regular billing. In the event of two late payments during your budget year, the City retains the right to terminate this billing option.

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