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[   ]R-18-01 Adopting a Mission Vision Statement Goals 1-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 117K 
[   ]R-18-02 Amendig the Employee Handbook DOR Opioid drug testing 1-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 740K 
[   ]R-18-03 Lan-Tel Communications Curb Gutter Sidewalk TP1804 1-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 319K 
[   ]R-18-04 Easements Old Pike Road TP1712 1-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 2.7M 
[   ]R-18-05 Professional Engineering Services Agreement George Butler Associates GBA Old Pike Road Design 1-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 680K 
[   ]R-18-06 Labor Management Committee Agreement Local 3228 International Association of Fire Fighters 1-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 219K 
[   ]R-18-07 Linaweaver Construction Rock Creek Greenway Trail Retaining Wall Repair TP1872 1-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 121K 
[   ]R-18-08 KC Metropolitan Crime Commission Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline 1-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 331K 
[   ]R-18-09 Delay Apps for Business Occupation Alternative Nicotine Vapor Products 1-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 265K 
[   ]R-18-10 Professional Services Contract Laura Bauers The Heights Summit Grill 302 NE 70th Street 1-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 924K 
[   ]R-18-11 Commercial Lease Agreement Barnes Healthcare Physicians Medical Group 7001 N Cherrry 1-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 940K 
[   ]R-18-12 Bil of Sale Kissick Construction Water Main Conveyance 2-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 230K 
[   ]R-18-13 Contract AB Creative Hobby Hill Park Adult Fitness Area CO1656 2-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 304K 
[   ]R-18-14 CO No. 2 AB Creative Inc. Hobby Hill Park Playground Shelter Restroom 2-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 295K 
[   ]R-18-15 Easements Old Pike Road Improvements TP1712 2-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 2.8M 
[   ]R-18-16 Contract Yates Electric Co. Inc. exterior lighting Public Works 2-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 326K 
[   ]R-18-17 CO No. 3 CD1854 Fleshman Construction 7022 North Locust Fins Foliage 2-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 131K 
[   ]R-18-18 Amending Revising 2018 Budget 2-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 562K 
[   ]R-18-19 Destruction of certain records RSMo Chapter 109 Shredding 2-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 2.2M 
[   ]R-18-20 City Manager Execute Contract Ace Pipe Cleaning 2018 Manhole Rehab 2-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.1M 
[   ]R-18-21 Easements Old Pike Road Project TP1712 2-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 389K 
[   ]R-18-22 Professional Engineering Agreement Olsson Associates Final Design NE 76th 3-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.1M 
[   ]R-18-23 CO No. 5 SheDigs It Hobby Hill Park CO1656 3-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 108K 
[   ]R-18-24 Easements Old Pike Road TP1712 3-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 258K 
[   ]R-18-25 Amended Contract Mediclaims Ambulance Billing Services 3-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 255K 
[   ]R-18-26 457 Deferred Comp Plan Trust Agreement Roth 3-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 127K 
[   ]R-18-26 457 Deffered Comp Plan Trust Agreement Roth 3-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 127K 
[   ]R-18-27 Commercial Lease Agreement iWerx 7001 N Locust 3-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 944K 
[   ]R-18-28 Blue Nile 2018 Water Sewer Mains Replacement WP1886 3-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 266K 
[   ]R-18-29 Subsurface Solutions Purchase Pipeline TV System 3-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 113K 
[   ]R-18-30 Play and Park Structures Meadowbrook Park Playground Shelter 4-9-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 111K 
[   ]R-18-31 Proposed Development Agreement iWerx 7001 N Locust 4-9-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.6M 
[   ]R-18-32 Fleshman Construction 7001 N Cherry Office Remodel Final Pay 4-23-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 135K 
[   ]R-18-33 Easements Old Pike Road Project TP1712 4-23-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 513K 
[   ]R-18-34 Collaborative Cities 5-14-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 129K 
[   ]R-18-35 Old Pike Road Improvement Easement 5-14-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 302K 
[   ]R-18-36 McConnell Associates Oak Grove Parking Lot Seal Coating TP1805 5-14-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 230K 
[   ]R-18-37 VF Anderson Builders 6768 N Park Drainage CP1832 5-14-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 286K 
[   ]R-18-38 OMNI Entertainment Linden Square Events Venue Booking 5-14-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 546K 
[   ]R-18-39 Gametime Turf Care Final Pay Happy Rock Infield Reno 5-29-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 116K 
[   ]R-18-40 Surplus Property 5-29-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 140K 
[   ]R-18-41 Fleshman Construction Project DC1860 Summit Grill 5-29-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 259K 
[   ]R-18-42 Hockenbergs Equipment Supply Summit Grill 5-29-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 2.6M 
[   ]R-18-43 2019 Annual Operating Budget 6-14-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 137K 
[   ]R-18-44 2018 Budget Amendment 6-25-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 154K 
[   ]R-18-45 Rights of Way Oakhill Day School Fiber Optic Cable 6-25-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.0M 
[   ]R-18-46 Change Order No. 3 Lan-Tel 2018 Curb Gutter Sidewalk TP1804 7-9-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 111K 
[   ]R-18-47 Superior Bowen Asphalt 2018 Mill Overlay Project TP1906 7-9-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 269K 
[   ]R-18-48 McConnell Associates Final Pay TP1708 7-23-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 109K 
[   ]R-18-49 Surplus Property The Surplus Exchange 7-23-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 195K 
[   ]R-18-50 Final Pay Navitas CE1857 8-13-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 108K 
[   ]R-18-51 Right of Way Use Agreement Verizon MCImetro 8-13-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.0M 
[   ]R-18-52 Shawnee Mission Ford 4x4 DRW Crew Cab Truck 8-13-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 119K 
[   ]R-18-53 Shawnee Mission Ford 3 2019 Police Interceptor SUV 8-27-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 108K 
[   ]R-18-54 Independent Salt Co Purchase 8-27-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 101K 
[   ]R-18-55 Ace Pipe Cleaning 2018 Manhole rehab Final Payment SP1890 9-10-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 106K 
[   ]R-18-56 Right of Way Use Agreement Unite Private Network LLC 9-10-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.2M 
[   ]R-18-57 Vacating Drainage Easement 6768 N. Park 10-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 387K 
[   ]R-18-58 VF Anderson Builders N. Park Drainage CP1832 Final Pay 10-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 112K 
[   ]R-18-59 US Toy Company Constructive Playthings Oak Grove Happy Rock Playground Surface 10-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 235K 
[   ]R-18-60 Zoll Medical Cardiac Monitor Purchase 10-8-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 837K 
[   ]R-18-61 Contract Linaweaver Old Pike Road Improvements TE1817 10-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 254K 
[   ]R-18-62 CO No. 1 Superior Bowen Asphalt 2018 Mill Overlay TP1906 10-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 95K 
[   ]R-18-63 Shawnee Mission Ford 4X2 Crew Cab Truck 10-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 94K 
[   ]R-18-64 Proposition D Ballot November 6 10-22-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 72K 
[   ]R-18-65 Linaweaver Final Pay Pleasant Valley Road Improvements 11-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 134K 
[   ]R-18-66 Land Use Agreement Kelly S. Taylor CPA 11-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 679K 
[   ]R-18-67 Lease Agreement iWerx 7022 N Locust Fins Foliage 11-12-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 549K 
[   ]R-18-68 Blue Nile Contractors Sanitary Sewer Cleaning Televising 11-26-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 269K 
[   ]R-18-69 Play Park Structures Meadowbrook Park Playground Shelter Final Payment CE1864 12-10-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 118K 
[   ]R-18-70 Superior Bowen Asphalt 2018 Mill Overlay Final Payment TP1906 12-10-18.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 113K