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[   ]R-18-18 Amending Revising 2018 Budget 2-12-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 562K 
[   ]R-18-17 CO No. 3 CD1854 Fleshman Construction 7022 North Locust Fins Foliage 2-12-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 131K 
[   ]R-18-16 Contract Yates Electric Co. Inc. exterior lighting Public Works 2-12-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 114K 
[   ]R-18-15 Easements Old Pike Road Improvements TP1712 2-12-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 153K 
[   ]R-18-14 CO No. 2 AB Creative Inc. Hobby Hill Park Playground Shelter Restroom 2-12-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 295K 
[   ]R-18-13 Contract AB Creative Hobby Hill Park Adult Fitness Area CO1656 2-12-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 184K 
[   ]R-18-12 Bil of Sale Kissick Construction Water Main Conveyance 2-12-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 230K 
[   ]R-18-11 Commercial Lease Agreement Barnes Healthcare Physicians Medical Group 7001 N Cherrry 1-22-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 940K 
[   ]R-18-10 Professional Services Contract Laura Bauers The Heights Summit Grill 302 NE 70th Street 1-22-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 924K 
[   ]R-18-09 Delay Apps for Business Occupation Alternative Nicotine Vapor Products 1-22-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 265K 
[   ]R-18-08 KC Metropolitan Crime Commission Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline 1-22-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 331K 
[   ]R-18-07 Linaweaver Construction Rock Creek Greenway Trail Retaining Wall Repair TP1872 1-22-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 121K 
[   ]R-18-06 Labor Management Committee Agreement Local 3228 International Association of Fire Fighters 1-8-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 219K 
[   ]R-18-05 Professional Engineering Services Agreement George Butler Associates GBA Old Pike Road Design 1-8-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 758K 
[   ]R-18-04 Easements Old Pike Road TP1712 1-8-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 2.7M 
[   ]R-18-03 Lan-Tel Communications Curb Gutter Sidewalk TP1804 1-8-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 319K 
[   ]R-18-02 Amendig the Employee Handbook DOR Opioid drug testing 1-8-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 740K 
[   ]R-18-01 Adopting a Mission Vision Statement Goals 1-8-18.pdf2018-02-19 12:44 117K