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[   ]R-19-01 US Toy Company Constructive Playthings Playground Surface Replacement CE1865 Final Pay 1-14-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 112K 
[   ]R-19-02 Fleshman Construction Summit Grill Project CD1860 Final Pay 1-14-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 136K 
[   ]R-19-03 CAFR Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 1-14-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 109K 
[   ]R-19-04 Mission Statement Vision Statement Goals for Gladstone 1-28-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 121K 
[   ]R-19-05 Orr Wyatt Streetscapes Shoal Creek Greenway Trail Phase 4 1-28-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 296K 
[   ]R-19-06 Blue Nile Final Pay 2018 Water Sewer Mains Replacement WP1886 1-28-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 119K 
[   ]R-19-07 Mid West Associated Contractors Public Works Building Improvements 1-28-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 410K 
[   ]R-19-08 Shawnee Mission Ford 4 by 4 pickup truck 2-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 108K 
[   ]R-19-09 Tailor Made Exteriors Happy Rock Park East Restroom Renovation 2-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 280K 
[   ]R-19-10 Termination Document Land Development Agreement Restrictive Covenant Englewood Vista Sr. Living Facility 2-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 160K 
[   ]R-19-11 Labor Management Committee Agreement Regional Lodge 50 FOP 2-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 278K 
[   ]R-19-12 Amending Revising 2019 General Fund, etc. Budget 3-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 322K 
[   ]R-19-13 Genesis Environmental Solutions painting outdoor swimming pool OP1957 3-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 255K 
[   ]R-19-14 Surplus Property Midwest Recycling Center 3-25-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 131K 
[   ]R-19-15 Encourage one-half percent Sales Tax Ballot 4-2-19 3-25-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 123K 
[   ]R-19-16 Proposed Lease Agreement Piece 18 Stone Canyon 504 NE 70th Street 3-25-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 708K 
[   ]R-19-17 Jim Gallucci Two Archways Shoal Creek Trail near Happy Rock Park 4-22-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.0M 
[   ]R-19-18 OMNI Entertainment Concert Series Linden Square 5-13-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 471K 
[   ]R-19-19 Surplus Property 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 111K 
[   ]R-19-20 Key Equipment Trailer Vacuum Excavator 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 111K 
[   ]R-19-21 Blue Nile Contractors Water Sewer Main Replacement 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 285K 
[   ]R-19-22 Metro Asphalt Mill Overlay TP2006 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 257K 
[   ]R-19-23 AB Creative Hobby Hill Playground Shelters Restroom CO1656AM 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 107K 
[   ]R-19-24 AB Creative Hobby Hill Adult Challenge Fitness CO1656AM2 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 103K 
[   ]R-19-25 Genesis Environmental Solutions Outdoor Pool Painting OP1957 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 111K 
[   ]R-19-26 Third Amendment Antenna Site Lease Rural Cellular Verizon Water Treatment Plant 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.2M 
[   ]R-19-27 2019 Budget Amendment 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 116K 
[   ]R-19-28 2020 Annual Budget 6-10-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 147K 
[   ]R-19-29 C-O #1 Lan Tel Curb Gutter Sidewalk TP1804 6-24-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 120K 
[   ]R-19-30 American Fidelity Assurance Co. MPR Flexible Benefits Plan 6-24-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 2.7M 
[   ]R-19-31 SheDigsIt Hobby Hill Park Final Pay CO1656 7-8-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 110K 
[   ]R-19-32 McConnell Associates Oak Grove Parking Lot Seal Final Pay TP1805 7-8-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 114K 
[   ]R-19-33 Mid West Associated Contractors Public Works Bldg Improvements Final Pay CP1754 7-8-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 121K 
[   ]R-19-34 Reimburse Certain Capital Expenditures Tax Exempt Financing 7-22-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 132K 
[   ]R-19-35 Easements NE 76th TP1818 8-12-19 .pdf2022-04-18 12:46 2.9M 
[   ]R-19-36 Easements Northeast 76th Improvements Project N Oak to N Brooklyn TP1818 8-26-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.5M 
[   ]R-19-37 Gunter Construction NW 72 N Broadway Pedestrian Signal Project TP1814 8-26-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 331K 
[   ]R-19-38 Linaweaver Construction Final Pay Flora Park East Spillway Project CP1732 8-26-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 122K 
[   ]R-19-39 Blue Nile Contractors 2017 Sewer Cleaning Final Pay SP1889 8-26-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 111K 
[   ]R-19-40 Position Classification Schedule Compensation Plan 8-26-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 267K 
[   ]R-19-41 Premier Picks Performance Fitness Equipment Treadmills 9-9-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 110K 
[   ]R-19-42 Vance Brothers Inc 2019 Intermediate Maintenance TP2003 9-9-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 198K 
[   ]R-19-43 Independent Salt Company Purchase 9-9-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 105K 
[   ]R-19-44 Easements NE 76th Street N Oak N Brooklyn TP1818 9-9-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.7M 
[   ]R-19-45 Zuercher Technologies Central Square CAD 9-9-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 2.3M 
[   ]R-19-46 American Response Vehicles Type III Ambulance 9-9-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 415K 
[   ]R-19-47 Shawnee Mission Ford Police Interceptors SUV 9-9-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 116K 
[   ]R-19-48 Audit Services Berberich Trahan 9-23-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 819K 
[   ]R-19-49 C-O No. 13 Lan Tel 2019 Curb Gutter Sidewalk TP1804 9-23-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 210K 
[   ]R-19-50 C-O No. 1 Metro Asphalt 2019 Mill Overlay TP2006 9-23-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 200K 
[   ]R-19-51 Superion Square Technologies Public Administration Software 9-23-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 3.0M 
[   ]R-19-52 Tailor Made Exteriors Happy Rock Park E Restroom Renovations final pay 10-14-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 120K 
[   ]R-19-53 EverReady Services 2019-20-21 Holiday Lighting 10-14-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.3M 
[   ]R-19-54 4X2 Crew Cab 4X2 Super Cab Truck purchase 10-14-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 117K 
[   ]R-19-55 Easements 76th N Brooklyn TP1818 10-14-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 3.0M 
[   ]R-19-56 Surplus Property Police Department vehicles 10-28-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 123K 
[   ]R-19-57 The Better Wash Contract Public Safety 10-28-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 235K 
[   ]R-19-58 Jim Gallucci Final Pay Art 10-28-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 121K 
[   ]R-19-59 Destruction of Records State Retention Schedule 11-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 1.6M 
[   ]R-19-60 MODNR Storm Water Grant Funds 11-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 457K 
[   ]R-19-61 Spectrum Enterprise Cable TV Community Center 11-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 305K 
[   ]R-19-62 Amendment to Exhibit A Depository Banking Services Agreement Commerce Bank 11-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 158K 
[   ]R-19-63 Adopting a Mission Statement, Vision Statement Goals 2019-2020 11-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 148K 
[   ]R-19-64 Shared Parking Agreement SREH MAg Gladstone Developers Pryor Hotel 11-11-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 203K 
[   ]R-19-65 CID Board Directors Hotel Downtown Linden 11-25-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 113K 
[   ]R-19-66 CID Board Directors Hotel Linden Block 25 11-25-19.pdf2022-04-18 12:46 111K 
[   ]Thumbs.db2022-04-18 12:46 77K