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[   ]R-16-01 Vance Brothers Inc Final Pay Intermediate Maintenance Program 1-11-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 112K 
[   ]R-16-02 Easements Pleasant Valley Road Improvements 1-11-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 786K 
[   ]R-16-03 Sterling Construction Co Pool Mechanical Room Reno 1-11-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 273K 
[   ]R-16-04 Atkins Johnson Farm LP Dissolution of Long Term Lease 1-11-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 115K 
[   ]R-16-05 PVR Easements McConnell TP1411 1-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 673K 
[   ]R-16-06 Amend Revise 2016 Budget 1-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 79K 
[   ]R-16-07 Professional Services Contract Gould Evans Associates Community Center Renos 2-8-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 1.0M 
[   ]R-16-08 Special Warranty Deed Builders Development Corporation 2-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 323K 
[   ]R-16-09 Amendment Appendix 2008 Comp Plan Comm for all Ages Initiative 2-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 7.4M 
[   ]R-16-10 Gunter Construction Rock Creek Greenway Trail TP1571 2-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 332K 
[   ]R-16-11 Superior Bowen Final Pay Mill Overlay TP1606 2-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 271K 
[   ]R-16-12 Superior Bowen Final Pay N Flora Mill Overlay TP1513 2-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 113K 
[   ]R-16-13 First Amendment to Commercial Lease Snow & Co. 2-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 171K 
[   ]R-16-14 KC USA Umpires Contract 3-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 388K 
[   ]R-16-15 Easement PVR Road Improvement TP 1411 Richland Real Estate 3-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 371K 
[   ]R-16-16 Conrad Fire Equipment 3-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 601K 
[   ]R-16-17 Reimbursement Agreement Gladstone CAP Underground Utilities NIC 3-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 1.2M 
[   ]R-16-18 Repeal R-15-75 Municipal Advisor Services Springsted 3-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 1.1M 
[   ]R-16-19 MO Center for Patient Safety Public Safety 3-28-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 834K 
[   ]R-16-20 Lan Tel Final Pay TP1512 Curb Gutter Sidewalk 3-28-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 122K 
[   ]R-16-21 Kostal Painting Contract City Hall Exterior Paint 3-28-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 210K 
[   ]R-16-22 Midland Wrecking Demolition N Oak N Locust Bldgs 3-28-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 128K 
[   ]R-16-23 3rd Amendment Antenna Site Lease New Cingular Wireless PCS Antioch Water Tower 3-28-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 590K 
[   ]R-16-24 Surplus Property 4-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 142K 
[   ]R-16-25 Flexible Benefits Plan 4-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 139K 
[   ]R-16-26 Regional Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan MARC 5-9-6.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 2.8M 
[   ]R-16-27 Easements Pleasant Valley Road Improvements PVR 5-9-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 5.4M 
[   ]R-16-28 Land Use Agreement DW Newcomers Sons Inc. PVR 5-9-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 481K 
[   ]R-16-29 Site License Agreement KCPL EVSE Electrical Vehicle Charge Station 5-9-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 1.0M 
[   ]R-16-30 Chg Order #2 Blue NIle 2015 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning Televising 5-23-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 111K 
[   ]R-16-31 Lan Tel Communications Contract Curb Gutter Sidewalk 5-23-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 95K 
[   ]R-16-32 Straub Construction Co. Community Center Renovation 5-23-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 167K 
[   ]R-16-33 Clemons Real Estate Broker Services The Heights 5-23-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 664K 
[   ]R-16-34 JOanna B. Shawver Agreement Broker Services 5615 N Antioch 5-23-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 113K 
[   ]R-16-35 Bluesfest Oak Grove Park Smoking 5-23-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 296K 
[   ]R-16-36 2017 Annual Operating Budget 6-13-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 4.6M 
[   ]R-16-37 PVR Easements Sloan TP1411 6-13-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 470K 
[   ]R-16-38 Jani King cleaning Animal Shelter 6-13-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 856K 
[   ]R-16-39 Revising General Fund FY16 Mid Year Budget 6-27-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 114K 
[   ]R-16-40 Kostal Painting City Hall Final Pay 6-27-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 95K 
[   ]R-16-41 Play & Park Little Gully Park Playground Equipment 7-11-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 94K 
[   ]R-16-42 Surplus Property 7-11-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 148K 
[   ]R-16-43 Contract McConnell & Associates Happy Rock Parking Lot Seal Coating TP 1705 7-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 103K 
[   ]R-16-44 Superior Bowen Asphalt 2016 Mill & Overlay TP1706 7-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 101K 
[   ]R-16-45 C-O No. 1 Lan-Tel Curb Gutter Sidewalk 7-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 90K 
[   ]R-16-46 Proposal Hutchinson Salt Co. Snow Removal Salt 7-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 107K 
[   ]R-16-47 Amend 457 Deferred Compensation Plan Trust Agreement ICMA 7-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 271K 
[   ]R-16-48 Amend Retirement Health Savings Plan ICMA 7-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 272K 
[   ]R-16-49 KCATA Contract 7-25-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 600K 
[   ]R-16-50 Terminate Prospect Plaza Redevelopment Agreement Non Core 2 8-8-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 655K 
[   ]R-16-51 Commerce Banking Amendment 8-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 312K 
[   ]R-16-52 Zoll Medical Purchase Defibrillator 8-22-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 727K 
[   ]R-16-53 MTS Contracting Water Treatment Plant Lime Tower Masonry Repair WP1785 9-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 227K 
[   ]R-16-54 Contract Scott Rice Office Works Comm Center Furniture 9-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 1.3M 
[   ]R-16-55 Bill of Sale Streets Sidewalks CCRC 9-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 321K 
[   ]R-16-56 Bill of Sale CCRC Water Main 9-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 274K 
[   ]R-16-57 Easement 6814 North Tracy Avenue Stormsewer Project 9-26-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 351K 
[   ]R-16-58 Easement 7001 North Troost Avenue Stormsewer Project Hicks 9-26-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 375K 
[   ]R-16-59 EverReady Services Holiday Lighting Contract 9-26-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 136K 
[   ]R-16-60 Dick Smith Ford 2017 Ford Police Interceptor 4x4 Utility Vehicle 9-26-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 1.6M 
[   ]R-16-61 Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep 2 2017 Dodge Charger Police Vehicles 9-26-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 60K 
[   ]R-16-62 Authorizing Purchase and Real Estate Contract 6834 North Campbell Street 9-26-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 2.0M 
[   ]R-16-63 Park and Play StructuresLittle Gully Park Playground CP1664 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 103K 
[   ]R-16-64 Linaweaver Construction Flora Park East Spillway CP1732 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 111K 
[   ]R-16-65 Linaweaver Construction Pleasant Valley Road TP1411 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 278K 
[   ]R-16-66 Hettinger Excavation 2016 Water Main Replacement Project 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 117K 
[   ]R-16-67 Bill of Sale Fleshman Construction Conveying Water Main 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 454K 
[   ]R-16-68 Consolidated Dispatch Contract 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 652K 
[   ]R-16-69 Revised Purchasing Policy 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 1.9M 
[   ]R-16-70 2017 General Fund Public Safety Fund Reappropriation 10-24-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 422K 
[   ]R-16-71 Final Pay Sterling Construction Mechanical Room Reno CO1657 11-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 114K 
[   ]R-16-72 Final Payment Water Tower Lime Tower Masonry MTS Contracting11-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 112K 
[   ]R-16-73 Mission Statement and Goals City Council 11-14-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 147K 
[   ]R-16-74 Amending Employee Handbook 11-28-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 550K 
[   ]R-16-75 Final Pay McConnell Associates Happy Rock Parking Lot Seal Coating Project TP1705 11-28-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 105K 
[   ]R-16-76 Parking Agreement Pryor Trust LLC 12-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 3.0M 
[   ]R-16-77 Real Estate Contract 6901 N Oak Trafficway Sante Fe Glass 12-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 664K 
[   ]R-16-78 Real Estate Contract adjacent to 3498 N Wyoming KCMO Well Field 12-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 295K 
[   ]R-16-79 CO 2 Linaweaver Flora Park East Spillway Modifications Project CP1732 12-12-16.pdf2021-12-27 11:52 150K